iTEP Test Complete Guide

In this article, you will learn what the iTEP English Exam is, the exam format, how it’s scoring, and information on exam dates and locations.

What is iTEP?

The International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP), founded in 2002, is an English language assessment exam that measures the language proficiency of non-native English speakers. 

It helps those individuals who want to pursue their education internationally or those who wish to study in an institution where English as a second language is required. The iTEP also caters to businesses and industries that require an English proficiency certification.

The iTEP exam is highly recognized by Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute (ACEI). In addition, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) accepted it as an international English proficiency exam. 

How Much Does the iTEP Cost?

Below are the iTEP tests fees. 

iTEP Exam TypeTest DurationFee
iTEP Academic Plus90 minutes$129
iTEP Academic Core60 minutes$66
iTEP SLATE Plus90 minutes$129
iTEP SLATE Core60 minutes$66
iTEP Business Plus90 minutes$100
iTEP Business Core60 minutes $66
iTEP Hospitality 30 minutes$56
iTEP Conversation30 minutes$66
iTEP Au Pair30 minutes$56
iTEP Aviation30 minutes$66
iTEP Intern30 minutes $56

iTEP Exam Duration

The iTEP Exam duration is approximately 90 minutes, and while some iTEP Exam only lasts for 30 minutes, it all depends on what type of iTEP exam you are taking. You can take the iTEP exam anytime you like, and this is because they offer on-demand scheduling for the test. 

You can register for the exam by visiting the official iTEP website. Unfortunately, the iTEP testing centers are closed temporarily in those highly infected areas due to the pandemic. 

In line with this, the iTEP offers At-Home Testing using their virtual proctoring process called Fotosure. They require you to have an activated webcam at home. After registering for the test you like to take, you can pay directly by debit or credit card. 

Why Take The ITEP?

More individuals choose iTEP because it is convenient, practical, and you can receive your results in just 24 hours. In addition, they have on-demand scheduling for the iTEP test available at any of the certified testing centers near you. 

The whole iTEP test only lasts for 90 minutes, more or less. So it is unlike any other English proficiency test that takes hours for you to finish. 

iTEP is a comprehensive English proficiency test carefully researched to lessen the anxiety and stress of individuals while taking a test. The good thing about the iTEP is that it does not consume a lot of your time and still gives you credible test results. 

Where is iTEP Accepted?

The iTEP test is widely accepted by more than 800 middle and high schools, universities, colleges located in the USA and Canada alone. 

There are far more countries worldwide that accept the iTEP for English proficiency certification. 

It is also accepted and used by government offices in different countries, including India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. 

In addition, there are over 500 certified iTEP testing centers in 61 countries over the world. Below are some universities, colleges, high schools, and middle schools in different countries recognized iTEP. Various international companies fully accept the iTEP include Subaru, IBM, Adidas, Pzifer, Microsoft, etc. 

Some Universities and Colleges in the USA that accept the iTEP

  1. Adelphi International
  2. Angeles College
  3. Appalachian State University
  4. American English Institute
  5. American Honors – Mercer County Community College (West Windsor, NJ)
  6. Arkansas State University
  7. Auburn University at Montgomery
  8. Bakersfield College
  9. Bay State College
  10. Becker College
  11. Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
  12. Berkeley College
  13. California International Business University
  14. Charleston Southern University
  15. Chicago State University
  16. City University of Seattle
  17. Cleveland State University
  18. Columbia College of Missouri
  19. Durham Technical Community College
  20. Fort Hays State University
  21. Fremont College
  22. International American University
  23. Irvine College
  24. Jacksonville State University
  25. Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  26. Manhattan Institute of Management
  27. Monroe College
  28. Montana State University
  29. New York University
  30. Newport International University
  31. Orange Coast College
  32. Santa Barbara Business College
  33. Sinclair Community College
  34. South Dakota State University
  35. Truman State University
  36. University of Arkansas
  37. University of California Santa Cruz Extension
  38. University of Dallas
  39. University of Delaware
  40. University of Houston – Victoria
  41. University of Illinois, Springfield
  42. University of Mary Hardin Baylor
  43. University of Montana
  44. University of North America
  45. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  46. University of South Alabama
  47. University of Southern Mississippi
  48. University of Wisconsin Whitewater
  49. USC School of Pharmacy
  50. Valparaisa University
  51. Virginia International University
  52. Walla Walla University
  53. Webster University
  54. West Hills Community College
  55. Westchester Community College (SUNY)
  56. Western New England University
  57. Westminster College
  58. William Woods University
  59. Woodbury University
  60. Worcester State University 

