50+ Cue Card Questions with Example Answers – Duolingo English Test


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This EBook contains a list of 50+ cue card questions with sample responses/answers for the Duolingo English Test.

For your own DET exam, you’ll be shown three cue card questions. You’ll be given 30 seconds to read and prepare a response (on the spot), and then you’ve to immediately structure and present a 90-second response.

This is often one of the most challenging sections of the Duolingo Test.

Inside this Ebook, you’ll find the following:

  • Understanding the Cue Card Questions on the DET
  • 50+ Sample Questions with ANSWERS in PDF Format.
  • Guide and Tips on how to answer these questions.

This EBook will help you understand the test question type in detail. It’ll help you with structuring your responses, so you can answer them confidently, ace the test, and improve your exam scores.

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