IELTS With Simon Resources and Review : IELTS Preparation

Many candidates planning to give the IELTS exam do not have access to authentic material and preparation courses. However, there are various online resources for IELTS practice. With the vast virtual access to the video lessons and worksheets, candidates get to know their weaknesses and strengths. IELTS Simon is one such website that aims to aid you in getting your target result for free! 

In this article, we will give an overview of this website, and how it can be used for effective preparation. Moreover, we will also explain both the paid and free resources in detail for all the modules. 

Overview of IELTS Simon

IELTS Simon is a free IELTS learning website established by Simon Corcoran, an ex-IELTS examiner. He started this blog intending to make IELTS preparation easy and interesting. This website has authentic resources. Simon himself has stated that there are several blogs and websites that give the wrong information about the IELTS exam. As an ex-examiner, we know that his advice will be more reliable, as he has better insight on the criteria. However, his materials are for self-study only. That means he does not offer any one-on-one mentoring sessions or webinars. Hence, the website can be used by candidates who prefer to study alone, or alongside another preparation course. 

Some key features of this website include preparation tips and tricks, lessons for Academic and General Training IELTS, video lessons, sample answers, and much more. We will look at how these resources are integrated in each module. 

This is the Homepage of the new website.

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This is the Homepage of the old website. 

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IELTS Simon Learning Resources

Simon has established several resources for candidates who are planning to take the IELTS exam to go abroad to settle or study. The resources vary from videos to worksheets. Since most of the resources are for self-study, they are free of cost. However, some of the resources, like ebooks, are not free, but still affordable. Regardless of the price, all the resources are likely to help you in one way or another. We will take a look at the free resources first. 

Free IELTS Simon Resources

Simon constantly updates free material for the test-takers to help them with their IELTS preparation. Depending on the type of the resource, they are available in PDF form, blog posts, or videos. The material is available on both the old and new websites. 

  • Tips Section

This section consists of tips and tricks, sample answers, topic ideas, and sample questions. The resources are divided into the respective sections. 

For the listening section, he has published a short guide on the usage of the practice tests. Similarly, he has posted numerous videos with the sample questions. What helped me immensely is the audio provided with the questions, as you can see below. Apart from that, the resources for the listening section include essential tips, extra videos, test format, etc. You can find them here. 

The format is similar for the Reading and Speaking sections. The old website consists of prompts and short posts on how to improve the weak areas, for example, speaking advice, sample excerpts, etc. 

The Writing section is divided into Writing Task 1, Writing Task 2, and IELTS General Writing. Just like all the other sections, these sections cover various resources and helpful study material. 

These helped me immensely while preparing for my IELTS exam. All the sections were divided properly with subheadings, which made it easier to navigate the required material. I did not feel the need to take further prep courses, as these resources were more than enough. 

  • Video Lessons

Simon has uploaded several video lessons, targeting different areas of the sections. The topics are divided properly, and covers almost all the aspects that might be needed to achieve a 7+ band score in the IELTS exam. On this website, you will be able to find the free video lessons. These are accessible anywhere, so you can watch them any time. These lessons helped me in getting my target score.

  • Youtube Channel

Apart from the website, Simon also has a Youtube channel, which is frequently uploaded. The material on his channel is similar to the website, including tips and tricks, common mistakes, etc. You can find several playlists for different sections and topics. The best thing about his channel is that the videos are downloadable. Personally, I used to download them a day before, and the next day I could study without getting distracted by other videos. 

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Paid IELTS Simon Resources

  • Video Lessons

On the website where you will find the free videos, there are several videos that are paid. These cover the different areas of the sections. The prices vary depending on the number of videos. The individual videos cost $9 but cover one subject. I preferred the sets more, as there is a one-time payment, and you have lifetime access to all the videos. 

A whole set of General IELTS Writing Task 1 costs $27. On the other hand, the whole set of IELTS General consists of all the videos and costs $160. Likewise, the complete set of the IELTS Academic costs $180 and gives you lifetime access to all the videos! If you do not want to buy the whole package, there is always an alternative. The Reading section package, Writing Task 1, and Writing Task 2 all cost $54. On the other hand, the Speaking section package costs $45. 

