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IELTS Cue Card Sample Question – Describe Your Favorite Actor

If you plan to take the IELTS Test, you should be aware that one of the test components is the IELTS Speaking Task 2 often known as the IELTS Cue Card Section

It is one of the toughest areas of the IELTS Test, therefore you need a lot of preparation.

Why? It is because you will have to speak for a longer period about a subject you may not have a lot of ideas about. You also have a limited amount of time to prepare. Worry no more! 

A few sample responses for the cue card topic ‘Describe your favorite actor’ are included in this article. Continue reading to learn more.

What is the IELTS Cue Card Question?

The examiner will offer you a subject card in IELTS Speaking Task 2. This card is referred to as a cue card. 

On the card, you will get a required topic and some ideas on what to add. The theme will be inspired by someone you know, an event you have attended, or a hobby you have. You have one minute to prepare and outline your speech.

The examiner will provide you with a piece of paper and a pencil so that you can jot down your thoughts.

Before you begin your speech, the examiner will give you one minute. You have up to two minutes to speak without interruption from the examiner. 

The examiner will listen to you without saying anything, but they may nod or make a gesture to encourage you to continue speaking.

When your two minutes are over, the examiner will tell you to stop and may ask you a few questions about what you just stated. You must react swiftly and succinctly to these queries.

How to Answer this Specific Cue Card Question: “Describe Your Favorite Actor”


Describe Your Favorite Actor

Guidelines to Answer this Question

You should say:

  • Who this actor is
  • How you come to know about this actor
  • If this actor is famous both locally or internationally 

And explain what about this actor makes him/her your favorite.  

  • Think of an actor that you really like and admire. It could be a local or international actor, just as long as you have enough knowledge about them. 
  • Once you have decided on which actor to discuss, stick to it. Do not change your mind as you do not have plenty of time to do so. 
  • Start writing down ideas and concepts. State who this actor is and mention if he is well-known in local and international scenes. Describe how they look and share how you come to know about this actor. Include some of their most notable movies and achievements. Lastly, explain what about this actor makes them your favorite. 
  • Remember that you only have a little time to prepare. Do not write sentences. Just write keywords and phrases. 
  • Make use of extensive vocabulary and complex grammar structures. These two account for 50 percent of your marks in this part of the test. 
  • Take notes as quickly as you can but ensure that your penmanship is readable by you. The examiner does not care what and how you write on your notes. They will evaluate you depending on the content and delivery of your speech. 
  • You are allowed to take a look at the notes you have written. The examiner will not prohibit you if you do so. Make this to your advantage. 

Sample Responses for “Describe Your Favorite Actor”

Sample Response 1:

“I enjoy Hollywood movies, as well as the actors and actresses who appear in them. In fact, I rarely miss an Oscar or Emmy award show on television. One of my favorites is Julia Roberts. She is an American actress whose adept performances in a variety of roles helped her become one of the best-paid and most powerful actresses in the 1990s and early 2000s, and she is still going strong today.

Julia Roberts’ Hollywood movie career began in 1988 with a prominent role in the movie “Mystic Pizza,” and she didn’t have to look back after that, as her career went off like a rocket. Since then, she has appeared in numerous movie office hits, including “Pretty Woman,” “Flatliners,” “Sleeping with the Enemy,” “The Pelican Brief,” “Something to Talk About,” “Mary Reilly,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” and “Stepmom”. She also became well-known for her roles in the romantic comedies “Notting Hill” and “Runaway Bride”.

Julia has been one of Hollywood’s golden girls for almost three decades, thanks to her incredibly charming and charismatic acting abilities in a wide range of movies. It’s no surprise that she’s won so many Academy Awards throughout her movie career. In any case, she is my favorite actress because she has a fantastic personality off of the screen, where she has remained relatively scandal-free compared to many other modern actors and actresses.” 

Follow-up Question 1: 

Do you think actors are usually given VIP treatments?


“Unfortunately, I think it is a fact and many can attest to that. In my country, most actors do not have to wait in long queues because of such treatments. It’s just the reality. They do not ask for it, but it’s being given to them, and most of them take it. However, there are those actors who are dignified and do not do such things, and I have so much respect for them.”

