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Top 10 Reasons to Learn English

The English language is the most significant common language spoken universally. Reasons to learn English imbibe feelings that succeed among students. English serves as the main window to the modern world. In 2021, approximately 1.35 billion people worldwide use English either actively or as a second language.

The main findings show that the students are relatively highly motivated to learn English. 

English is the most spoken language in the world and is widespread. English is often used to communicate beyond nations and in more than 70 countries. English is an established official language. About 360 million people use English as their first language. The volume of people who learn and speak English makes it a convenient choice worldwide.

English is the dominant language. An estimated “4.8 billion people” with “62% of the world’s population” use the internet every day, and an estimated 60% of the world’s most visited websites are displayed in the English language. 

Knowledge of learning the importance of the English language is unavoidable if one wants to come up in life. Only those who know the English language are advanced. Countries have opened doors for recruiting technically qualified and language-efficient persons.

The inevitable rise of the English language has contributed to establishing a global identity.

In this article, we will uncover all the many reasons to learn English for both your higher education and your professional career.

Why is Learning English so Important?

Learning English is crucial for success in today’s interconnected world. Its significance spans across scientific research, business, education, and beyond, making it the lingua franca of our era. No matter where you live, English plays an integral role in daily life. Mastering this language requires consistent practice and patience, but the rewards are immense.

Broaden Your Horizons

Speaking English opens up a world of opportunities. From expanding your memory to enhancing job prospects, fluency in English allows you to connect with people globally. The prominence of Hollywood, the largest film industry, underscores the importance of English, with many films subtitled in English to reach a wider audience. Achieving fluency in English not only boosts confidence but also fosters a sense of accomplishment.

Essential for Students

Many students study English solely to pass exams, missing out on its real-life importance. Effective teaching practices are often lacking, leading to a gap in practical language use. Understanding English is vital for academic success and real-world applications, making it more than just a subject in school.

The Language of Global Communication

English is the cornerstone of global communication, influencing politics, science, media, and art. It’s the language of entertainment and socializing, with technology—computers, iPhones, and more—primarily operating in English. In a globalized world, learning English is like unlocking a new approach that opens doors in every field.

A Key to the Future

As one of the world’s most influential languages, English significantly impacts a country’s future. While learning English can be challenging, its popularity and utility make it an essential skill for everyone. Mastering English offers numerous opportunities to enhance your personality and achieve life goals, earning it the title of the “language of opportunities.”

Top Reasons Why English is Important

  1. Global Communication: English is the global standard for communication, essential for international travel, business, and diplomacy.

  1. Career Advancement: Fluency in English can significantly boost your career prospects, making you more competitive in the job market.

  1. Educational Opportunities: Many of the world’s top universities are in English-speaking countries or offer courses in English.

  1. Cultural Understanding: Learning English provides access to a vast array of cultural content, from books and films to music and art.

  1. Technological Proficiency: With most technological interfaces and programming languages using English, proficiency is crucial for tech-related fields.

5+ Reasons for Students to Learn English

In this section, we will discuss all the reasons why learning English is vital for students in both secondary and higher education.

1. English Allows You to Attend Any International School Around the World

English is the most used and spoken language globally. English helps the students in increasing their educational opportunities. When they learn English, they can attend any international schools worldwide and become better trained. 

Learning the English language allows them to access numerous resources. Thus increasing their knowledge instead of losing the interest to translate beforehand. Moreover, they can overcome the language barrier. It supplements their knowledge and builds the confidence to pursue their international degree course.

Knowing English makes the students more capable of attending international conferences and events in the English language. They can get each possible opportunity to listen, understand, and present different perspectives without any difficulty. Proficiency in English also allows students to have an effective interaction with the delegations afterward. 

One of the primary reasons to learn English is the access it can give the students. They can become a part of the best institutes like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, or whichever institute they desire.

2. English Gives Access to Knowledge in the Field of Science

According to the data, 55% of the world’s web pages are in English. This shows how vital it is for you to understand the importance of the English language. It allows students to tap into far more of the world’s intellectual sources.

English is the language of science and related fields. If students learn English, they will be able to educate themselves. It helps them to take advantage of the vast amount of information available on the web. Students can then read scientific books, papers, and journals. English is essential if students intend to pursue a scientific career. 

As a universal language of science, English has notably affected scientific communication. By using a universal language, scientists obtain access to the vast scientific literature and can communicate with other scientists anywhere in the world.

