IELTS Jacky Resources and Review: IELTS Preparation

Do you need to improve your IELTS score to get your dream job? Are you new to IELTS but do not know where to start? Or perhaps your IELTS exam is getting nearer, but you cannot find authentic study material? We got you! IELTS Jacky is an excellent, one-of-a-kind IELTS preparation website that aims to help you get a 7+ band score for free! If you are new and don’t know much about IELTS you can check out our guide IELTS Exam Complete Guide.

In this article, we will talk about IELTS Jacky, and how it can be used effectively for the best IELTS learning and preparation experience. We will also go through the resources in detail and explain how they can be used. 

Overview of IELTS Jacky

IELTS Jacky is owned by Jacky, a qualified only teacher with an experience in teaching since 1994! Previously, Jacky preferred face-to-face teaching. However, he switched to online teaching due to his passion to teach and share resources with students all over the world. The passion behind IELTS Jacky website is to empower students all over the world to achieve the score that they deserve for their amazing future.  

IELTS Jacky Learning Resources

IELTS Jacky has established several study materials for candidates planning to take the IELTS exam. The resources vary from worksheets to video lessons to mock tests. Since most resources are for self-study, they are free of cost. 

However, resources like ebooks are not free but are still affordable. Regardless of the pricing, the material is authentic and will help you immensely while you prepare for IELTS. 

IELTS Jacky Free Learning Resources

Jacky loves creating free study material for her students around the globe. She frequently publishes material on her website to aid them while they prepare for their exam. 

  • Tips Section

This section covers tips and tricks, practice lessons, videos, sample answers, and much more. The resources are divided into the respective sections. 

All the sections follow a similar pattern. There is a proper guide on the test format of the respective section, followed by short blog posts on topics concerning different areas of that module. 

Moreover, she has linked her Youtube videos for easy access. Apart from that, she has also linked her ebook and courses. On her website, you can easily access all the sections. 

  • Youtube Channel

Other than the website, Jacky also has a Youtube channel, which is constantly updated. The material is similar to what is on her website, including sample answers, test format, etc. You can find several playlists organized section-wise, which makes it easier to find the videos. 

All the videos are downloadable, so you can easily save time by downloading the videos you want to see the next day, and Viola! You can study without getting distracted by other videos.

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IELTS Jacky Paid Learning Resources

While most of the resources by IELTS Jacky are for free, she has created numerous resources for struggling students who need extra help. These are simple and easy to use, and affordable as well. You can find more information here.

  • IELTS Ebooks

IELTS Ebook is a set of 4 books related to four different sections:  Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. These are ideal for beginners and previous test-takers likewise. Furthermore, these contain all the essential IELTS lessons, so you do not have to worry about missing any basic lessons. Each book costs USD 7, however, if you buy the whole set, the cost is USD 21. 

  • Grammar for IELTS Ebooks

Although my grammar was at a good level, I wanted to do my best for the IELTS exam, so I decided to give these books a try. Personally, these helped me immensely as I realized I still had so much to improve. It contains 49 lessons divided into 3 ebooks. Each costs $9.99 and the set of 3 books costs $23.97. 

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  • Writing Task 2 (Opinion Essay Pack)

While you can find so many sample essays online, many of them contain serious basic errors, like vocabulary, grammar, etc. This opinion essay pack contains a step by step study guide on planning and writing your essay, with sample questions and their model answers. The pack costs $4.99. 

  • Topic Vocabulary Packs

These are 3 sets containing vocabulary of different topics. Set 1 consists of topics like environment, technology, music, and weather. Set 2 goes over topics like family, home, and education, while the third set contains health, buildings, and public services. These small packs were super helpful. The vocabulary was easy to memorise, and I could see improvement in my answers, whether it was the writing or speaking section. 

Each pack costs $5. 

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IELTS Jacky: Platform Experience

One of the best things about IELTS Jacky is that most of its resources are available for free and accessible anywhere. All of the resources are authentic and contain no misleading information. These are properly organised into subsections and are updated constantly. 

The interface of the website is clean and hassle-free. This factor made me interested in the website. The resources section is not one- all the important resources related to the sections are organised under a different heading, while the external resources and links are placed under a different menu. I personally found this option way better. 

Apart from that, you can easily find the contact page and social media handles, as this option on many websites tends to be missing. Jacky also keeps her Facebook and Youtube accounts updated by sharing tips, short videos, etc. One of the factors that I really liked is that there are no unnecessary ads on the website. 