Follow-up Question 2: 

How do you think the quality of movies has changed over the years? 


“I think it has changed a lot for the better. But that is not to say that movies before are of bad quality. I am referring to the cinematography and the different techniques movies are now using to make them more appealing and look natural, especially the fiction ones. In addition, how cool are those 3D movies!”

Sample Response 2: 

“Watching Bollywood movies is almost a ritual for most Indians, including myself. Furthermore, many Bollywood movie actors are treated as if they were gods. Today, I’d like to discuss one such movie star who is well-known in my nation. His name is Aamir Khan. He is currently the only Eastern actor to be named “first” among the world’s highest-earning actors in movies.

Aamir Khan, also known as Mr. Perfectionist, has made a name for himself by playing equally well in a variety of movies, including action, drama, comedy, romance, and history, among others. He is also a successful movie director and producer. And, while moviegoers are well aware of what a superstar he is in the Indian movie business, few are aware that, unlike many of his Hollywood and Bollywood peers, Aamir Khan possesses the miraculous ability to regularly open movies based only on the strength of his name. He has had that influence for decades and has been reaching new heights with practically every movie he has made for at least a decade. 

Anyway, Aamir Khan is so well-known because he works so hard on his movies to ensure that they are excellent at all costs. He is also well-liked since he enjoys taking on hard assignments. Furthermore, all of his movies contain inspiring storylines that appeal to a wide range of viewers.”

Follow-up Question 1:

What kind of movies do you like? 


“Actually, I do not prefer a specific genre over the other, I like all kinds of movies as long as the storyline is excellent, and the actors in it can portray their roles well. But over the years, I can say most of the movies I liked the most are drama and suspense movies.”

Follow-up Question 2: 

How do you think the movie industry has been affected by the current pandemic?


“Unfortunately, I believe that the movie industry is one of those that are greatly affected by the pandemic. Because of health protocols and the never-ending threat of being infected, producers and actors have to make a lot of adjustments, and thus, lesser movies are being produced these days.” 

Vocabulary List for Answering the Question: “Describe Your Favorite Actor”

Below are some words from the sample responses for the cue card topic Describe your favorite actor.’ with their definitions and example sentences to guide you. 

WordPart of SpeechDefinitionExample Usage of
the Word in a Sentence
adeptadjectiveA person who is extremely skillful or knowledgeable in a certain field“She’s so adept when it comes to dealing with the press.”
appealverbTo be fascinating or intriguing“His work has a lot of visual appeal.
awareadjectiveHaving information or insight of a situation or fact“Are you aware of the dangers that come with mountaineering?”
careernounAn occupation that a person engages in over a significant amount of time and offers prospects for advancement“His military career had reached its pinnacle.”
charismaticadjectivePossessing a seductive allure that encourages others’ loyalty“Few could stand up to this charismatic and powerful leader.”
charmingadjectivePleasant or appealing“His charming face was accented by raven locks.”
cinematographynounThe production that involves the creation of motion pictures“With the exception of a little shakiness at the start, the cinematography is quite good.”
ensureverbTo guarantee that something will happen or be the case“These rules ensure that all refugees are treated humanely.”
genrenounA kind of creative production defined by likenesses in style, form, as in literature or music“Kindergartners write in a variety of genres.”
incrediblyadverbExtremely or abnormally; to a large extent“Our brain is an incredibly complex organ.”
influentialadjectiveHaving a lot of power over someone or something“She was one of modern jazz’s most influential performers.”
miraculousadjectiveAmazing and exceedingly implausible“Her injuries were miraculously healed, and she made a full recovery.”
prominentadjectiveImportant; well-known“It’s unusual to find a prominent political figure who doesn’t have many political foes.”
rarelyadverbInfrequently; seldom.“She was a quiet child who cried rarely.”
techniquenounA method of doing or obtaining anything that is skillful or efficient“The new technique of genetically generating cells mimics what occurs naturally.”

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