Is it Possible to Cheat on the Duolingo English Test?

When it comes to administering online tests, most educational institutions confront the issue of student cheating. This has become a difficult problem, particularly with the introduction of proctoring software or applications like the Duolingo English Test to administer online tests.

While proctoring is employed, students take advantage of loopholes. This page is for informative reasons only, and we do not condone or encourage cheating. If you’re trying to figure out how to cheat on online exams, you’ll be surprised at how difficult it may be.

In this article, we will help you ‘hack’ the Duolingo English Test system by better preparing yourself in answering each test section. We will cover how the test is administered and the tips and tricks for the test preparation. 

What is the Duolingo English Test?

The Duolingo English Exam is an online computer-based test that candidates may take whenever they choose. Candidates who need to show English language proficiency may take the Duolingo English Test, which can be taken at any time and place online. 

It evaluates all four language abilities: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, in the same way, that the TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE do for traditional study abroad exams. 

Candidates may take the exam from the comfort of their own homes, with no need to make an appointment since they can take it whenever and wherever they wish. It also has a new section where candidates may record their answers to open-ended questions and participate in a 10-minute video interview.

What is “Adaptive Technology”?

This part evaluates the applicants’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. It is a 45-minute timed, graded component of the Duolingo English exam. This part contains questions, which come at random throughout the exam. 

The test provider will assign the results for the Duolingo Adaptive test separately. The test taker must adhere to the Duolingo adaptive test’s norms and regulations, or they will be rejected.

Duolingo English Test – Adaptive Test Highlights

  • Because Duolingo’s grading method gathers information from a large number of questions, the odds of a question being asked again are slim. “One in a thousand exams will see a question repeated,” according to Duolingo, “ensuring that each applicant applying for the test has a unique experience.”
  • During the adaptive exam, the difficulty level of the questions is set to alter dynamically.
  • Complex questions will be asked one after the other in the Adaptive phase of the Duolingo English exam, regardless of their kind or section.
  • There is no limit or restriction on the number of questions that may be asked in this exam. When the candidate’s score convinces the grading system, the exam will be completed.

Duolingo English Exam – Test Administration

Read these rules many times before the test and make sure you follow them. Duolingo English Test proctors will reject your test if any criteria are broken, and your results will not be validated.

Prohibited Actions During the Test

  • Wearing headphones or earphones is not allowed.
  • There should be no outside items allowed, including cell phones, notes, or textbooks.
  • There should be no contact with anybody else.
  • There are no writing materials or paper available.
  • Keep your gaze fixed on the screen.
  • For whatever reason, do not exit the test window.
  • No predictive input methods should be used.
  • No third-party web camera software should be used.
  • Do not use a second monitor or any software that allows you to remotely access your computer or share your screen.
  • During the graded speaking portion, talk for at least 30 seconds on the themes covered.
  • To take the exam, do not use another person’s name or ID number.

Post Test Administration

The test is emailed to the proctors when you finish it, and you’ll get an email when your results are ready (48 hours, although mine arrived in 24 and over the holidays, too).

You’ll receive another email when your scores are available, but you can also check your homepage on the site to see whether they’re ready.

Within 30 days, you may take two “certified” exams. Any exam that you complete and obtain a score on is considered a certified test.

In other words, if you have technological issues throughout the exam, it will not count against your two-test limit. After that, the results are good for two years.

You may transmit your scores to universities directly from the results page after receiving them. You have no restriction on the number of reports you may submit.

AI Assisted-Proctoring

Duolingo English Test uses artificial intelligence to gather millions of data points every day to train security algorithms to detect rule violations and suspect behavior patterns.

Expert Human Proctoring

In several independent rounds of review, human proctors use AI to assess each test session for over 75 distinct behaviors.

How to Hack the Duolingo English Test Ethically?

Please note that we don’t encourage cheating. We want our readers to have the best information possible to help them ace the DET. So we will not publish any unethical ideas that involve copying or cheating. 

Read on for ethical ‘hacking’ or test preparation tips to help your chances of getting a higher score on the Duolingo English Test. 

Ways to Prepare and Study for the DET

There is no set curriculum for the Duolingo exam. It evaluates all four talents simultaneously: writing, reading, listening, and speaking. All you need is to prepare well with any materials you have on hand. 