Universities and Colleges in Canada that accept the iTEP

  1. Ashton College
  2. Biztech College of Health Sciences, Business & Technology
  3. Canadian Health and Business College
  4. Canadian Technical and Management College
  5. Centennial College
  6. Coast Mountain College
  7. College of New Caledonia
  8. DeVry University Canada
  9. Fairleigh Dickinson University
  10. Focus College
  11. LaSalle College
  12. Mohawk College
  13. Sault College
  14. Sheridan College

Universities and Colleges in Colombia that accept the iTEP

  1. Fundacion Universidad de America
  2. Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia
  3. Universidad de La Sabana
  4. Universidad del Bosque
  5. Universidad del Norte
  6. Universidad del Rosario
  7. Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
  8. Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia Colombia
  9. Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnologica

Some Universities and Colleges Worldwide that accept the iTEP

  1. BELA Education International (Beijing Foreign Studies University) – China
  2. American Business School Paris – France
  3. Modern Group of Colleges – India
  4. Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) – Iran
  5. American University of Iraq, Sulaymania – Iraq
  6. Interchange Institute – Iraq
  7. Universidad Tecnologica de la Riviera Maya – Mexico
  8. Forman Christian College – Pakistan
  9. Istanbul Okan University – Turkey
  11. V.I Vernadsky Taurida National University – Ukraine
  12. Newbold College of Higher Education – United Kingdom
  13. Richmond the American International University in London (EU nationals only) – United Kingdom

High School and Middle School Levels in Canada that accept the iTEP SLATE

  1. Appleby College – Summer ESL, High School (Grade 7th- 9th)
  2. Balmoral Hall School 
  3. Duncan Christian School
  4. Garibaldi Secondary School
  5. Glenlyon Norfolk School
  6. Hillfield Strathallan College
  7. Interior Academy
  8. J. Addison School
  9. Kanata Academy Private School
  10. Langley Christian School
  11. Louis Riel School Division – International Education
  12. Maple Ridge Christian School 
  13. Maple Ridge  Secondary School
  14. Niagara Christian Collegiate
  15. Pacific Christian School
  16. Pitt Meadows Secondary
  17. Rothesay Netherwood School 
  18. Samuel Robertson Technical School
  19. Shawnigan Lake School, Preparatory Campus
  20. Smithville Christian High School
  21. St. Andrew’s Regional High School
  22. St. Michael’s University School
  23. The Sacred Heart School of Montreal
  24. Thomas Haney Secondary School
  25. Venta Preparatory School Inc.
  26. Westview Secondary School
  27. White Rock Christian Academy

Some High School and Middle School Levels in the USA that accept the iTEP SLATE

  1. Acaciawood School
  2. Academy of Notre Dame, Tyngsboro
  3. American University Preparatory School
  4. Atlantic Christian School
  5. Austin Peace Academy
  6. Bakersfield Christian High School
  7. Bellevue Christian School
  8. Boston Trinity 
  9. Calvary Christian Academy
  10. Cambridge Christian School
  11. Concord Christian School
  12. Dayspring Christian Academy
  13. Divine Savior Academy
  14. Dublin Christian Academy
  15. Fairmont Schools
  16. Florida Air Academy
  17. Front Range Christian School
  18. George Stevens Academy
  19. Grace Brethren High School
  20. Green Valley High School
  21. Heritage Christian Academy
  22. Hillcrest Christian School
  23. Houghton Academy
  24. Indian Springs High School
  25. International Leadership of Texas Private High School
  26. John F. Kennedy High School
  27. John Paul II Catholic High School
  28. Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School
  29. Lancaster Mennonite School
  30. Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts
  31. Liberty High School
  32. Lincoln Academy
  33. Los Angeles International Charter High School
  34. Manhattan Christian School
  35. Maranatha Christian Schools
  36. Moreau Catholic High School
  37. Northwest Career and Technical Academy
  38. Notre Dame de la Baie Academy
  39. Oakland Christian School
  40. Orangewood Academy
  41. Parkway Christian Academy
  42. Phoenix Christian Preparatory School
  43. Providence Classical Christian School
  44. Roycemore School
  45. Salem Academy
  46. Southwest Career & Tech Academy High School
  47. Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm
  48. The Colorado Springs School
  49. Village Christian School
  50. Venture International Academy
  51. Walnut Hill School for the Arts
  52. Walther Christian Academy
  53. WA Global Network
  54. Washington Academy
  55. Xavier College Preparatory High School

iTEP Test Exam Format

All the iTEP Tests are designed to assess the English skills and provide an efficient and reliable English proficiency level certificate. 

