IELTS With Liz Resources and Review: IELTS Preparation

Are you perhaps a candidate planning to take the IELTS test? Do you want authentic study material for utmost preparation? Do not fret- we got you! IELTS Liz is one of the excellent preparation tools for your upcoming IELTS exam. It is a helpful website that aims to get you your desired score with the help of authentic study material. Also, IELTS Liz is one of the best freely available resources online for IELTS test takers.

In this article, we will overview the IELTS Liz blog, alongside explaining how you can make the best of this website. Furthermore, we will be discussing and providing an unbiased review of each section in detail. Therefore, making it an efficient preparation tool for test-takers around the globe. 

Overview of IELTS Liz

IELTS Liz is a free IELTS preparation website established by Elizabeth Fergueson, known as Liz, an IELTS teaching specialist. She aims to provide authentic assets for utmost preparation. Some of the key features of IELTS Liz include preparation tips, resources for Academic and General Training IELTS, model answers, lessons, and much more. We will do a quick review of how these resources are used for each module.

Elizabeth Ferguson is a qualified English teacher with over 12 years of experience in teaching IELTS. Hence, the experience alone testifies her credibility as an excellent IELTS teacher. However, we will explore her website and resources in detail. This is the Homepage of the website

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IELTS Liz Learning Resources

Liz has published numerous resources for candidates who are planning to take the IELTS test. The material varies from books to video lessons. Most of them are free and available, while some of the resources are not. The free resources include resources related to test information, speaking tests, reading tests, writing tests, listening tests, vocabulary, topics, and IELTS tips. While paid resources include IELTS Liz Advanced package and her Grammar E-Book. Regardless, all the material will help you immensely when you start preparing for your exam. We will take a look at the free resources first.

IELTS Liz Free Resources

Liz frequently posts and creates free material for the candidates to aid them in their prep. The resources are available online on her website. The resources are divided according to each section, ranging from video lessons to preparation tips to the test format. 

For the listening section, she has posted lectures on common mistakes and how to solve them, alongside practice questions. From the image below, you can see that she has provided a short list of resources that the user might find on her website. 

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The Listening resources include complete IELTS Listening test information, essential tips, extra videos and practice lessons. Each of these free resources leads to a plethora of links linking to her YouTube videos. 

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The format is the same for her Reading and Speaking sections. However, the Writing section is divided into two parts: Task 1 and Task 2. Each of these links contains separate lists of resources required for each task.

These short and easy lectures helped me immensely while preparing for my IELTS exam. The resources are divided properly with each subheading, and it was easier for me to navigate to the required resources. With the help of these, I could point out the mistakes I had made. Moreover, the practice questions minimized the distractions because I did not need to go anywhere, as these resources were more than enough. Let’s look at the example of IELTS Writing Task 2 resources: 

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As you can see, the resources are divided appropriately, and covers all the possible aspects that might be needed to achieve a good band score in the IELTS exam. 

IELTS Liz Youtube Channel 

Another free resource that Liz has established is her Youtube Channel. She updates it constantly with short lectures, including tips, common mistakes, etc. On her Youtube channel, she has created several playlists for different sections. Furthermore, all the videos are downloadable. This option helped me a lot as I could download the lessons I wanted to practice. Hence, zero distractions, and I could study with focus!

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Another free resource I would like to point out is the external links. Liz has dedicated a whole page for links to other reliable study material. It is another step to minimize the waste of time that comes with searching for authentic material. Honestly, this choice helped me considerably and saved my time and energy. I recommend checking this out. 

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If it is difficult for you to access your desktop or laptop to study for IELTS, do not fret! IELTS Liz also provides her Android App. You can easily find her app in Google Play Store. It is packed with quizzes, free lessons, tips, model answers, and much more. It is free, and you can access it from anywhere.

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IELTS Liz Paid Resources

Liz also provides paid IELTS resources to the students who require it. She has written several books to help out the struggling candidates. You can find all the paid resources and their use in her store. The paid resources include advanced videos and her grammar books. 

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  • Grammar E-book

Grammar E-book contains high-level grammar features and aims to bring you a 7+ band score. It has hundreds of sample sentences and structures, along with workbook exercises. It costs 33 GBP. Here is the link to her Grammar E-book.

  • IELTS Essay Advanced Lessons

IELTS Liz also consists of some advanced video lessons. These lessons include opinion essays and advantage/disadvantage essays. 

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IELTS Opinion Essay helps you in both GT and Academic IELTS. It teaches you to write an impactful essay and score a higher band. It is a video tutorial and is one hour long. Model essays are included so you can know the criteria for an excellent answer. It costs 14 GBP.

IELTS Discussion Essay is also a one-hour-long video tutorial that will teach you to analyze the question and organize your ideas. It has three sample answers which are reviewed in the lesson. It also costs 14 GBP. 

IELTS Advantage/Disadvantage advanced lesson consists of a 1.5 hours long video tutorial. The tutorial covers model answer reviews, linking ideas, structuring paragraphs, etc. This tutorial costs 14 GBP. 

  • Ideas for IELTS Essay Topics

This ebook has three volumes, and each of them consists of essay ideas. It is suitable for both GT and Academic IELTS and includes worksheets. It is available in pdf format and costs 25 GBP.

  • Advanced Package

This package consists of two e-books and three advanced lessons. In short, it includes all of the paid resources created by Liz and costs 92 GBP. 

IELTS Liz Website Experience

IELTS Liz has a clean and hassle-free interface. I immediately got used to this website. In the picture below, you can see it has an uncomplicated interface.

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The resources are divided into respective sections. There is a separate page for vocabulary and topic ideas, so it does not interfere with the important ones. The clarity of the interface made me more interested in the website. However, the links open on the same page. You cannot use the mouse right click on this website, and open any page in another tab. 

IELTS Liz Testimonials and Ratings

IELTS Liz has received a positive response from the candidates. Many test-takers said that her lessons were friendly and the worksheets were detailed enough to practice properly. Elizabeth provides attached links to reliable resources to improve the weak areas. Other benefits of IELTS Liz services include fast replying service, secure transactions, and a friendly community. You can check out more reviews here. Plus, she also gives responses to the comments posted on her website.

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The best thing about IELTS Liz is that it is accessible anywhere, at any time. There is no pressure to buy the paid services, as this platform is to help the students pass their IELTS exam. Additionally, the material is authentic and easy to use. The social media accounts are frequently updated to keep the candidates on track. However, there could be more improvement. One-on-one lessons with the mentor can be really useful, or IELTS Liz can go for writing or speaking classes. In conclusion, IELTS Liz is an excellent and reliable source for IELTS exam preparation. 

FAQs about IELTS Liz Resources and Review

How do I contact IELTS Liz?

You can contact Elizabeth through her email. On her YouTube channel, you can find the links to her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Liz readily solves your queries whenever you contact her. Also, you can just comment on her website, and she will respond back. 

How do I register for IELTS Liz?

There is no need to register for IELTS Liz. The website is free to use and does not require any account. All the resources are easily accessible from the menu bar. The payment for the paid resources is done through the website, which is her official store. You can find more information here

Where can I pay for the services?

IELTS Liz accepts payment through VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, and Amex for her paid resources and packages. After you add any item in the cart, and click the “Buy Now” button, you will be asked to provide the information to continue with the purchase.

Is there a guide for beginners?

IELTS Liz has a complete guide for beginners. Not only that, there is a whole section dedicated to testing information, including GT IELTS, Academic IELTS, and IELTS Indicator. Beginners tend to get overwhelmed with too much information and myths. Therefore, it is important to know about the IELTS exam. Hence, there is a separate information section on the website.