  • Reading high-quality information, such as foreign journals and newspapers, and practicing writing regularly will help you enhance your skills.
  • You might also try to emulate English films by watching them.
  • Participate in conversations with people who speak English as a first language.
  • You may also use a range of free online resources to prepare for the Duolingo English Test.

This is the most cost-effective English certification test on the market (USD 49). Several institutions throughout the world acknowledge this for admissions purposes. You’ll be alright if you practice hard.

Take the Practice Tests (Free)

If you want to get a feel for the actual exam, go to the Duolingo website and take the free practice test. Although the sample exam is shorter (eight minutes) and the score range is less reliable and unofficial, it is a good starting point. You will learn about the real examination and get a taste of what to expect on the real exam by taking the mock test.

The best part about the practice exam is that it is absolutely free, and you may take it several times within the given timeframe.

Additionally, after you’ve completed the sample exam, you’ll be given an expected score range so you can assess your readiness.

Understand the Regulations Completely

Because the exam may be done online, Duolingo follows a strict procedure and has established several regulations for applicants to follow. The proctors are recording and reviewing the whole exam experience. 

Proctors also ensure that there is no background noise or that no one is in your room while the exam is taking place. Aside from that, applicants are not permitted to use earbuds when conversing with others. 

During the test, candidates are not permitted to use a phone or any other device. If you don’t follow all of these guidelines, you’ll have to retake the exam.

Choose and Prepare a Convenient Venue

Because you will be taking the exam from the comfort of your own home, be sure you have all of the necessary equipment to take the test.

You’ll require:

  • Your passport, driver’s license, or other government-issued identification
  • A room that is peaceful and well-lit
  • 1 hour of unstructured time
  • A stable internet connection is essential.
  • It’s a computer.

In addition, your computer should have:

  • a browser that is supported (Chrome, Opera)
  • A camera that can be seen from the front
  • a sound recording device
  • Speakers

Both the adaptive exam and the video interview are included when you submit the Duolingo English Test results to the institution.

For each video interview and written sample in this test, you will have a choice of two question forms. Then you have one to three minutes to talk and up to five minutes to write. There is also a timer that you may use to keep track of your progress during the test.

You may retake the exam if you are not pleased with your results. You have unlimited opportunities to take the Duolingo English exam.

Real English Word Cheat Codes

You must determine whether the word is a genuine English word or a created one in two questions on the Duolingo English exam. Because the words often resemble English terms, it is important to pay close attention to spelling. Because the words might sound similar to English terms, it’s also vital to practice listening.

Immersing oneself in English and attempting to learn English spontaneously is a wonderful technique to practice this question. Another choice is to select a list of all English terms and attempt to learn the ones you don’t know.

Make sure you choose the proper word and double-check the spelling since some words seem to be accurate but are really made up!

1. Uncommon Singular vs. Plural words

In English, there are several terms that are exclusively used in plural form. When speaking, speakers often make the error of utilizing the plural grammatical form when they should be using the singular.

Here are eight terms that are frequent in the plural but uncommon in the singular, along with use examples:


2. American vs. British Spellings

Even the British are sometimes caught off guard regarding the discrepancies between British and American English spellings. The key distinction is that British English maintains the spelling of terms borrowed from other languages, primarily French and German.

In contrast, American English spellings are mostly determined by how the word sounds when pronounced.

Here are a few terms with distinct spellings that are regularly used. (In these cases, the American spelling will take precedence over the British spelling.)


3. Loan Words

This lexical diversity is nothing new: English has added thousands of words to its lexicon over the centuries by acquiring new words from other, often unrelated languages: risotto and pizza come from Italy, vodka from Russia, Goulash from Hungary, coffee and yoghurt from Turkey, and ketchup from China.

Here is brief list of “loan” words in the English language.

