Best Apps for TOEFL Test Preparation

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best mobile Apps for TOEFL Preparation in this article. These applications will assist you in achieving an optimal score on your TOEFL test on this exam.

Why Use a TOEFL Prep App?

Using applications to prepare for the TOEFL exam has a number of advantages. Education is transforming this age of innovation. The convenience of accessing any knowledge from any location makes learning more accessible and more efficient. In today’s fast-paced world, Mobile phones give us instant access to a wealth of knowledge. 

Here are some main reasons why using mobile apps help you prepare for TOEFL exams: 

  • Ease of availability: You can get immediate assistance by using your smartphone. 
  • Up-to-date information: It is simple to obtain the most recent and up-to-date information about TOEFL Practice exams and topics with the touch of a button. 
  • Cost-effective: A full-fledged IELTS preparation course can cost you hundreds or, in some cases, thousands of dollars. Apps, on the other hand, are cost-effective.   

You can save a lot of time and effort by using a mobile phone to study for the TOEFL exam. There is no longer a problem with data collecting when picking books in the library. There is a wave of digitization sweeping through the educational scene as well.

14 Best Mobile Apps for TOEFL Test Preparation

1. TOEFL iBT Preparation by ESLHub

TOEFL iBT Preparation is the most effective instrument for boosting your vocabulary across all of the topics covered by the TOEFL Test, with a clear and precise explanation of meaning. 

Furthermore, using this program, you may rapidly get used to multiple-choice tests, one of the most common forms of TOEFL tests.

TOEFL iBT Preparation by ESLHub - Screenshot 1
TOEFL iBT Preparation by ESLHub - Screenshot 2
  • App Store Availability: Android
  • Ratings:4.1/5
  • Best for:  TOEFL Reading Test

2. TOEFL Prep & Practice from Magoosh

TOEFL Prep & Practice is another of Magoosh’s well-known educational services. It offers study and training portions for the TOEFL exam. 

The app has thousands of videos covering the exam’s themes and topics. It also develops personalized training regimens for individual goals and errors. 

The service also provides tips on coping with stress and anxiety while using social media. 

The program also features a training component with over 2,000 vocabulary cards and quizzes to evaluate your language skills. Each quiz in the app has a time limit to simulate an exam. 

TOEFL Prep Practice from Magoosh - Screenshot 1
TOEFL Prep Practice from Magoosh - Screenshot 2
  • App Store Availability: Android, iOs 
  • Ratings:4.8/5
  • Best for: Reading, Speaking, Writing

3. Reading – TOEFL® Preparation Tests

Anyone who uses the TOEFL® Reading Test app will be able to effortlessly improve their TOEFL® Reading score with the assistance of this application. 

On the TOEFL® Reading Test app, you may access all of our questions, practice tests, vocabulary, and score reports with solutions for no additional charge. 

The best part is that you may access all of these features from any location at any time by downloading the app to your smartphone.

Reading – TOEFL Preparation Tests - Screenshot 1
Reading – TOEFL Preparation Tests - Screenshot 2
  • App Store Availability: Android, Windows
  • Ratings: 4.8/5
  • Best for: Reading

4. TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards

A big number of flashcards are included in this program to aid in the retention of TOEFL vocabulary.  As a result, the cards are not generated at random but rather due to collaboration with actual instructors and professionals. 

In addition, this software is intended to assist you in determining your own strengths and weaknesses. Every month, new card designs are added to the collection. 

Sections for each subject and vocabulary are also available in this software. In addition, you can search by card or randomly. 

An additional feature of this program detects your skill level and tailors training accordingly. As a result, the software keeps track of your mistakes and forces you to retake the test until you get it right. 

You’ll also get a detailed explanation of every mistake you make so that you can improve in the future. The program keeps track of your progress so that you can see how far you have come. Your learning progress, objectives, and mistakes will be synced across all your devices. 

TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards - Screenshot 1
TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards - Screenshot 2
  • App Store Availability: Android, iOs
  • Ratings: 4.8/5
  • Best for: Reading, Vocabulary

5. Practice For TOEFL Test Pro 2020

For free, you can use Practice for TOEFL® Test Pro 2020 to access all questions, practice tests, flashcards, and score reports with comprehensive analytics. The best part is that you can use all of these capabilities from anywhere with a mobile app. 

You can use this app to study for the TOEFL® with flashcards and practice questions covering the most important themes. To help you improve your TOEFL® test score, TOEFL® Test Pro keeps track of your performance and highlights your strengths and shortcomings as you go through the practice questions.

