Minimum IELTS Score To Get Canadian PR

Canada is one of the top immigration options globally, making it one of the largest immigrant communities, with the statistics bourgeoning each year. The Canadian government has consistently opened up its borders to foreign nationals over the years, and thousands of migrants make use of this opportunity to give themselves and their families a fresh start.

The chance to live and work in Canada is a dream come true for many as Canada is one of the countries in the world where immigrants enjoy equal protection with citizens under the law. Canada boasts several employment opportunities, and there are currently 300+ occupations that can qualify immigrants for fast-track entry.

To be eligible for Permanent Residence in Canada, immigrants must meet the minimum IELTS test scores required by the Canadian government to test English Language proficiency.

This article highlights the minimum IELTS score requirements to qualify for Canadian PR and answer questions prospective immigrants usually have.

Why are the Benefits of Living in Canada?

Canada is a  popular immigration destination, with around 300,000 immigrants annually. This significant influx is expected, primarily due to the numerous benefits the country offers to immigrants. Some of these benefits include:

  • High Standard of Living: Foreign nationals who migrate to Canada are guaranteed to enjoy a high standard of living synonymous with the country. Canada is currently ranked 1st in the list of countries with the best quality of life. The country also has one of the lowest crime rates globally, making it an ideal place to live, work and raise a family. Canada has some of the most effective criminal regulations and security protocols that ensure illegal activity is at the barest minimum. The Global Peace Index for 2021 ranks Canada as the 12th most peaceful nation globally regarding security.
  • High Quality of Education: Canada is known internationally for its excellent education system and several world-class universities. The country is also known for having affordable education. The 2021 World population review ranks Canada as the most educated country in the world. Migrants looking to further their education or enroll their children in Canadian schools can rest assured that they will be getting the best standard of education possible.
  • Excellent Health Care: Canada boasts a reliable and accessible accessible health care system, and its public health insurance is available to everyone eligible. There is a health insurance plan in each province and territory to which citizens and permanent residents can apply. This insurance policy covers all essential medical services. Residents also have easy access to prescription medication through the PharmaCare program in provinces like British Columbia.
  • Job Availability: Canada has a range of low-skilled to high-skilled in-demand jobs for its residents and immigrants accessible via the Job bank created by the Government Of Canada. People earn competitive wages and enjoy a high standard of living. Many Canadian employers offer their employees extended benefit plans, including full medical and dental coverage options. 

What are the Eligibility Requirements for A Permanent Residence Visa in Canada?

A Canadian permanent residence visa is a multiple entry visa, valid for five years. It provides qualified foreign workers with the chance to work and live in Canada. 

The permanent resident visa allows immigrants to change their Canadian PR status and become citizens after three years of stay and work on the PR card.

Before a person can obtain a permanent residence visa in Canada, they must fulfill specific requirements. Some of them are:  

A Passport: This document enables the appropriate authorities to verify an applicant’s identity and confirm the holder’s citizenship. Applicants whose passports may soon expire are advised to renew their passport before applying for a Canadian PR.

Proof of English language proficiency: This is needed to ensure that foreign immigrants can speak English to a level that allows them to live and work in Canada. Applicants must take widely accepted English proficiency tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, and CPE to satisfy the requirement. An applicant’s test result must be less than two years old when making the application.

Proof of Canadian Education or an Educational Credential Assessment Report: For applicants who have been educated in Canada, the certificate issued by the institution attended is required. Applicants educated outside Canada need to present an Educational Credential Assessment Report, which is used to verify that the foreign degree corresponds to a Canadian one. The assessment report aids foreign migrants in the search for jobs.

Provincial Nomination (where applicable): The Canadian Provincial Nominee Programme offers a pathway to Canadian permanent residence for foreigners interested in immigrating to a specific Canadian province or territory. Applicants selected via the PNP will need to attach proof of their selection to their PR application.

Proof of Funds: The purpose of proof of funds is to show that applicants who have not yet received a job offer in Canada have enough funds to sustain themselves until they can get a job. The funds required vary according to the marital status of the applicant and the applicant’s family size. Typically proof of funds ranges from CAD 13,000 to CAD 35000.

Proof of employment offer ( if you have one): An employment offer is a document given by an employer to explain the details of the applicant’s job. Having proof of employment helps to boost an applicant’s overall score for the Canadian PR visa process. For the employment offer to be considered valid, it must be full-time for at least one year and be supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The LIMA number must be attached to the OR visa application to show the validity of the employment offer.

What Are The Benefits of Getting PR in Canada?