Loan WordOriginMeaning
modus operandiLatina particular pattern or mode of operation that shows or indicates that a single perpetrator is responsible for several crimes
faux pasFrencha huge or humiliating blunder
doppelgangerGermana person with a similar name as someone else
aficionadoSpanisha person who enjoys is knowledgeable with and values a typically ardently pursued passion or activity
bric-a-bracFrencha random assortment of little items, usually of decorative or emotional worth
basmatiHindigrown fragrant long-grain rice of a southern Asian provenance
prima donnaItaliana leading female vocalist in an opera or concert company
quid pro quoLatinanything provided to you or done for you in exchange for something you gave or did for someone else
alter egoLatina distinct version of oneself or a second self
zeitgeistGermana period and place’s basic beliefs, ideals, and spirit
samuraiJapanesea Japanese daimyo’s military retainer who follows the Bushido code of behavior or a Japanese warrior aristocracy
tacoSpanisha crisp or soft maize or wheat tortilla packed with a filling and folded or rolled
ménage à troisFrencha situation in which three persons (for example, a married couple and one of the couple’s lovers) have a sexual or romantic relationship while living together
anonymousGreekan unknown person created or performed
lootHindithings of high value are generally seized
guruSanskritHinduism’s or Eastern Culture’s personal religious instructor and spiritual advisor
safariArabica hunting expedition’s caravan and equipment, notably in eastern Africa
cigarSpanisha tiny tobacco leaf roll for smoking
cartoonItaliana design, sketch, or painting that serves as a basis for the final product (as for a fresco)
wanderlustGermana great desire to go on a trip
karaokeJapanesea kind of entertainment that involves the use of a gadget like this (as in a bar)

4. When in Doubt, Do Not Click

You must trust their instincts, comprehension, and familiarity with the English language in this situation. 

There may be more English words in certain questions than in others; in other words, there may be any number of authentic English words. 

Some words may even seem to be genuine, although they may be missing one or two letters. You may choose and deselect words if you change your mind.

How to Improve Duolingo English Test Speaking Section Score?

Duolingo speaking is the next step in the Duolingo preparation instructions. The speaking exam will assess your ability to talk clearly and fluently on the specified subject.

  • If you have trouble speaking in public, practice in front of a mirror.
  • When speaking, be extremely careful with the pronouns and prepositions you employ. Grammatically proper terms should be used.
  • Take care to pronounce whole phrases since many people just utter part of them.
  • Engage in discussion with native English speakers.
  • DO NOT attempt to imitate any accent; instead, be yourself.

How to Improve Duolingo English Test Writing Section Score?

The next section of our Duolingo preparation advice focuses on Duolingo’s writing. The Duolingo Writing exam will assess your writing skills, grammar knowledge, and content quality.

  • Learn new terms that will improve your understanding, but don’t go Shashi Tharoor on them and make them unintelligible!
  • Every day, write a new piece of content on a different subject.
  • Every day, have someone evaluate your writing abilities and rate you. Make sure you don’t make the same errors.
  • Learn a variety of terms to tell the difference between English and nonsensical ones.

How to Improve Duolingo English Test Reading Section Score?

One of the most significant Duolingo preparation recommendations is to focus on reading. The Duolingo Reading exam will evaluate your ability to read and comprehend written material. You will be given a comprehension piece to which you will respond with questions.

  • You may make daily notes on the items you read.
  • Make sure you understand the meanings of most of the terms, but if you don’t, read the phrase to see if you can figure out what they imply.
  • Use practice papers or the internet to solve comprehension passages.

How to Improve Duolingo English Test Listening Section Score?

Duolingo listening is the first of the Duolingo preparatory recommendations. You may get the highest results in Duolingo Listening by:

  • To have a better knowledge of other dialects, listen to various events such as news, programs, movies, podcasts, lectures, and so on.
  • You’ll mostly hear British or American accents in the exam, so pay attention to them.
  • Learn how to pronounce words in various accents since certain words are pronounced differently in each.
  • You may begin by watching the video with subtitles on, which you should ultimately take off after you have better knowledge of the language.
  • Don’t rely on lipreading to learn since it will slow you down.

What are the Reasons Your Duolingo English Test May Not Be Certified?

Because this is an exam you’re taking at home, there are a lot of rules, and Duolingo wants to keep you from cheating.

Duolingo has asked that you take them seriously, to the point that you will prevented from retaking the exam if you do not adhere to the rules.

How Duolingo English Test Detects Cheating?

The moment that you start the exam, the program might record your screen. It also has detection algorithms in place to identify when you exit the test browser or switch to a new tab.

A remote proctor will analyze all of these aspects once you complete the test.

If you breach a rule during the exam session, the remote proctor will immediately invalidate your test result.