A couple of iTEP Tests are discussed in this section, and all these tests have the same content when it comes to their test structures. They only differ on their purpose and their target clients.

Read on to find out more about these different iTEP Tests. 

The three iTEP Exams for academic applications include iTEP Academic, iTEP SLATE, and iTEP Placement. Below are the details for each iTEP Exams. 

1. iTEP Academic

The iTEP Academic main goal is to evaluate the English language proficiency of students. In addition, the exam is usually used for school admissions, monitoring the development of students when it comes to their English program performance.

It is also used to assess the English teachers’ proficiency in the language and helps in determining the eligibility of applicants for scholarships and other academic grants. 

The iTEP Academic exam can be administered via the internet at any certified iTEP Testing Centers. In addition, the iTEP Academic Core has a paper-based format wherein you can take it also in their official testing locations. 

There are two versions of iTEP Academic.

i) iTEP Academic – Core

This version of the iTEP Academic focuses on assessing listening, reading, and grammar skills. The duration of this test is about 50 minutes, with a 10-minute preparation time. 

ii) iTEP Academic – Plus

The iTEP Academic – Plus focuses on the three major iTEP Academic – Core skills: listening, reading, and grammar. It also includes writing and speaking skills. The duration of this test is about 80 minutes, with a 10-minute preparation time. 


The iTEP SLATE stands for iTEP Secondary Level Assessment Test of English. It is a  multifaceted, user-friendly, and most comprehensive English proficiency test that assesses core English skills. It is intended for high schools, middle schools, and academies. 

It is also efficient and convenient for most students because it has on-demand scheduling accessible at any certified testing centers of the iTEP SLATE. 

It helps in monitoring the language progress and assesses the proficiency level in English of those incoming students. And also, the iTEP SLATE helps with the assessment of those students taking ESL courses, and also it helps check the language development of students that takes English programs.

The iTEP SLATE also helps in determining the eligibility of students that are applying for exchange programs. You can receive your iTEP SLATE test results 24 hours after taking the test. A team of ESL professionals evaluates and vouch for each test result to prove its authenticity and validity.  There are two  Forms of the iTEP SLATE.

i) iTEP SLATE – Plus

The iTEP SLATE – PLUS is highly recommended and widely used among educational institutions. It covers grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. 

The whole test duration takes about 90 minutes, with a 10 minute time to prepare for the test. The iTEP SLATE Plus can be taken online at any official iTEP Test Centers near you. 

ii) iTEP SLATE – Core

The iTEP Core assesses three English skills, which include grammar, listening, and reading. In addition, this exam can be used for internal assessments. 

The whole test duration for this test takes about 60 minutes which includes a 10 minute preparation time. The test results for the iTEP Core are available immediately. 

3. iTEP Placement

The iTEP Placement test is suited for the Intensive English Program (IEP) and Incoming Student Placement Assessment. It also evaluates these English skills, including grammar, listening, writing, and reading. 

It also helps in the fast turnaround of placement testing used in different English programs in educational institutions. The iTEP Placement is widely used in educational institutions in the US, Mexico, and Canada. 

7 iTEP Exams for Business Applications

These five iTEP Exams for Business Applications are perfect for corporations and other private sectors. The iTEP also offers a business and career test for professionals other than their iTEP SLATE, suited for secondary education. 

Multinational Companies that accept the iTEP Business

  1. Honda
  2. Subaru
  3. Chevron
  4. Adidas
  5. Henkel
  6. Walmart
  7. IBM
  8. Microsoft
  9. Philips
  10. Softbank
  11. Ubisoft
  12. ING
  13. JP Morgan
  14. Mcdonald’s
  15. Pegasus Pilot Services 
  16. Pzifer
  17. Roche
  18. Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd
  19. Western Overseas Company
  20. Sun Express

Below are the seven iTEP Business Exams.

1. iTEP Business

The iTEP Business offers an online English language assessment for corporations and other private institutions. It helps the companies assess their applicant’s English proficiency which is required for the job. 

iTEP Business test structure has two forms: the iTEP Business-Plus that tests the different English skills like grammar, writing, listening, reading, and speaking. The duration of this test is about 90 minutes, including a 10-minute preparation time. 

