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Top 40 Instagram Accounts to Help You Learn English

Did you know that you can also jumpstart your English language learning journey on Instagram? 

Because of its broad reach and effective interface, Instagram has been utilized by many companies, schools, and private tutors as their platform of choice in teaching English. Some use Instagram as a complimentary social media tool to their multimedia teaching strategy, while some entirely use the platform directly to engage their audiences. 

In this article, we will show you how learning English on Instagram is beneficial and fun. We will also share a curated list of the top Instagram accounts you should be following to start learning and improving your English.

How to Maximize Your English Learning on Instagram 

Nowadays, everything that you need is on social media, even English language courses. But, as with any other learning strategy, learning English through Instagram can come with its ups and downs. 

Here are some tips you can use to maximize your English learning on Instagram: 

1. Assess Yourself 

Not everyone learns the same way. Before you dive into the world of language learning, you should first assess your current skill set. 

In getting to know your needs, honestly ask yourself the following questions:

  • What skills do I currently have in my English learning journey?
  • What skills do I still want to learn in this path?
  • What is my goal in learning English?
  • Where am I in terms of progress in learning?
  • How do I learn best in general?

Knowing where you are in your journey will allow you to know your specific needs to improve and learn the language. In honestly answering these questions, you get to know yourself, which will enable you to set the tempo and direction to how you want to learn going forward. 

2. Pick The Right Instagram Account

Once you have assessed yourself, it will be easier for you to pick the right Instagram account that will aid you best in learning English. There are a lot of Instagram accounts for learning English out there, so it is crucial to pick the ones that will add value to your learning and not just clutter your mind. 

In picking the right Instagram account, consider the following features:


Pick the accounts that are specifically for your profile. 

For example, if you are Spanish speaking with no basic knowledge of English, look for those who are into basic translations of words and phrases. On the other hand, if you are already an intermediate learner, some accounts focus on grammar and sentence construction that is right for you. 


Ask yourself: How do you learn best?

Some Instagram accounts teach English through fun skits and stories, while some are straightforward in giving content and information. Learn what kind of teaching strategy you want and look for an Instagram account that reflects that. 


People have different objectives in learning English. 

Some people want to learn English to get into an international university in an English-speaking country. Meanwhile, some want to learn English to be able to converse with new friends and colleagues. 

Whatever your goal in learning English is, an Instagram account will help you through it. 

You can pick out more than one Instagram account, as long as they align with your needs. You can also change or seek out other Instagram accounts about learning English along the way if you feel that your current choice is no anymore valid with your journey. 

3. Engage With The Account

Since you are on social media, take the chance to be social in your English learning journey. Engage with your chosen account by commenting on the posts that appeal to you the most. 

Your comment does not have to be elaborate. You can share your learnings and thoughts on specific topics, as these might also help other fellow English learners in their journey. 

Also, do not be afraid to ask questions if you have any. You can type it in the comment box or, if you’re not comfortable publishing your questions, you can message the account directly. 

Some Instagram accounts also directly engage their audience by asking them English questions about how their day went or how they feel about certain things. It is nice to take the chance to immerse yourself in the learning process and practice your English sentence construction skills starting from Instagram’s comment box. 

4. Write It Down

Several studies have shown that physically writing down things helps the brain remember things. A study by the Journal of Writing Research has shown that there are certain benefits to remembering words through handwriting that may not be fully retained in keyboard writing in terms of word recall. 

It does not mean that you have to ditch the online way and go old school through books, pads, and pencils. After all, there are endless resources, especially in learning English, accessible with one click of a button. 

You can do, especially when you’re on Instagram, write down the things that you learn or remember in every English learning post that you see. Instead of just saving them in your Instagram archive, absorb them on social media and write them down in one notebook or pad. 

5. Find A Community 

Language is a skill best practiced with conversation. That is why it is crucial to find a community to talk to while learning the language. 

One good way to find a community of English learners is by participating in your chosen Instagram account activities. It is because followers of that Instagram account already share your vision and goals in learning the language. 

Aside from practicing conversation, finding a community through Instagram accounts will help you whenever you have questions or clarifications in recent English learning posts. 

Top 40 Instagram Accounts to Learn English

There are many Instagram accounts you can follow to help you learn English. Each Instagram account focuses on different aspects and levels of English learning. 

Read the list below to find out which Instagram account best suits your needs: 

1. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @bbclearningenglish
  • Number of followers: 3 Million+
  • Number of posts: 3500+
  • Bio: Learn, speak and love English.
  • Best for: Practical English learners looking for a fun and engaging way to improve.

