IELTS ETC with Fiona Resources and Review: IELTS Preparation

Whether you want to settle abroad or study further, taking the IELTS test has become necessary. There are various courses and blogs for IELTS available online that help you reach your target band. One such blog is IELTS ETC with Fiona. 

In this article, we will review the IELTS ETC website and explain how it dedicates to IELTS preparation. Therefore, making it an efficient IELTS learning tool for test-takers.

Overview of IELTS ETC with Fiona

IELTS ETC with Fiona is a free learning blog established by Fiona Wattam, an EFL trainer with 30 years of teaching experience. She is also an ex- IELTS examiner and has worked with prestigious organizations like The British Council, Cambridge ESOL Assessment, and Trinity Exams. Her website provides authentic study material for IELTS for the perfect preparation.

Some key features of IELTS ETC with Fiona include learning resources for Academic and General Training IELTS, podcasts, sample answers, and real-time speaking classes. We will take a quick look at these resources and how they are used in practice. This is the Homepage of the website.

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IELTS ETC with Fiona Learning Resources

Fiona has created several resources for IELTS candidates. The material ranges from blogs to videos to short courses. These resources have proved to be of immense help for me while I was preparing for the IELTS exam. There is quite a lot of variety for the students preparing for the IELTS course. Let’s do a quick review of the free resources.

Free IELTS ETC with Fiona Resources

Fiona loves creating short and engaging learning material for self-practice for the IELTS test-takers. These are available on the website.

  • IELTS Made Easier Podcast

If you have a tight schedule and struggle to find time for practice, this IELTS Made Easier podcast is for you. Fiona has been releasing a new episode each week for the past four years. Hence, all the IELTS material is covered properly in the podcast.

What I liked about this podcast most was how they were divided into bite-sized lessons. Fiona covers the fundamental topics of each module, ranging from the use of synonyms to vocabulary for the writing section. This podcast aims to improve the foundations of reading, writing, and speaking sections. Each podcast is 30 minutes, and they are easily found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, and a few other apps.

  • IELTS ETC with Fiona Blog

On her website, Fiona has posted interesting and simple blog posts related to IELTS preparation under the tab of Blogs. These consist of sample answers, checklists, and tips and tricks to ace your IELTS exam. There are separate sections for each module.

The writing module concerns the tasks in Academic and General Training IELTS. She has also provided external links for more information. Personally, the informal letter writing checklist was beyond helpful. When I came across this, I started practicing, keeping in mind the criteria. I could see the improvement in my General Training writing tasks.

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Many candidates say that the most difficult section of IELTS Academic is the reading section. And I agree. In our day-to-day conversations, we do not use complex and academic English. You also need to have the ability to skim and scan, alongside knowing how to pinpoint the minor details for tricky questions. Add a dash of tight time-limit and stress too!

But don’t fret! Fiona has uploaded many effective reading resources, and I gradually improved when I went through the vocabulary-related resources found on her website. She also has uploaded sample answers with explanations, and several blog posts on managing your time efficiently. Similarly, she has established several materials on her website regarding the listening and speaking sections.

  • IELTS ETC with Fiona YouTube Channel

Nowadays, almost everybody uses YouTube. There are also several videos related to IELTS. Likewise, Fiona has uploaded videos on her channel regarding IELTS preparation. These are short and simple, so they do not take much time, and you can watch them anywhere with a stable internet connection. To avoid any issues afterward, I used to save the videos on the topics I was going to study. This way, I didn’t have to waste any time finding the videos or getting distracted.

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Paid IELTS ETC with Fiona Resources

  • The Members Academy

The Members Academy is an online course established and monitored by Fiona herself. The courses are divided into 28-day boot camps, where you get live lessons, worksheets, mock tests, and 1-to -1 access with Fiona.