The other form is the iTEP Business Core, which assesses the three English skills: listening, grammar, and reading. The duration of this test is about 60 minutes which includes a 10-minute preparation. 

One can take the iTEP Business online on any available computer, either at the office or at home. The applicant can also be referred to any available iTEP Testing Centers in the area. 

2. iTEP Conversation

The iTEP Conversation is only a 30-minute speaking assessment. The interview questions in this exam fall in the category of A1 to B2 CEFR difficulty level. 

All of the questions in this exam are free-response which means you can elaborately answer the questions asked. It follows the general patterns of everyday conversations that one may encounter in an industry setting. 

This test is usually administered in companies and any other agencies that use the iTEP Conversation test. 

 3. iTEP Hospitality

The iTEP Hospitality is made to cater to the hospitality and tourism industries, including cruise lines, hotels, restaurants, airlines, resorts, and other businesses. The exam is graded within 24 hours after you take it. 

There are only two sections for this test that assess one’s speaking and listening skills. It only lasts for 30 minutes, and it can be administered in the office setting. 

4. iTEP Au Pair

The Au Pair requires the English proficiency level of their candidates. The iTEP Au Pair is the official English assessment tool agencies use to help their J1-visa  evaluation procedure. And also, it is the only English assessment test for au pairs. 

It assesses the two English skills, speaking and listening. You can take the iTEP Au Pair online at any official Au Pair offices or agencies available in your area. The duration of this test is about 30 minutes, and you can receive the results after 24 hours. 

These skills are the primarily English skills needed by au pairs. If you get a high score on this test, it clearly shows your excellent capabilities in communicating in an English-speaking environment. 

5. iTEP Aviation

The iTEP Aviation is the only English language proficiency test made for the aviation industry. It is an effective tool in assessing the active employees’ and applicants’ proficiency levels. It evaluates five English skills like speaking, reading, writing, listening, and grammar. 

For example, it helps evaluate the pilot’s understanding of the flight plans, establish tower communication, give instructions, and the likes. 

The test runs for 90 minutes, including a 10-minute preparation period. It can also be administered online through computers in offices or even on home computers. You can receive the test results after 24 hours. 

6. iTEP Intern

It assesses one’s speaking and listening skills suited to a workplace setting. The iTEP Intern is an English assessment tool used by companies and private institutions to evaluate their intern’s communication skills. 

The iTEP Intern is specially designed to evaluate one’s abilities in performing communication-related tasks in the workplace.  It includes answering phone calls, receiving instructions, taking minutes of the meeting, and the likes. 

The exam can be administered on a computer in the offices. The iTEP Intern only takes about 30 minutes, and the scores are available after 24 hours. 

7. iTEP ESCP (Education Specialist Credential Program)

The iTEP ESCP is specially made for those undergraduate students taking up Liberal Studies iTEP. It helps the students to acquire Multiple Subject teaching credentials and an Education Specialist credential. 

Once you have an iTEP ESCP credential, you are now eligible to teach general education and special education when you complete your Bachelor’s Degree program in Liberal Studies.

iTEP Scoring

The iTEP determines the individual’s overall English proficiency from level 0 (Beginner) to level 6 (Advanced). Also, it uses these seven proficiency levels to evaluate English skills, including grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking. 

This table shows the iTEP test grade corresponding to its proficiency level. The iTEP test grades are the overall test grades in all parts of the iTEP test. The overall scores of the iTEP range from 0.0 to 6.0, with an increment of 0.1. 

iTEP Proficiency LeveliTEP Test GradeDescription 
Level 00.0 – 1.4Beginner
Level 11.5 – 1.9Elementary
Level 22.0 – 2.4Low – Intermediate
Level 32.5 – 3.4Intermediate
Level 43.5 – 4.4High – Intermediate
Level 54.5 – 5.4Low – Advanced
Level 65.5  – 6.0 Advanced

iTEP Test Grade Comparison to CEFR 

This table shows the comparison of the iTEP test grades to their corresponding CEFR level