BBC Learning English’s Instagram is BBC’s social media adaptation of their learning language service. BBC first established its English distance learning classes in 1943 through a radio show called English by Radio. 

Since then, it has evolved to adapt to new media, including Instagram. BBC Learning English on Instagram provides lessons, videos, quizzes, activities, and vocabulary cards to aid in learning English. 

They have a wide variety of valuable English learning content from famous quotes, English idioms, storytelling, and fill-in-the-blanks posts. They also sometimes use skits to help their followers understand English in a practical sense. 

2. Cambridge Assessment English 

Cambridge English Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @cambridgeenglish
  • Number of followers: 350000+
  • Number of posts: 900+
  • Bio: We help millions of people learn English and prove their skills to the world.
  • Best for: More in-depth and professional learning experience.

Cambridge Assessment English hosts one of the world’s most recognized exams for English proficiency. Its Instagram account contains comprehensive posts on learning about the various aspects of the English language – from adjectives and prefixes to phrasal verbs and expressions. 

Each post is a cue card that helps followers practice a particular English language aspect. The account also features in its story highlights such as English language challenges, study tips, and quizzes. 

Because it is known for its exam, the Cambridge Assessment English Instagram account also provides tips for exam day and links to resources to study for their comprehensive test.  

3. Open English

Open English Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @openenglish
  • Number of followers: 400000+
  • Number of posts: 6000+
  • Bio: Habla inglés fluido con Open English. Aprende Inglés fácil y rápido. (Speak fluent English with Open English. Learn English fast and easy.) 
  • Best for: Spanish speakers wanting to learn basic English. 

Open English is an online English school dedicated to Spanish-speaking people. It boasts of a million online students, according to its Instagram page. 

Unlike other Instagram Accounts dedicated to learning English, Open English’s Instagram account is mainly in Spanish. This makes it easy for really early learners who have almost no knowledge of the English language to start. 

Open English’s posts are primarily focused on Spanish to English translations of basic words, with tips on expanding one’s vocabulary in English. They also have engaging videos to help followers pick up English words in their daily lives. 

4. Englishism

english.ism Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @english.ism
  • Number of followers: 9500+
  • Number of posts: 400+ 
  • Bio: Language teacher with seven years of teaching experience
  • Best for: Persian speakers wanting to learn English. 

Englishism is an Instagram account run by an English instructor with seven years of experience. Its posts consist of fill-in-the-blanks English sentences, quotes, idioms, and word definitions. 

The account also engages its audience by asking English questions like “What book are you currently reading?” or “Where would you go to teleport?” so followers can give their answers in the comment section. 

Some posts also provide English translations of key Persian words and phrases. Englishism also uses its story highlights to give its followers daily news, quotes, movie recommendations, and other general information on English language learning. 

5. Save Me Teacher

Save Me Teacher Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @savemeteacher
  • Number of followers: 53000+
  • Number of posts: 1200+
  • Bio: Aprenda o inglês que te liberta e impulsiona sua carreira (Learn English that sets you free and boosts your career)
  • Best for: Spanish speakers wanting to learn English the fun way

Save Me Teacher is an Instagram account run by Carla D’Elia, an English specialist with a Master in Letters. Her approach in teaching English is fun and direct.

The account has videos of Carla speaking directly to her followers, discussing the various aspects of the English language. She also uses other fun techniques, such as giving Spanish translations to trendy English songs to improve English. 

Aside from translations, Carla also has videos on grammar, tenses, and sentence constructions. With her fun and quirky attitude, Carla also uses popular culture to relate to her audience. 

6. In English With Love

In English With Love Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @inenglishwithlove
  • Number of followers: 120000+
  • Number of posts: 150+
  • Bio: Build Your English Confidence.
  • Best for: People who want to improve on their English construction.

In English With Love is an Instagram account made for people who already know basic English but want to improve their sentence construction and word usage.

The Instagram account’s content is pretty straightforward: it has posts to teach people how to say things better in English, lessons in building more complex sentences, and discussions about essential words in the English language. In its story highlights, In English With Love, creator Sama talks directly to her audience via short video clips. 

True to its handle, the account provides readers with English learning content; it also posts quotes and words of wisdom from famous people to inspire its followers to live a better life. 

7. Pearson English Learning

Pearson English Learning Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @pearsonenglishlearning
  • Number of followers: 5200+
  • Number of posts: 100+
  • Bio: Whether you want to study abroad, live in an English-speaking country, or move forward in your career, we’re here to help you achieve your goals!
  • Best for: People looking for an English language boost for their professional life.