Practice For TOEFL Test Pro 2020 - Screenshot 1
Practice For TOEFL Test Pro 2020 - Screenshot 2
  • App Store Availability: Android
  • Ratings: 4.5/5
  • Best for Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking

6. TOEFL Incorrect Word 

Incorrect Word Test is an extensive library of tests to find incorrect words.  This app just has one test type, which should tell you everything you need to know about it. This app has roughly 2,000 questions, so set aside some time to answer them all. The app’s tests are also notoriously challenging. So you won’t get too simple inquiries. 

The software also delivers daily practice reminders with questions to answer. You can also select how many days you want to prepare for the event. The software will then calculate how many questions you must answer per day. The app’s UI is also customizable, allowing you to change the text style, font, and size. 

Finally, the software provides several educational techniques adapted to your own needs and mistakes. This program will give you more time to pass the exam at first, and then it will get shorter. There are several educational tools to help you prepare for the examinations. 

TOEFL Incorrect Word - Screenshot 1
TOEFL Incorrect Word - Screenshot 2
  • App Store Availability: Android
  • Ratings: N/A
  • Best for: Spelling

7. Visual TOEFL

The Visual TOEFL app, which resembles a dictionary, Toefl vocabulary words, and their accompanying visuals are displayed.  At first glance, this application looks to be a collection of word graphics and definitions. It’s critical to understand that these are not random words; each card was reviewed and authorized by professionals. 

Additionally, the app developers spend much time researching new cards before including them in the application. Additionally, you can use the random mode or conduct a category-specific search. 

To top it off, the cards include brief but informative explanations that make the material easier to retain. Additionally, you may configure the app to provide daily vocabulary notes to assist you in quickly picking up the language. Additionally, the UI of this app is fully customizable, with options for changing the color scheme, font size, and text size. 

Visual TOEFL - Screenshot 1
Visual TOEFL - Screenshot 2
  • App Store Availability: Android
  • Ratings: NA
  • Best for: Reading

8. TOEFL® Writing and Speaking Mastery

It contains around 50 TOEFL® independent writing questions, all of which are accompanied by sample essays.

There are also video courses that cover the full exam and tips and templates for each of the four Speaking questions.

TOEFL Writing and Speaking Mastery - Screenshot 1
TOEFL Writing and Speaking Mastery - Screenshot 2
  • App Store Availability: Android
  • Ratings: 4.8/5
  • Best for Speaking, Writing

9. Exam English: TOEFL® Grammar

If you’re taking the TOEFL exam, you’ll need an app like Exam English: TOEFL Grammar. 

If you want to enhance your grammar, you need to use this app because it provides a variety of training exams. In addition, there are various ways to keep yourself engaged in the process of studying. If you want to be more precise, you can use regular tests, grammatical question cards, and incorrect word quizzes. 

All of the cards in this app were created by professionals. Therefore it’s important to the point that up. You won’t miss anything crucial because the collection is updated weekly. Additionally, the service keeps track of your outcomes and gives you graphs showing your development. 

Additionally, based on your strengths and weaknesses, the software generates new tests and cards at random. If you’re having trouble understanding a question, the service will re-present it to you multiple times before you finally grasp it. 

Note: This App is no longer available.

Exam English TOEFL Grammar - Screenshot 1
Exam English TOEFL Grammar - Screenshot 2
  • App Store Availability: N/A
  • Ratings: N/A
  • Best for Grammar

10. Magoosh: TOEFL Speaking & English Learning

As can be observed from the title, this application was created by a well-known company for providing educational and training services.

This application is intended to make studying easier for you while also motivating you to put in little amounts of work each day to prepare. A short video will play when first starting the program, explaining what the TOEFL is and how you should organize your study time. 

The app provides access to an extensive library of information and shows you how the exam will be laid up, enabling you to get comfortable with the format.

In addition, detailed instructions and tutorials on how to write essay introductions and other parts are provided in the package. In addition, the software has components for reading, listening, and speaking skills. There’s a whole section dedicated to TOEFL study ideas and strategies and some general advice on how to behave oneself while taking the test.

In addition, if you want to watch a study video, there are a variety of alternatives available. Depending on your location, you may be eligible for a free week of access to films that are generally reserved for paying users.

Magoosh TOEFL Speaking AND English Learning - Screenshot 1
Magoosh TOEFL Speaking AND English Learning - Screenshot 2
  • App Store Availability: Android, iOs
  • Ratings: 3.6/5
  • Best for: Speaking

11. TOEFL Vocabulary Flashcards – Words And Practice

There are various educational tools available to assist you in preparing for the TOEFL test, including vocabulary flashcards and other resources.

