TED-IELTS Review and Resources: IELTS Preparation

Many candidates do not have access to IELTS prep courses. Little do they know that there are various online resources for IELTS preparation.

They are helpful and aid you in getting your target result. You can have virtual access to videos, writing corrections, mock tests, and discussions with mentors. 

Hence, these resources allow you to bring improvement in different areas of the exam. TED-IELTS is one of the websites and online resources that can provide the mentioned services for free.

In this article, we will provide an overview of the TED-IELTS website. We will also explain how the website is divided to provide the best learning experience to its users. Thus, making it an effective IELTS preparation website for the learners.

Overview of TED-IELTS

TED-IELTS is a free IELTS learning website established by David S. Wills, an IELTS mentor from the UK and a travel enthusiast residing in Thailand. He put up the website intending to make IELTS preparation fun and easy.

As we all know that IELTS requires authentic study material; this website aims to provide reliable assets for utmost preparation.  

Some of the features of TED-IELTS include preparation tips, resources for Academic and General Training IELTS, free webinars, writing templates, sample answers, and real-time writing practice and correction.

We will look at how these resources are used for each module. This is the Homepage of the website.


TED-IELTS Learning Resources

David has established various resources and services for test-takers planning to take the IELTS exam. The material ranges from books to lectures, and many of them are free, while some are not.

These resources will help you immensely when you prepare for the IELTS exam. Let’s take a quick look at the free resources first.

Free TED-IELTS Resources

David frequently publishes and creates free materials for the candidates to aid them while practicing. These resources are available in PDF form and are easily downloadable from the official link.

TED-IELTS Free Resources

50 Essay Samples

This book consists of various essay samples. The essays in this book are composed to achieve a band 9 score. 

Furthermore, it has 50 essay samples for writing task 1 and Task 2 both. However, keep in mind that it is only for IELTS Academic

The essays given in this book gave me a better insight into the answer format.

TED-IELTS 50 Essay Samples

IELTS Writing Template

Test-takers typically face several difficulties in integrating their opinions into the essay. If you also have a problem composing for task 2, look no further!

This planner has straightforward and easy-to-use writing templates, where you can jot down your ideas and incorporate them into an essay. You can use this planner as a guide to planning your IELTS writing.

TED-IELTS IELTS Writing Template

Paragraph Structure Template

This free resource template aims to help students with internal paragraph structure. You have to write the supporting sentences to construct your paragraph, and Voila! You have your whole paragraph ready now.

TED-IELTS Parapraph Structure Template

IELTS Writing Checklist

We know that revising a work without guidelines is difficult (been there, done that). David himself has stated that proofreading is an essential part of writing tasks. 

This checklist includes all the parameters to keep in mind while rechecking. This checklist will definitely help you out with proofreading your work. When I started using this checklist, we understood what the examiners expected in our answers.

TED-IELTS IELTS Writing Checklist

IELTS Grammar Course

Grammar is one of the most crucial aspects of the IELTS exam. It plays a significant role in all the IELTS exam modules, in one way or another.

This course contains free video lessons and resources in PDF format to aid the students in excelling their grammar.

We recommend taking this course- the best thing is that it’s free and available all the time.

TED-IELTS IELTS Grammar Course

IELTS Videos

TED-IELTS has a YouTube channel, constantly updating with various kinds of video lectures.

There are separate playlists for different topics, for instance, IELTS Speaking Sample, IELTS Grammar, IELTS Mock Speaking Tests, IELTS Listening Help, Free IELTS Writing Course, and a lot more. 

TED-IELTS YouTube Channel

TED-IELTS Paid Resources

Books for Writing Task

David has written several books for IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training both.

For those who do not know, IELTS Academic is for those candidates planning to join university to study, and IELTS General Training is for people who want to pursue work abroad or for immigration purposes.

These books are personalized and an excellent resource for you if you want to improve your writing.

IELTS Academic Exam

The main aim of this book is to improve grammar skills in English before taking the IELTS exam.

This book tackles the essential parts of grammar, with a basic overview of tenses, punctuation, and tips on formal writing.

This book is accessible on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. Otherwise, you can directly purchase from the TED-IELTS in the Books section. 

TED-IELTS IELTS Grammar Course

This book includes sample essays for both writing tasks, with graphs, bar charts, and diagrams. The model answers are composed so that they comply with the whole criteria.

However, this is specifically for the writing section. You can learn more about the book and purchase it on the TED-IELTS website or on Amazon, whichever you prefer.

TED-IELTS Guide to IELTS Writing Book

If you have faced problems with Task 2 in the writing section, this book can be of immense help. It is divided into four sections, making it easy to read and explore.

The four sections are task achievement, coherence, cohesion, grammatical range, and accuracy.

TED-IELTS How to Write the Perfect Essay

IELTS General Training Exam

This is the latest book David has composed, specifically for the individuals planning to give IELTS General.