IELTS Jacky: Course Packages 

IELTS Grammar Course

This ultimate grammar course by Jacky will help you master grammar in easy steps and help you get a 7+ band score. It is essential to know grammar if you are giving IELTS, as it counts for 25% of the total marks of the test. This course consists of 49 lessons and these will cover the basics of grammar to advanced structures that will help you gain a higher band score. Jacky’s teaching motto is ‘Show, don’t tell’, and she lives up to it. In this course, she has provided a step by step guide on improving your grammar, alongside a plethora of practice worksheets, useful resources, and model answers.

Each lesson consists of a video lecture, a PDF lesson, and extra PDF resources. If your preferred learning style is visual, you can select PDF files (these are downloadable too!), or you can always select the video lessons. You can find the whole curriculum here. 

This course costs $5.99/month. However, you can also make a one-time payment with $45.

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IELTS Speaking Course

This speaking course contains everything a beginner needs. As for someone whose mother tongue wasn’t English, I faced many difficulties with pronunciation and fluency. Many of us have exposure to English in our daily lives, but we do not converse in academic English on a daily basis. Jacky has done a profound job with this speaking course. There is a step by step guide, model answers, practice worksheets, and much more. She has also included progress sheets to track improvement. Each topic is covered via video lessons, PDF lessons, and practice worksheets to keep our preparation ongoing. 

This speaking course changed my life. I was really overwhelmed with all the plethora of information, but I ditched everything and decided to give this a go. It helped me immensely with not just fluency and cohesion, but built my confidence too! The best thing about this is that you can learn at your pace. Detailed curriculum is also provided on the website.

This course costs $45 and there is only one time payment. 

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IELTS Jacky: Test Stimulation Experience

One of the biggest problems that IELTS candidates face is that they don’t know the mistakes they make. It can be difficult to improve if you do not have any idea of your weaknesses. Fortunately, IELTS Jacky has partnered up with Preptical (formerly Their tests are created by certified IELTS examiners, hence they are as close to the actual exam as possible. The exam is just like IELTS, from structure to time restrictions to marking. Apart from that, you also get a detailed analytical feedback and band score report. 

For the listening and reading sections, the feedback gives corresponding answers to your response, which tells you the reasoning behind both the incorrect and correct answers. For the writing section, grammar and vocabulary corrections are provided, alongside the tips on improving your response. The speaking section test highlights problems related to fluency and pronunciation. 

Since this exam is the same as IELTS, it gave me an insight on what the actual exam looks like. Considering that the difficulty level is the same, I realised how challenging the IELTS exam is. Taking this test gave me a better idea of my weaknesses and room for improvement. The feedback is directly from professionals, so this was a plus. 

Not just that, the pricing of the mock tests was also affordable. You can select any of the pricing plans mentioned here. Regardless of whichever plan you select, you get to avail all the benefits. If you are a student of IELTS Jacky just like me, use code IELTSJacky at the checkout to avail 10% discount. 

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IELTS Jacky: Testimonials and Ratings

IELTS Jacky has received positive recognition from the candidates, especially regarding her courses and ebooks. Many test-takers who availed the courses talked about how comprehensive her videos and lessons are. Apart from that, free resources are also constantly updated on both the website and her Youtube channel. Other benefits of IELTS Jacky include fast replying service, typically within 24-48 hours. 

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One of the best things about IELTS Jacky is its authenticity. There is nothing on the website that can count as misleading. All the study material and links are 100% secure and reliable. Apart from that, the website is also accessible anywhere, at any time. 

To sum it up, IELTS Jacky is an effective IELTS preparation website.

FAQs about IELTS Jacky Resources and Review

How do I contact IELTS Jacky?

There are several ways to contact IELTS Jacky. Firstly, you can contact her via the website. On the bottom part of the website, you can easily link to her social media accounts. Apart from that, you can also contact Jacky through email. She readily solves her students’ queries. You can find out more here. 

How do I register for IELTS Jacky?

IELTS Jacky has several paid resources, but these require direct payment. However, to enrol in her courses, you need to either register directly by your email or your teachable account. All of her courses are available on the teachable account. 

Where do I pay for the services?

IELTS Jacky accepts PayPal payments (if you have a PayPal account) and Credit/Debit card as well. The transactions are completely secure. Make sure that you have the official account provided by Jacky and always double-check your email. 

Is there a guide for beginners?

IELTS Jacky has a complete guide for beginners. Newcomers tend to get overwhelmed with so much information, hence it is better to opt for authentic guides. Jacky has created a simple guide on the IELTS exam which can be easily found on the menu bar. The guide is in the form of a blog post and you can find it here