A Canadian permanent resident is entitled to several benefits under Canadian law. These benefits are similar to those that are conferred on citizens. Some of them include:

  • Free Education: Children of permanent residents in Canada are eligible for free education in the public school system until 18. University tuition fees are also significantly reduced when compared to the rates for international students.
  • Healthcare: Permanent residents in Canada receive universal healthcare provided by the Canadian government. Every Canadian permanent resident visa holder enjoys free medical care, covering all prescription drugs paid through taxes. Permanent residents in Canada can also apply for public health insurance.
  • Ability to Own Businesses:  Permanent residents in Canada are also called landed immigrants. They can also legally start their own business following immigration to Canada. Under the benefits of Canada PR, foreign migrants can invest in a franchise or create a new business with a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation without being Canadian citizens.
  • Right of Residence: Permanent Residents in Canada have the legal right to live and work anywhere in the country. A PR visa gives them the freedom to move and take up residence in other provinces. PR visa holders can pursue new jobs, new opportunities, or different types of livelihood throughout the country.

What is the Minimum IELTS Score for Obtaining Canada PR?

In 2020, there were just over eight million immigrants with permanent residents living in Canada, about 21.5 percent of the total population.

For foreigners to prove their English language proficiency, they must take the IELTS General test, the preferred test for Canadian immigration.

The Express Entry system is a fast way of getting Permanent Residence in Canada. It is a points-based system used by Canadian immigration to track applications for permanent residence from skilled workers.

There are three tacks under the express entry system, they are:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program.
  • Canadian Experience Class.

To tender an application for a permanent residency visa through Express Entry, a minimum language proficiency of CLB 7 applicants need to have a min, which is a minimum of 6.0 for each band of the IELTS.

These tracks have different English language proficiency requirements, and IELTS test scores across all bands are graded against the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).

1. Federal Skilled Workers Program

The Federal Skilled Workers program is a scheme for skilled workers with work experience outside Canada who want to immigrate to the country permanently. Those who have English as their first language have to get a CLB (Canadian Language Benchmarks) of 10 or higher to gain the highest points for the language proficiency category.

CLB LevelReadingWritingListeningSpeaking

2. Federal Skilled Trades Programme

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is a program for workers who want to become permanent residents in Canada based on an applicant’s qualification in a skilled trade.

These are the score requirements per band for each CLB Level.

CLB LevelReadingWritingListeningSpeaking

3. Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class is for skilled workers who have work experience in Canada and want to become permanent residents. For jobs under the NOC (National Occupational Classification) A category, the minimum language requirement is CLB 7, while for employment under the NOC B category, the minimum requirement is a CLB 5.

These are the CLB levels that correspond to IELTS scores per band.

NOCCLB LevelReadingWritingListeningSpeaking

However, to work in Canada, IELTS score requirements overall and for each band may vary.

  • For example, to work as a lawyer, a minimum score of 7.0 in each band of the IELTS is required.
  • To work as a nurse, you need a minimum overall score of 6.5 and 7.0 for Speaking.

Can You Apply for Canadian PR without IELTS?

 For foreign migrants trying to get a Canadian PR visa, taking an English language proficiency test is compulsory.

The Canadian government accepts the two English language tests:

Therefore, applicants who do not wish to take the IELTS have the alternative of taking the CELPIP.

Additional FAQs on IELTS Scores for Canadian PR

What Is the Minimum IELTS Score Required for Canada Immigration?

Several factors influence the minimum score for each person. Your minimum score can be affected by several factors like your level of preparation and your band score. 

The minimum IELTS score acceptable for a Canadian PR visa is 6.0 across all bands. This is equivalent to the CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) of 7.

Is a 5.5 IELTS Score Good for Canadian Immigration?

How good your score is will depend on what program you are running. 

The minimum IELTS score available for each program differs. While an overall IELTS band score of 5.5 is considered low for a Canadian PR visa, foreigners with a band 5.5 score may be eligible for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Therefore, You must familiarize yourself with your program’s requirements available on the Canadian government website.

Is Band 5.5 Eligible for Canada PR?

An overall IELTS band score of 5.5 is not eligible for Canadian PR.

An IELTS band score that low would mean that the person may have difficulties studying and gaining employment.

However, under the Provincial Nominee Program, a band score of 5.5 may be eligible.

The province of Saskatchewan accepts applicants with an overall band score of 4.5 and above.

Is 7 a Good Score in IELTS for Canadian Immigration?

Yes, an overall IELTS band score of 7.0 is considered a good score when applying for Canadian PR

This is because the score meets several programs’ minimum requirements.

 However, whether or not a score is good or not would depend on the mode of your application.

For instance, to apply for Canadian PR through Express Entry, you need to have a minimum language proficiency of CLB 7, a minimum of 6.0 for each section of the IELTS.