However, English as the universal scientific language poses a challenge for those who are not native speakers and encourages them to learn the beneficial language. According to the Science Citation Index, compiled by the Institute for Scientific Information, 95% of articles are in English. Despite only half being from English-speaking countries. This task will be possible only if they understand the importance of the English language.

3. Exchange Ideas Easily with Their Fellow Global Citizens

As time passes, English as an International language is also growing with time. In many countries, it is the only medium of communication. Speaking and understanding English means the students can communicate easily and exchange their ideas with several people. 

To be a part of the global community, understanding English is necessary. English is a great way to meet and communicate with people of different identities, especially from other countries. When you study English at international institutes, you will be making friends from lots of different countries. 

Using English as your familiar language gives you a significant advantage. It makes it easy to meet and develop connections by exchanging ideas with fellow global citizens. By learning English, people can participate in conversations confidently.

4. Builds Confidence Among Students

Non-English speaking students mostly face a lack of confidence due to the language barrier. Meanwhile, native English speakers express assertiveness while speaking in front of their fellow mates. Building confidence among students is another one of the best reasons to learn English. Students can overcome the barrier of hesitation by developing fluency in the English language.

Knowing the English language is priceless and proves highly favorable in educational and social situations. It helps students write essays for a college class, and make presentations for seminars and international conferences. The English language also provides a way to communicate ideas more effectively and confidently with others and boost students’ self-confidence.

English is only a key that unlocks all the doors of your personality. If you intend to settle down in an English-speaking country for work or personal reasons, a good command of the language is necessary to prepare you for your new life and surroundings.

5. Language for Studying Any Subject All Over the World

You can see the importance of the English language from school to corporeality. Every topic is available in the English language. It is the best language to study any subject across the world. It helps the students enhance their quality of life by providing them with job opportunities. 

Moreover, knowing English makes it easy for every student to learn all their subjects like Science, social science, Environment, and Mathematics. Nowadays, almost every entrance exam checks a candidate’s ability to demonstrate a certain level of English proficiency. 

To study in the UK, Australia, or North America, you will need to take English proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. It certifies the English language skills required at a particular level. While studying abroad, excellent English will make your life a little easier both academically and socially in every aspect.

Additional Benefits of Learning English for Students

We all know that challenges and opportunities are the wheels driving the day in a student’s life. To make the best out of it, one has to connect to others to seek help and advice. If they lack proficiency in English, they are going to miss a lot of good stuff. Thus, English is the key to making their school journey smooth.

  • Be the hero of your class: If you are fluent in the language, you are going to be in the limelight. Your teachers and classmates will regard you as a bright and confident individual. You will enjoy the special attention and honor your friends will give you. 
  • Getting good grades: Yes, grades do matter, but there’s nothing wrong with excelling beyond other students. Even if you’re not strong in other subjects, you can excel in English and still compete with your studious classmates. Why neglect something that is relatively easy yet offers significant rewards?
  • Be the participant: Being good in English gives you enormous opportunities to showcase your communication skills. And being a student, you often come across various competitions like debates, public speaking, etc. 

5+ Reasons to Learn English for Your Professional Career

In this section, we will focus on all the reasons why learning English is essential and beneficial at your workplace and in your professional career.

6. Personal Career Growth in Your Company or Industry

Personal growth in a career is one of the other reasons to learn English.

Companies set up international premises and conduct all their business in English, no matter where in the world they are based. Speaking English helps you strengthen your confidence which is a magnificent way to advance your career. 

Those who can speak more than one language think differently and learn things with much greater efficiency. Being bilingual opens your mind to other cultures. It helps you to see the world more openly, thus increasing your brainpower. Learning English will benefit you and open your hidden passions.

Having confidence in yourself because you can speak English helps showcase your skills. It can help you grow in any career of your choice. Communicating effectively in another language is an achievement in life one must try to unlock at least once in their lifetime.

By knowing the world’s most influential language — English, many people can find in themselves a passion for editing, translating, and creative writing. This passion boosts their professional and personal growth in their careers.

Some even use their language skills to open up new career opportunities like adopting the professions of communication coaches, translators, or even language teachers. 

7. English Opens New Doors to Other Job Sectors

In today’s interconnected world economy, English has become the language of the corporate sector, as spoken by executives, managers, or CEOs. Since many jobs have interfaces in the outside world, employees prefer to converse in English. For an employee not proficient in the language, it can become challenging to perform, let alone move up the ladder of success. 