Test takers may be permanently barred from taking the Duolingo English Test, depending on the severity of the infraction.”

Duolingo English Test Test Validation

What are the Possible Reasons Duolingo Refuses to Certify Your Test?

The Duolingo English Test Rules and Requirements state that the company has the right to refuse to certify your test results or to invalidate any previously certified results without offering a refund. In addition, depending on the severity of the offense, you may be permanently prevented from taking the Duolingo English Test.

The causes for failing or obtaining an invalid Duolingo English Test result, which will require you to repeat the test, are listed below. We’ve also included some reminders to help you with your preparation:

  • During the test, your camera did not operate.
  • It wasn’t always possible to see your face.
  • For a long time, you’ve been gazing away from the computer screen.
  • Your test location is not secured.
  • You can’t post your test because it’s incomplete.
  • During the exam, there are unneeded items on your table.
  • During the ‘speaking’ exam parts, you are not speaking clearly.
  • Your responses have been practiced and remembered.
  • Your microphone volume is too low.
  • You are taking the exam with two different accounts.

What are the Consequences of Breaking the Duolingo English Test’s Guidelines?

If you break any of the above-mentioned Duolingo English Test guidelines, you will be subject to the following penalties:

  • Duolingo has the right to refuse certification of your exam results.
  • Officials have the authority to nullify any previously confirmed Duolingo results without providing a refund.
  • Applicants may also be barred from taking the Duolingo English Test in the future.

Final Thoughts

You may be thinking if you can ‘cheat’ on the Duolingo English Test. Numerous measures have been taken to prevent cheating on the Duolingo exam; however, these precautions have proven ineffective due to the test’s online nature.

However, these procedures have significantly reduced, if not eliminated, cheating in Duolingo exams.

There are several tactics and techniques available for improving your Duolingo English Test score. We recommend that you study and prepare by browsing through our articles.

Those with limited study time and a pressing need to achieve their target score, as well as those who want to increase their score faster, may enroll in online courses and classes 

Additional FAQs – Duolingo English Test

How Authentic is the Duolingo English Test?

Given the test’s distant nature, numerous doubts about the validity of the results arise since there are plenty of opportunities for students to cheat on this exam. Although this was once a serious barrier for the test, they have now devised many remedies as a reaction. You must prove their identification during the video interview, and real proctors also check these examinations.

These exams use sophisticated software that records the subject’s eye movements and determines if the candidate is attempting to pass the exam in an unethical manner. As a result, the Duolingo test makes every effort to prevent cheating during tests.

Can I Retake the Duolingo English Test?

Retaking the Duolingo English test is feasible.

Though it should be mentioned that applicants must adhere to a few criteria before selecting for a Duolingo retake. The following regulations are included:

If the test taker has already obtained the Duolingo English test certificate, they may repeat the exam within the 30-day window.
Candidates who have not received their Duolingo English test score report within 48 hours or two days need not be concerned since their second attempt will not count under the ‘two tests within 30 days’ restriction.

What is Considered as a ‘Good’ Duolingo English Test Score?

Candidates will observe that most institutions and colleges are candid about their admission requirements. Likewise, they are transparent about their Duolingo scoring criteria. Additionally, the score needed may alter as the courses go.

However, if an applicant is unable to locate the Duolingo score required for a specific institution, they may always email or contact the admissions office.

A Duolingo score of 120+ with subscores over 100 is considered a strong Duolingo score. The majority of prestigious colleges accept this range of Duolingo scores.

How is My DET Scored?

The Duolingo English Exam is a computer-based exam that evaluates real-world language ability by measuring reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The exam taker’s ability is holistically assessed on a scale of 10-160.

The person is given a score ranging from 10 to 160 after the exam. This is a total score, not a segment score. 

For top programs, a score of more than 120 is normally necessary. You may wish to compare your findings to the IELTS or TOEFL scores.

How Can I Prepare for the Duolingo English Test?

To take the Duolingo test, you must first prepare. You should focus on all parts of your reading and listening skills. You may practice by listening to English podcasts and reading articles from leading publications and newspapers, as well as having an English conversation with a native English speaker.

You may also take a practice exam to familiarize yourself with the sorts of questions you’ll see on the actual test. On Duolingo’s website, you may take a free sample test. You have unlimited opportunities to take the exam.