IELTS Fever Resources and Review : IELTS Preparation

Many candidates out there have little access to IELTS prep courses. Even if the prep courses become accessible, they do not have enough study material or have unreliable IELTS preparation resources that can be misleading. Little do they know, there are various online resources available for IELTS preparation, which also help you in reaching your target result. With the virtual access to video lessons, worksheets and mock tests, these resources bring improvement in different areas of the exam. IELTS Fever is one of the websites that can provide the mentioned services for free. 

Overview of IELTS Fever

IELTS Fever is an India-based, free IELTS learning website. The website aims to make IELTS learning and preparation easier and engaging. Alongside, the material on this website is authentic and reliable for utmost preparation. IELTS Fever is a platform for those students who are new to IELTS preparation and do not know where to start. Hence, the website is beginner-friendly and will help you in reaching your target result. 

Some of the key features of IELTS Fever include preparation tips, resources for IELTS Academic and General, free writing templates, mock tests, and much more. We will take a look at how these resources are used for each module. 

This is the Homepage of the website.

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IELTS Fever Learning Resources

The helpful team of IELTS Fever has established various resources for candidates planning to give the IELTS exam. The material ranges from mock tests to Youtube videos, and much more. The website has various resources listen on the menu bar. Apart from the Home of the website, the menu bar contains links to IELTS Writing Tasks, Score Calculator and Daily Tests. The Home lists all the recently updated resources. While the sections contain resources related to that section.

 Some of the resources are free of cost, while some of them are paid. Regardless of the pricing, all these resources will definitely help you while preparing for your IELTS exam. These resources are beginner-friendly, and if you are new to the IELTS exam, IELTS Fever study material will certainly help you. 

Free IELTS Fever Learning Resources

  • IELTS Fever YouTube Channel

First up is the Youtube Channel. IELTS Fever has uploaded several videos concerning different areas of the exam, from speaking to reading. The best thing about their videos is that they are downloadable.

We all know surfing and searching up specific videos again and again can waste a lot of time. That is why, I used to download the videos I wanted to study the next day. This way, I saved a lot of time and minimised the distractions. You can easily find the IELTS Fever Youtube channel here. The videos are separated according to the respective sections, so you do not have to worry about finding videos. 

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  • IELTS Fever Application

Another free resource that I want to point out is the application. Many IELTS preparation websites and services do not have applications. IELTS Fever app helped me immensely as I could access the mock tests and tips and tricks from my phone. The app has information about the test format, sample questions, model answers, and downloadable material, like PDF files. 

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  • IELTS Fever Tips Section

IELTS Fever has a whole blog dedicated to preparation tips and tricks for different areas of the exam. This section covers tips and tricks, practice lessons, sample answers, and much more. 

All the sections follow a similar pattern. There are different blog posts concerning different topics in each section. On the website, you can easily find the writing section. However, you can find the other sections by using the search bar or via category. 

Paid IELTS Fever Learning Resources

  • Writing Ebook

If you are weak when it comes to writing, then this book is for you. This book is written by Manpreet Singh and is useful for test-takers who are new to IELTS. Moreover, you can use this book for both Academic and General IELTS. This book costs ₹225. You can find more information about the book here.

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  • Speaking eBook

This speaking ebook aims to help you achieve your target band score. This ebook aims to help you achieve band 7-8 in IELTS Speaking Test. You can find more about this book here. 

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IELTS Fever: Platform Experience

The best thing about IELTS Fever is that all the resources are accessible anywhere, at any time. Additionally, the resources are organised concerning different areas of the exam, and are frequently updated. The separate sections make it easier to explore the website. 

When I first used the website, I got used to the interface in a matter of little time. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. Although you might face some problems in finding the other sections, you can easily find them via tags and search bar. However, if all the subsections would have been placed on the bar it would seem crowded. 

Other than that, IELTS Fever also keeps their Facebook and Twitter accounts updated by sharing short videos, tips and tricks, etc. you can find all the content on their social media accounts. However, the only bothersome thing is the pop-up ads that appear on the website. 

Many students also complained that for the listening mock tests, some of the audio files do not work properly and restart on their own. 

IELTS Fever: Test Stimulation Experience

Feedback from professionals is necessary when it comes to IELTS preparation. Without this, you won’t be able to keep track of your progress. IELTS Fever provides mock tests service, which is free of charge. However, there are some guidelines you have to follow. 

The task should be sent via email [email protected], in typed form. Scanned photos, images, and pdf files of the task are not accepted. It must be noted that the candidates are required to send answers within 32 hours. Apart from that, you have to mention your name and city while sending your response. After you have submitted your answer, you will get a reply from IELTS Fever, along with the feedback and estimated band score. 

As IELTS Fever is still developing, the team can only give access to the Writing mock tests. This consists of both tasks of IELTS Academic and General. As a beginner, these certainly helped me in getting insight on my weaknesses and the IELTS exam itself. 

You can find more information about the mock tests here.


If you are a student who prefers self-studying, do not fret! IELTS Fever also gives access to free mock assessments which consist of sample questions and answers. However, these mock tests are available for a few sections. You can get access to IELTS Academic and General Reading mock tests and Listening tests. 

The listening tests consist of audio and answers in PDF format, while the reading tests consist of two PDF files, one for questions, and the other for sample answers. 

These mock tests helped me immensely. I certainly recommend these tests if you are new to IELTS. 

IELTS Fever: Testimonials and Ratings

On a whole, IELTS Fever has received positive recognition from the candidates who availed their services. Many test-takers praised their fast replying service and comprehensive feedback on their mock tests. Alongside this, IELTS Fever also updates their Youtube channel and Facebook page constantly with preparation tips and tricks. However, the main benefit of IELTS Fever is its accessibility, as you can have complete access anywhere, at any time. 



Before you use this website, keep in mind that it is still developing, so you might encounter some issues. Besides, this website is perfect for beginners. If you have taken prep courses previously, then this website might not be suitable for you. I would like to highlight some of the issues that I faced. Firstly, the audios in sample listening questions do not have a rewind option, so you have to play the entire audio again to locate the wrong answer. Apart from that, one big issue I found is that you can only avail their paid ebooks if you are living in India. The payment requires you to put in an Indian phone number (or in other words, a phone number with the Indian code +91). 

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Apart from the small issues, this website is generally great for beginners. If you are new to IELTS and are overwhelmed with all the information, this website will work wonders for you. I know it, because it certainly did for me! 

In conclusion, IELTS Fever is a reliable preparation tool for the IELTS exam. 

FAQs about IELTS Fever Resources and Review

How do I contact IELTS Fever?

On the bottom part of the website, you can find the contact us page. IELTS Fever also replies to the comments on the website. Furthermore, you can contact IELTS Fever via this email [email protected]. Apart from that, you can also contact them through their Facebook or Twitter page. 

How do I register for IELTS Fever?

Most of the resources at IELTS Fever are free. For the paid resources, you do not need to register on the website. The payment is done through a different process so there is no need for registration. 

Where can I pay for the services?

IELTS Fever accepts payments via VISA and RuPay. Make sure that you have the official links, provided by IELTS Fever. Moreover, always put the correct details, for instance, email and phone number.