  • E-book: Ideas for IELTS Topic

This ebook is strictly for Writing Task 2. It contains ideas and vocabulary for the said task. Along with the ebook, Simon also adds sample essays and worksheets. The vocabulary is divided according to different topics, including tourism, crime, etc. To buy this book, you can either join the membership course, or buy it and receive it via email. Further instructions related to payment are found here. 

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  • E-book: 100 IELTS Flashcards

This ebook contains seven types of exercises that encourage you to practice and prepare a wide range of questions for IELTS writing and speaking. Sample answers are also given for the 100 flashcards. To reinforce what you have learned from the book, Simon has added extra exercises at the end of the book. This book costs £10.00 and you can buy it through the website. 

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IELTS Simon: Website Experience

The clean, hassle-free interface made me genuinely interested in this website. Whether it was the old or the new website, the interface was uncomplicated, and all the subheadings were neatly placed. Questions and vocabulary are on separate pages, while the resources that are section-related are differentiated. In the old website, the subheadings were placed on the left side, so it did not interfere with the study material. P1N2LbRGGJEkiLZWJ3MK RmGsDFkpDx dFuBDTsYzfOXMgVTeq6mxvp79UoivuU7lS 1kGXrKDfccLi2U2P0k69Ah3VPaXb9LNMRS5I5ZGGSlDod BCsW5Aj897dwacoRJ2j3hKj R8kk01jUXEPPQ

Likewise, the new website had a drop-down menu, which made it easier to navigate. 

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IELTS Simon: Course Packages

Membership Course

This course by Simon is really useful for struggling students. We all know that getting insight from professionals is a must when it comes to IELTS. Simon is an ex-IELTS examiner. He has designed the course keeping in mind the criteria required for the exam. The course is based on three ways laid out by him. These include exam methods, language, and practice exercises. Let’s take a quick look at how these are incorporated. 

Simon taught us the aspects of all the sections in-depth and provided a wide range of vocabulary and phrases. Apart from that, we got to know the step-by-step method on planning our answer. The practice worksheets had interesting exercises and were of considerable help in improving fundamental concepts like grammar, vocabulary, etc. All the material for the membership course is given on the new website. You can find it here. 

To join the membership, you need to sign up here. The total cost of this course is £34.00 per month. The payment can be done by PayPal or Credit/Debit card. 

IELTS Simon: Testimonials and Ratings

IELTS Simon is praised by both the test-takers and non-test-takers. It has received positive feedback regarding the membership course and especially its blog, which is packed with numerous tips and tricks. Furthermore, the resources are organized in their respective sections and are updated frequently. This makes it easier to navigate them.

 In both the old and new websites, the interface is hassle-free and neat. I immediately got used to it as I could find the options easily. As you can see from the picture below, the old website had the options on one side, while the recent blog has a drop-down menu. Last but not least: this website and all the material in it is accessible anywhere, at any time. 

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The best thing about IELTS Simon for me is the accessibility. Whether it is your PC, laptop or phone, you can have access to the free resources anywhere. Even for the paid resources, you get lifetime access. There is no pressure to buy the paid services, as this website is for self-study. The authentic material is easy to use and understand. While it is an excellent website for IELTS preparation, Simon could add one-on-one sessions, or maybe writing correction services. Other than that, it is indeed a reliable source for preparation and practice.

FAQS about IELTS Simon Resources and Review 

How do I register for IELTS Simon?

Most of the resources by Simon are for free. The paid resources only require transactions through PayPal. However, you need to sign up to join the membership course. You can easily register through this website. In case of any query regarding registration or rates, you can always contact Simon on his email [email protected]

How do I contact IELTS Simon?

There are many ways to contact Simon. Firstly, you can contact him via his email [email protected]. He also replies to the comments and queries on his website. Other than that, you can contact through the official Facebook or Twitter account, or Youtube channel. 

Where can I pay for the services?

IELTS Simon accepts payments via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Credit, or Debit cards. Make sure that you have the official accounts, provided by Simon. You will be given the account details through email once you apply for the membership course or paid resources.