What Are Clauses Language Tips

What Are Clauses?

When learning sentence structures like simple, compound, and complicated sentence forms, they must also learn about independent and dependent clauses.  Having a thorough knowledge of the many sorts of clauses…

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What Are Sentence Parts Language Tips

What Are Sentence Parts?

In English, the sequence of words is highly essential. As a result, it’s critical to understand and apply the numerous sentence pieces that make up the English sentence pattern. These…

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What are Modals Language Tips

What are Modals?

Modals are one of the most important topics you need to master if you are learning the English language. There are so many of them and while they might seem…

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What Are Prepositions Language Tips

What Are Prepositions?

“Watch out! There’s a snake!” “Where?!” “Behind you!” Thank heavens for prepositions. Imagine not knowing where the threat was lurking. Prepositions describe the location or timing of something concerning something…

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