This book will teach you how to use formal, semi-formal, and informal language and avoid common mistakes.

More impressive is that it contains sample letters with annotations that will give you an example of an excellent letter.

TED-IELTS Complete Guide to IELTS Letters

TED-IELTS: Website Experience

One of the best things about TED-IELTS is that most of the resources are available for free and accessible anywhere.

Furthermore, these resources are organized around the different areas of the exam and are updated constantly. This makes the website easier to explore.

Furthermore, you can easily find all the essential options in the navigation bar at the top. 

TED-IELTS Website Navigation

When we first looked at this website, we immediately got used to the interface. It is straightforward to navigate.

We found the drop-down menu option way better. It would be crowded if all the sub-sections were placed on the main bar.

The neatness and clarity of the interface made us more curious and interested in the website.

Besides that, David also keeps the Facebook and YouTube accounts updated by sharing short videos, tips, tricks, etc. You can find his content easily on his social media accounts. 

TED-IELTS: Course Packages

Writing Correction Service

Feedback from professionals is necessary, or you will not be able to know what mistakes you have to overcome.

Hence, David has established a writing correction service, where your work is sent via email and checked afterward.

Feedback is also provided. To inquire about rates, you can contact David at david@ted-ielts.com.

TED-IELTS Writing Correction Service

Based on the pricing listed, they are affordable and reasonable compared to most other solutions in the marketplace.

TED-IELTS Speaking Test

Many previous test-takers advise that candidates planning to give IELTS should take the one-on-one speaking test with David.

Through this test, you will come to know which areas you need to improve and your expected band score

TED-IELTS Practice Speaking Test

How to Order

Follow the given steps to schedule a speaking test with David: 

  1. Send an email to david@ted-ielts.com, along with your location and preferred schedule. Also, make sure to include the app you would like to connect on, from WeChat, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom.
  2. Wait for the confirmation email.
  3. TED-IELTS will send you the PayPal link after the meeting schedule is confirmed.

TED-IELTS: Test Simulation Experience

TED-IELTS have their pre-made mock exams through Google Forms. The format is the same as the IELTS and equally challenging. Incorrect responses do not pose a problem, as this is practice. 

A corresponding answer is given of what is incorrect in your response. The test gave me an idea of what the IELTS exam looks like.

Taking mock tests allows test-takers to gauge their English skills properly. This could be a considerable cost savings opportunity since the average IELTS exam registration is around USD 200 (or more depending on the country).

Talking mock tests allows them to pinpoint where they need help, and they can then prepare accordingly.

TED-IELTS Test Simulation Experience

TED-IELTS: Testimonials and Ratings

TED-IELTS has received majorly positive feedback from the candidates, especially for the writing correction services. Many test-takers said that the critique was detailed enough to let them know the room for improvement.

David also provides them with attached links to resources to improve their weaknesses. Other benefits of TED-IELTS services include fast replying service within 24 hours.

TED-IELTS Testimonials

You can also check out more reviews on Trustpilot.

TED-IELTS TrustPilot Review

Final Thoughts – TED-IELTS Website

The best thing about TED-IELTS is that it is free and accessible anywhere, at any time.

There is no pressure to buy their paid services, as David himself stated that he established this platform to aid the candidates to pass their exams. 

Likewise, the material available is authentic and easy to use. Even if you need a specialized lecture, you can always have one-on-one lessons with David through WeChat, Skype, etc. 

However, our constructive feedback is that TED-IELTS can improve the visuals used in their materials.

The graphics are often blurry and not proportioned, making them sometimes hard to comprehend. Therefore, TED-IELTS must check that the uploaded charts and diagrams are more clear. 

In conclusion, TED-IELTS is an excellent and reliable source of IELTS exam preparation.

Additional FAQs –  TED-IELTS Resources and Review

How Do I Contact TED-IELTS?

On the top-most right part of their website, you can easily link to their social media accounts.

David also replies to the comments and messages sent to his email. 

TED-IELTS readily solves your queries wherever you contact them. The social media handles are also mentioned on the official website.

How Do I Register for TED-IELTS?

Most of the resources are free. However, some of the resources are paid.

If you want to apply for one-on-one lessons with TED-IELTS, you can contact David at his email: david@ted-ielts.com.

You can get all the information regarding rates and packages via email.

Where Can I Pay for the Services on TED-IELTS?

TED-IELTS accepts payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and BitCoin.

Make sure that you have the official TED-IELTS accounts provided by David.

You can register for the account on its official website easily. 

Is There a Guide for Beginners on TED-IELTS?

TED-IELTS has a complete guide for beginners.

Not only that, it covers both IELTS Academic and IELTS General. Plus, there are paid one-on-one services too. 

Newcomers to the website tend to get overwhelmed with so much information and myths.

You can also visit the Common Questions about IELTS subsection for more details.