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Planning to give IELTS but don’t know where to start? Have a busy schedule? Then this course is for you! Before I came across this, I had joined a few online prep courses. The only problem was that I couldn’t see any transformation or improvement in my tasks. I had all the information, and at one point, it got overwhelming. One of my colleagues recommended this to me. Joining the Members Academy brings you several perks. You have a specialist tutor to guide you at every step, a friendly community to motivate you along the way, and many more.

The lessons are divided into short videos, covering all the aspects of IELTS preparation. Moreover, writing feedback is provided via live zoom meetings. The speaking classes were helpful for me as they built my confidence and corrected my pronunciation. You can contact Fiona at any time for feedback and discussions.

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Alongside the support from the fellow test-takers through groups and zoom meet-ups, we were given worksheets to practice what we had learned. Furthermore, Fiona issued us a personal progress tracker to know the room for improvement. As soon as you join the course, you get unlimited access to all the material. This includes the library of checklists and sample answers from numerous online tools. The best part? You can study at your pace, and choose however you want to, wherever you want to.

IELTS ETC with Fiona: Website Experience

Fell in love with this website at first sight. The interface is neat and hassle-free, and the resources are organized in respective sections. You can have access to everything, from blog posts to podcasts, through the navigation bar.

The material is not just organized- it is also updated weekly. You can also search the resources by tags. Apart from that, Fiona updates her YouTube channel from time to time, and you can always find her lectures and videos. Besides, she is also available on her Facebook group and LinkedIn. Plus, there is a great sale going right now on her website.

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IELTS ETC with Fiona: Course Packages

The Members Academy course is divided into two packages. You can subscribe to either. If you want to self-learn and do not prefer live feedback and lessons, you can join the program. For a three month duration, it costs $99, and you can upgrade anytime. The Academy course is $229 for three months and is perfect for you if you prefer to have 1-on-1 access with the mentor, and live feedback and support.

IELTS ETC with Fiona: Testimonials and Ratings

IELTS ETC has received a positive reaction from the candidates, especially for the Bootcamp and Academy course. The tasks were properly critiqued, and the external links provided by Fiona were of great help. The replying service is also quick- you can get a reply in 24 hours and contact Fiona anywhere on one of her social media.

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This website has also been received a rating of 3.7 stars at Trustpilot. One of the users left an amazing review of IELTS ETC. For more reviews, you can check out its official Facebook page

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The best feature about this website is that it is accessible anywhere and is free. There is no pressure to buy the paid services, as many candidates choose to self-learn at their own pace. Fiona’s primary aim is to aid candidates to get a 7+ band score. The material available is reliable and easy to use. In case you want to have a specialized lecture, you can always access that by subscribing to the Members Academy course.

However, some minor changes can be done to the website. The packages have several perks, so a few similar features like the accessibility of worksheets and sample answers can be provided for free. In conclusion, IELTS ETC with Fiona is an excellent and authentic source for IELTS preparation.

FAQs about IELTS ETC with Fiona Resources and Review

How do I contact IELTS ETC with Fiona?

At the bottom of the website, you can find links to Fiona’s social media accounts. All of her social handles are linked to these icons. You will be redirected to social media pages when you click on these icons. Otherwise, you can always leave a comment, or contact Fiona on her email.

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How do I register for IELTS ETC with Fiona?

To get access to paid resources, you need to subscribe to one of their packages. As we mentioned, there are two packages: Courses only and Members Academy. Click on whichever package you want to subscribe to, and it will take you to a signup page. On that page, you will make an account and pay for the package through credit card. 

Where can I pay for the services?

IELTS ETC accepts payments through Credit Card. If you do not have a credit card, you can always pay through PayPal. Fiona also makes payments through ApplePay or Google Wallet. Make sure you have the official account, provided by Fiona herself.

What is the difference between Bootcamp and Academy?

Bootcamps are self-access single courses, with no feedback from the mentor. However, the Academy includes all the study material and live lessons, and feedback from Fiona. If you want to ace the IELTS exam, feedback is necessary so that you can improve your overall score. Plus, that way, you will not have to pay for the exam fees again and again.