How to Learn English at Home?

How to Learn English at Home

There are a lot of reasons to learn English at home. In other words, you need to know how to teach yourself English. First of all, you will never forget something that is mostly self-taught. You will put part of your personality into your learning, and it will be a more memorable and enjoyable experience. … Read more

How to Speak English Like a Pro

Tips on How to Speak English Like a Pro

Most non-English speakers struggle with communicating effectively in the English language. The lack of fluency in English might hinder their ability to get better job opportunities, move to a new country, and also travel.  There are numerous reasons and benefits for you to improve your English fluency, whether, it’s your career, or travel, or education.  … Read more

30+ Tips to Speak English Without Grammar Mistakes

How to Speak English Without Grammar Mistakes

Often, non-native English speakers and even those who have English as their first language make mistakes. However, these mistakes are preventable if one has adequate knowledge of the rules of grammar.  This article aims to define what grammar is and highlight common grammar mistakes. It also touches on the guidelines that govern English grammar and … Read more

19 Reasons Why English Is The Hardest Language To Learn

Why English is the Hardest Language to Learn

English is the world’s most commonly spoken language and also the language that’s learned by most people (1.5 Billion). However, for some, learning English can be particularly challenging. It can be challenging to get started and even harder to keep up.  But why is English the hardest language to learn? Is it because it is … Read more

7 Ways to Learn English for Free

How to Learn English for Free

Learning English as a secondary language is challenging, especially if you do not have the resources. Despite its importance to create a common ground for connections and communications, not everyone can afford to enroll in an English class. Fortunately, the internet offers comprehensive content of almost everything, and you can take advantage of these to … Read more

What is CLB: Canadian Language Benchmarks?

Student Taking an Exam At Home

If you have been searching about English proficiency tests on the web, you certainly have seen the word CLB or Canadian Language Benchmarks.  You are surely familiar with IELTS, CELPIP, and other English language exams available in the market to test your language proficiency. But, on the other hand, CLB is Canada’s standard English language … Read more