In job interviews, English is a  required skill to get the job of your dreams. It helps you make a good impression at interviews and in other professional environments. Many companies in sectors like Medicine, Hospitality, Business, and IT consider candidates’ English skills while offering them high-profile roles.

It shows the importance of the English language in every sector. So, If you want to land a job in today’s competitive job market, knowing English will give you a significant advantage over everyone in the job sector. 

8. Principle Language of the Digital World

You can see the importance of the English language in the digital world too. According to a report by Education First, English is the primary language used by the internet. An estimated 565 million people worldwide use the Internet every day. An expected 565 million people worldwide utilize the internet every day. An estimated 52 percent of the world’s most visited websites are in the English language.

Learning English gives you access to the content on the internet. Knowing how to understand English will allow you to access billions of information available on web pages. Besides this, the digital world offers many services like web designing and development, mobile app development, digital marketing, corporate branding, and many more. 

Social media has exploded in the scene giving businesses the platform to build and spread their brands and reach out to their target customers. Here, people with proficiency in the language have the opportunity to work, either as freelancers or as employees of digital agencies.  A good understanding of the English language opens new avenues to the available resources.

9. International Companies Need English Speakers

There are countless good reasons to learn English, as it can help you obtain more career opportunities than before. With the democratization of the internet, the job market has become global. Having English language skills also helps broaden your job search within your own country. 

Companies with headquarters in English-speaking countries usually set up additional offices in other countries. In addition, many companies require English speakers as their employees who can communicate with partners and clients in the world for business ventures with other countries. 

Depending on the nature of the work and the target market, proficiency in speaking English is the foremost requirement. If you read, write or speak English, you will get more opportunities and promotions because of your language skills. Apart from making you a more valuable employee, all these traits will also give you beneficial results in the long run.

10. Traveling will Become Easier

Many people travel extensively for leisure and jobs, both within the country and abroad. English is the language of international travel that connects you across different places.

There has been an increase in the number of people who travel for business and pleasure with growing times. Hence, the travel industry also promises jobs to those candidates who are fluent in English.

Apart from this, the second language besides the local one will always be English on a visit to an airport. If you want a job in the travel and tourism industries or your company requires traveling, speaking English will allow you to go to any part of the world. It supports you in communicating with more people, but it will help you understand other cultures. 

Whether booking a flight or hotel room, arranging for local vacationing, or providing ways on the booking process, you need to convey a lot of information to travelers. It is only possible to talk with them in a familiar language, which is mostly English. Moreover, it can help you avoid the possibility of miscommunication and stress during the trip by speaking your best English.

Additional Benefits of Learning English for Both Your Personal and Professional Life

The importance of English has increased a lot in our lives. More than 20% of the world’s population uses the English language. Fluent English provides an opportunity to communicate with more people around the globe. This is a commonly used language and helpful for us in almost every sphere of life. Even various types of government information and other documents are available in English.

  • Coping up with the fast-growing world: In this cyber-oriented world, where English is used in almost every sphere. It becomes essential to have a knack of the language. Every parent wants their child to know about the English language.
  • Getting an edge over the crowd: If you know fluent English, no matter whether you are highly educated or not, you are going to get an edge over the rest of the crowd. People will more often rely on you rather than others. You can get a chance to be the best among others.
  • The key to your professional growth: We all agree on how important it is to set a good image before your boss or clients. And it all starts with good communication. English is a globally acclaimed language. Being proficient in it can give you more growth opportunities. 
  • Be the soul of every conversation: Being proficient in English makes you the king of every conversation. No matter how good your communication skills are, if you lack the knack for English, you will miss out on every conversation around you. English proficiency makes you comfortable in speaking amongst the crowd. 
  • The key to being an initiator: In a room full of people, if you want to set a unique identity, initiating the conversation can give you a significant edge. And that is only possible if you are a proficient speaker of the language, which is more or less English everywhere.
  • Cherish the regard: Wherever you go, you are always considered with utmost regard if you are confident and bold. One of the most important aspects of being confident is having a good hold on your speaking and language skills. You can master this trait just by learning the English language. 
  • Lead the crowd: Enjoying leadership is always fascinating. Proficiency adds a plus point that enhances value in leadership. Where people lack knowledge about the English language, you can be their master. More than that, you will develop a better social identity. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for you, after all.


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