e2 Language Resources and Review: IELTS Preparation

Are you a candidate planning to settle abroad? Do you want to get your dream job? Or perhaps you have given IELTS many times, but could not reach your target score? Do not fret, we got you covered! Whether you are unable to find reliable study material or friendly teachers or an authentic prep course- we will help you out. E2Language is a marvelous, one-of-a-kind IELTS preparation website that aims to assist you get a higher band score. 

In this article, we will talk about E2Language in detail. We will review the learning resources, course packages, and several other services and how they can be used effectively for IELTS preparation. 

Overview of E2Language

E2Language is an online Melbourne-based learning platform that aims to help candidates around the globe learn and sharpen English language skills. Their vision is to make language learning fun and flexible, for corporate clients and candidates. They aim to help the candidates achieve their goals at their preferred pace and lifestyle. 

Whether you are an ambitious candidate, an organization, or a business partner, you do not need to worry. E2Language has got a wide range of resources that will undoubtedly help you in reaching your goals. 

This is the Homepage of the website. 

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E2Language Learning Resources

E2Language has published various resources for candidates who are planning to take IELTS, whether it is Academic or General IELTS. The resources vary from mock tests to practice lessons to live classes. Depending on the type of study material, some of the resources are suitable for self-study. However, almost all of the resources are paid. You can get access to them in a 30-day free trial. After that, you can upgrade to any subscription plan and avail their services. Regardless of this, the material is authentic and will help you immensely while you prepare and work hard for your IELTS exam. 

If you want to access the resources, you will have to create an account first. Then, you will login using the account that you have just registered. 

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Live Classes

E2Language offers invaluable live classes. This is what makes them different from all the other websites. Live classes mean having live access to an expert mentor. You can join these classes at any time, no matter what timezone you are in. The schedule is made to suit your needs. These live classes were super useful as it gave me an opportunity to ask questions and clear any confusion I had. To register for live classes, you can check out the calendar at the dashboard and choose any of the classes given. 

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One-on-one Expert Tutorials

This one-on-one expert tutorial is a 45 minutes long private session. The best thing about this is that you can choose which topic or skill you want to be covered by the mentor. The teacher provides several tips and strategies to keep you motivated and on track. Moreover, you can even discuss any writing or speaking assessments that you have submitted. 

Recorded Classes

Learning online has its fair share of benefits. You have complete control over your schedule and can study at your own pace. That is why, E2Language has opted for this option for candidates who have a busy schedule. There used to be many days on which I could not attend my live class. But I did not panic, since I knew that the recording of the session would be available. However, keep in mind that these recorded classes are accessible for two weeks. Apart from that, you do not need to register for the recorded classes and you can watch as many as you want. 

Video Grammar Lessons

Grammar is an essential part of the IELTS exam, as the writing and speaking sections revolve around it. E2Language offers grammar lessons and grammar live classes. You can easily register through the dashboard. If you are a candidate whose mother tongue is not English, you should give E2 English a try. With the help of this service, you will be able to learn grammar like a native speaker. Moreover, there are no registration fees for this, as this service is free. 

Youtube Channel 

Other than the website, E2Language has a separate Youtube channel for IELTS. It is constantly updated with a variety of study material. You can find tips and tricks, mock test reviews, sample answers, test format, and much more. The videos are organized into their respective sections, depending on the core section these videos belong to. You can easily access all the playlists and videos. 

Alongside that, one thing I really prefer is the option of downloadable videos. I did not have to worry about getting distracted as I downloaded specific videos for my preparation. This indeed helped me save my time as well! I could peacefully study without getting distracted. 

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E2Language: Platform Experience

E2Language is one of the best IELTS preparation websites out there. While there are not many free resources, its paid resources are constantly updated. The study material is authentic and the mentors are friendly and reliable too. 

The interface of the website is hassle-free and neat. This is one of the factors that made me interested in this website. Since E2Language offers services for many tests, all of them are organized in different sections. It is easy to navigate this website as you can find all the options on the menu bar. 

Apart from that, you can easily locate the social media handles found on the bottom of the main page. This is one of the options that many websites do not have. Their social media accounts (whether it’s their Youtube Channel or the Facebook page) are updated constantly with videos, short tips, announcements, and much more. Moreover, there are no unnecessary ads on the website. The payment service is also secure and proper. I always opt for those websites which have secure transaction services, and E2Language is one of them. 