iTEP Test GradeCEFRDescription 
0 – 1.9A1 
  • Beginner level. 
  • Can understand simple statements. 
  • Requires frequent repetition for comprehension.
  • Can write simple sentences.
  • Difficulty in pronunciation and intonation.
2.0 – 2.4A2 
  • Elementary level.
  • Can comprehend familiar topics. 
  • Frequent inaccuracies in vocabulary terms. 
  • Uses simple grammatical structures.
2.5 – 3.4B1
  • Intermediate level.
  • Can identify and comprehend the general context of the topic.
  • Can converse but with limited vocabulary and weak sentence structuring. 
3.5 – 4.4B2
  • Upper-Intermediate level.
  • Can easily identify the main ideas of the topic but misses other important details.
  • Has a little difficulty in grasping abstract context.
  • Is coherent in writing about familiar topics. 
4.5 – 5.4C1
  • Advanced level.
  • Can identify the intention of speakers in lectures.
  • Can comprehend details from academic learning materials.
  • Fewer grammar mistakes. 
5.5  – 6.0 C2
  • Mastery level.
  • Can understand the language in wide aspects.
  • Is able to compose complex documents like research papers. 
  • Grammar is comparable to native speakers.
  • Can communicate fluently, effectively, and accurately. 

The iTEP software is responsible for scoring the grammar, listening, and reading parts of the test. At the same time, the writing and speaking parts of the iTEP exam are evaluated by ESL professionals.  

Also, there is no deduction on those items incorrectly answered in the multiple-choice type of questions.  The iTEP test scores are valid for two years after taking the test.

iTEP Test Preparation Tips

If you dread taking the iTEP exam, we are here to help you ease your anxiety and ace the test instead. But, of course, you can easily pass this one just like any other test you have taken before. 

All you need to do is to be prepared for it. We have here some tips to help you prepare for the iTEP Test. 

1. Create a List of Practice Test Materials

The first thing you should list the practice test materials you think you need for your review. There are other practice tests materials available in the market that you can get your hands on. Creating a list of these materials is essential before you start reviewing for the test.  

Then, after listing, acquire the ones that you think you need for the preparation or review. You can freely choose from the free practice courses or materials offered online, or if you want to purchase a practice textbook, you can do so. 

iTEP offers two practice tests for you. One is the preview test for free, wherein you can take a single free version of the iTEP test. It also helps you get a glimpse of what the iTEP test structure looks like and how it flows. Also, this iTEP practice test is not graded. 

The other is a subject practice test wherein you can choose what version of the test you like to take. For example, you can either choose a high school, college, or business version. In addition, you can receive a score report for this iTEP practice test. You can access this subject’s iTEP practice test by purchasing it for $13. 

They also offer two practice books, including a preparation guide book and their latest practice guide where you can take active exercises, an overview of the question samples, and more. 

The Official iTEP Preparation Guide costs $29.95 for the Kindle version, and for the paperback, it costs around $14.25 to $36.99. And for the iTEP Practice Guide costs $26.99. They also offer an iPrep Academic Plus Self-Paced Course for $59.00. 

2. Learn the Test Structure

Aside from gathering the materials you need for your review. You also need to know the test structure of the exam you are about to take. It will help you understand what type of questions it uses, what approach they use in the test, and the likes. 

By this, you can set your study plan accordingly. Integrate the test structure on how you will study for the test. It is best to anchor your study plan to the test structure of the test.

This way, you will learn how the test goes while doing your practice test and studying regularly. You can now easily adjust to its structure, and most importantly, you will get used to it. Thus, mastering the exam in the long run. 

3. Pinpoint Your Weak Points in the English Language

The weaknesses you have are not a hindrance for you to ace the test. It will be your starting point. Focus on these weak points and do more practice tests that will help you improve them. 

For example, if you are weak in the reading area, then you need to read more. Go on, improve your reading comprehension, expose yourself to various reading materials such as newspapers, journals, books, and more. Look for more opportunities where you can improve this skill. 

4. Challenge Yourself

Sometimes laziness will hit you hard, especially when you are not in the mood to study. To conquer this, motivate and challenge yourself. Remind yourself again why you are doing this, keep your eye on your goal, and how you will achieve it. 

But also remember, do not be too hard on yourself. You are only human, and you tend to fail. And if you are failing your expectations, it is okay. For example, you could not get the score you wanted in the practice test you are doing. So then don’t worry about it too much. 

You can always try again next time. That is why you are practicing in the first place, right? So keep in mind that practice makes perfect. And all the hard work you are doing is going to pay off. 

5. Believe in Yourself

Nothing compares if you have the confidence that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Believe in your capabilities and skills, and have the passion for achieving and acing that test. 

Keep in mind that all your hard work in reviewing will go to waste if you doubt yourself. So do not linger too much on your liabilities. Instead, focus on the things that will help you in the long run. 

The test is there to prove your level of proficiency. I know you already know where you stand on that, so keep going. Review and improve all the skills you have that need improvement. And always feed your mind with positivity. You can certainly do this!