In the first place, this app has about 2,000 cards organized into numerous categories, including vocabulary and reading. Make your own playing cards and develop your own way of preparation. Every single one of the cards in our app was developed by experts. Thus it’s crucial to emphasize that fact to users. Furthermore, the collection of cards is updated regularly, ensuring that you never miss out on anything.

As an added benefit, this program is organized into parts based on the subject area, and your TOEFL score will be fantastic after you’ve finished all of the sections. The app also assesses your performance and even predicts your exam result.

The application uses both your mistakes and your talents to assist you in comprehending a problem you’re having problems with. You’ll be better equipped to learn from your mistakes and move on as a result. When you make a mistake, the app will offer you a thorough explanation, allowing you to learn from your errors and move forward.

  • App Store Availability: Android
  • Ratings: 4.2/5
  • Best for Reading

12. 150 Selected English Essay

The 150 Selected English Essay application, as the name implies, is intended to assist you in improving your essay writing skills. It consists of 150 essays selected from a large pool of submissions.

You should bear a few things in mind while working with this program. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the app comprises more than 100 essays on various topics. As a general guideline, this application is intended to give you outstanding essay examples that you may use to begin your preparations for standardized tests.

Additionally, all of the essay examples have grades that indicate the different writing styles and other anticipated characteristics on the TOEFL. 

Further, under the “Educational Tables” part of the program, you may find additional essential information. The background color, text size, and font may all be changed with the use of this program as well. The camera has a night mode that protects your eyes while you’re sleeping.

150 Selected English Essay - Screenshot 2
150 Selected English Essay - Screenshot 1
150 Selected English Essay - Screenshot 3
  • App Store Availability: Android
  • Ratings: 4.02/5
  • Best for Writing

13. GRE®, TOEFL®, Test 2020 by Top Learners

This app gives access to a diverse collection of information linked to the TOEFL exam as a starting point. Various video courses are available for people with varying degrees of learning capacity and expertise – ranging from the most basic grammatical concepts to the most complicated ones. Taking advantage of the app’s many training options will improve your communication abilities.

There are also several examples of writing an essay or behaving on the boards of directors accessible. Furthermore, the program has a whole section on calming down your stress and managing your emotions, which is worth mentioning. The app also has a forum where you can ask a question and wait for a response from a knowledgeable member of staff. You may also submit your own essays to be reviewed and corrected by a professional.

Additionally, you may pass tests and cards that are only valid for a short period. This program is excellent since it offers a thorough explanation of every mistake you make, helping you to learn from your mistakes. Without an Internet connection, you may still complete multiple examinations and even go over the correct answers.

GRE TOEFL Test 2020 by Top Learners - Screenshot 1
GRE TOEFL Test 2020 by Top Learners - Screenshot 2
  • App Store Availability: Android
  • Ratings: 4.4/5
  • Best for Writing, Speaking, Listening, Reading

14. TOEFL Preparation Reading Comprehension

As with the last software, the focus of this one is on TOEFL reading practice. You’ll be able to complete the assignments, keep track of your progress, learn new vocabulary, and much more. 

Besides reading, you may engage in activities that will help you expand your vocabulary. 

This app is very user-friendly, and much of the information is available for no charge at all. You won’t have to worry about missing anything since the tasks are similar to those on the actual exam. A new version of the software is released frequently.

TOEFL Preparation App Reading Comprehension - Screenshot 1
TOEFL Preparation App Reading Comprehension - Screenshot 2
  • App Store Availability: Android
  • Ratings: 3.7/5
  • Best for Reading

Summary Table – Best Mobile Apps for TOEFL Exam Preparation

TOEFL Preparation App
User Ratings
Best for
(TOEFL Test Section)
TOEFL iBT Preparation by ESLHub4.1
  • Reading
TOEFL Prep & Practice from Magoosh4.8
  • Reading
  • Listening
Reading – TOEFL® Preparation Tests4.8
  • Reading
TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards4.8
  • Reading
Practice For TOEFL Test Pro 20204.5
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking
TOEFL Incorrect Word N/A
  • Writing
  • Reading
TOEFL® Writing and Speaking Mastery4.8
  • Writing
  • Speaking
Exam English: TOEFL® GrammarNA
  • Reading
  • Writing
Magoosh: TOEFL Speaking & English3.6
  • Speaking
TOEFL Vocabulary Flashcards – Words And Practice4.2
  • Reading
150 Selected English Essay4.02
  • Writing
GRE®, TOEFL®, Test 2020 by Top Learners4.4
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking
Reading Comprehension3.7
  • Reading