E2Language: Course Packages

E2Language offers several course packages for IELTS Academic and General. These subscription packages differ in prices and features. 

First up, we have the Bronze Package which costs $139. You can have access upto 6 months. The key features of this include one-on-one expert teacher tutorial and feedback from mentors on assessments. Secondly, we have the Silver Package. It costs $219 and includes similar features, along with one pre-test strategy session. However, the Gold Package, which costs $309, lso includes post-test consultation sessions. We can clearly see that these three packages are similar to an extent, as you get access to unlimited live classes, practice questions, lessons and live class recordings! The number of mock tests (and feedback) increases depending on which package you upgrade to. 

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Additionally, you can also subscribe to Express or Express+. Both of them are undoubtedly going to help you, especially if you prefer self-study. They cost $49 and $69 respectively. However, you get a limited amount of live classes and practice toolkits. 

Let’s say you have enough practice material. However, while you are practicing, you do not realize how much room you have for improvement or what are your weak areas. Therefore, feedback from professionals comes handy while preparing for IELTS. Especially for a non-native candidate, the Speaking Intensive course can be immensely helpful. It costs $79 and includes one-on-one feedback sessions with the mentor, alongside practice material, model answers, and live classes. I decided to give this service a try. While this helped me in fluency and pronunciation, I gradually improved at coherency, and on the exam day, I could speak without stuttering or running out of ideas. 

This Writing Intensive package, which just costs $79, can be of immense aid. Taking this package made me realize the silly mistakes I have been making. With the feedback from professional teachers, I gradually improved. I could easily plan and write my answers in proper format, without being repetitive and all over the place. I definitely recommend trying this out! You can check more about the packages here. 

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E2Language: Test Stimulation Experience

E2Language offers mock test service for IELTS General and IELTS Academic. These tests are formatted in the same way, with the exact timing restrictions. These assessments are checked in the same way as the actual test. The detailed feedback is provided by the expert mentors. 

These tests are a must for you if you want to assess your improvement before you take the actual exam. One of the great benefits about this test service is that you can take as many mock tests as you want. This helped me to know the difficulty level of the IELTS exam. Furthermore, the detailed critique on each task helped me get better insight on my weaknesses and improvement. 

Users that sign up using a free trial get one free practice test. However, if you want to improve your progress and include more mock tests, you can upgrade to any of their plans.

E2Language: Testimonials and Ratings

E2Language has received positive response from the candidates, especially related to IELTS Academic and General. The recognition and praise isn’t just limited to their courses. Instead, several candidates have been praising their efforts for creating free and reliable learning resources. Furthermore, E2Language teachers are known to be friendly and helpful. The replying service does not take time either, as you can easily get your queries solved within 24-48 hours. You can read more reviews here. 

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The best thing about E2Language is that they are authentic. There is no study material on their website that can be labeled as misleading or unreliable. All the study material, links, course packages, and transaction service is 100% secure. Additionally, the website is accessible anywhere. You can study at your own pace and choose your timings, suited to your preferences. 

In conclusion, E2language is one of the best and most effective IELTS preparation websites. 

FAQs about E2Language Resources and Review

How do I contact E2Language?

There are various ways of contacting E2Language. You can contact them through their official Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Moreover, you can also contact them via their website. The teachers at E2Language readily solve their students’ queries. You can also contact them via their email: hello@e2language.com

How to register for E2Language?

Registering for E2Language is easy. By clicking on the type of test you want to register for, you will be guided to the main page. On the top most right part of the menu bar, click on the ‘Start your free trial’ option. This will take you to the registration page. 

Where do I pay for the services?

E2Language accepts payments via various ways. You can pay for their packages through PayPal, Splitit, Credit/Debit cards like Visa, Stripe, etc. However, it must be noted that the payments made via credit/debit cards are done through Stripe. Always make sure to put in the right details, whether it is your credit card number or a promo code. 

Is there a guide for beginners?

E2Language has a complete guide for beginners. Newcomers tend to get overwhelmed with a lot of information, hence it is better to opt for reliable guides. You can get the guide by just putting in your email and name. You can find the guide here.