Pearson is a global publishing company based in London, England. It was established in 1920 and had, since then, been keeping up with the times by using various forms of media to educate its audiences. 

Pearson English Learning is the company’s social media adaptation. On its profile, Pearson aims to give lessons to its followers and educate them on the value of learning English in a highly globalized world. 

Its target audience is mainly professionals seeking to improve their English language proficiency for work. The account has employment-related content such as tips on how to write an English CV and interview preparation tips. 

8. PTE

PTE Official Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @pte.official
  • Number of followers: 12000+
  • Number of posts: 100+
  • Bio: Prove your English ability for university and visa applications with PTE.
  • Best for: English learners about to take the PTE.

The PTE is an internationally accepted English proficiency test that measures a single, short test of English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Their Instagram account is dedicated to helping examinees prepare for the test. 

While this account is not recommended for beginners who are still in the process of learning basic English, the PTE Instagram account is an excellent source of information on various aspects of the English language, especially about paragraph cohesion, understanding idioms, and reading comprehension, 

The account also has practical tips on preparing for the PTE and what to do on exam day. Its story highlights compiled content on exam preparation, exam booking, and several testimonials from those who took the exam. 

9. Pearson PTE Mena

Pearson PTE MENA Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @pte.mena
  • Number of followers: 9500+
  • Number of posts: 400+
  • Bio: The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is the world’s leading computer-based English language test trusted around the world.
  • Best for: International students looking for tips and resources to prepare for the PTE Academic.

PTE Academic is a version of the PTE English proficiency test usually used by students who want to take their education in universities situated in English-speaking countries. 

Its Instagram account, Pearson PTE Mena, is a good resource for those international students who will be taking or are interested in taking the PTE Academic. It has information on universities, their requirements, and tips on preparing for the test. 

The account is also sprinkled with English language lessons, such as fill-in-the-blank type content and lessons on word use. The account uses its story highlights as a compilation of its synonyms’ lesson content and preparation guides for the PTE Academic.  

10. Pronunciation with Emma

Pronunciation with Emma Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @pronunciationwithemma
  • Number of followers: 190000+
  • Number of posts: 750+
  • Bio: Are you ready to become a clearer and more confident English speaker?
  • Best for: People who want to focus more on the oral communications aspect of English learning.

Pronunciation with Emma is an Instagram account that teaches its followers the proper way to say English language words. It was created by 28-year-old Emma, who has an honors degree in English, Language, and Linguistics. 

Emma’s teaching style via her Instagram page is pretty straightforward. Her posts consist of videos of her explaining in detail how to pronounce English words. 

For some words, Emma also teaches her followers the correct pronunciation of words in both the British way and the American way to avoid confusion as to which is right.

11. English_Vocabulary (Word of the Day)

English Vocabulary Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @english_vocabulary
  • Number of followers: 410000+
  • Number of posts: 1750+
  • Bio: Word of the Day
  • Best for: Those who already know English but want to expand their vocabulary.

While other English learning Instagram accounts cover various aspects of the language, English Vocabulary’s Instagram account focuses on one thing: expanding their followers’ knowledge of English words. 

Its posts are dedicated to posting new words to its audience. In a post, English Vocabulary provides the word’s proper pronunciation, definition, and use in a sentence. 

The Instagram account covers both formal and informal words, with featured posts varying from words like “remorseful”, “commonplace”, and “enigmatic” to “chillax”, “doomscrolling”, and “swag”

12. To Fluency

To Fluency Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @tofluency
  • Number of followers: 50000+
  • Number of posts: 600+
  • Bio: Start your fluency journey here. 
  • Best for: Those who already know basic English but wants to be more fluent

If you already know English but want to learn the specifics of speaking and reading the language, then this account is for you. The account welcomes both English learners and teachers alike. 

To Fluency’s primary mode of teaching is through video. Most of the Instagram account’s posts are explanatory videos for topics such as the difference between “I like” and “I’d like”, why it’s difficult to understand native English speakers, and how to use the verb “get”

The account also has quizzes you can answer on its story highlights. It also has a podcast and YouTube channel for those who want a more in-depth version of its content. 

13. English Without Tears

English Without Tears Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @englisharound
  • Number of followers: 155000+
  • Number of posts: 2400+
  • Bio: An educational account to revise intermediate and advanced English.
  • Best for: English speakers who want to level up their English language knowledge.

Instagram account English Without Tears covers a lot of ground when it comes to topics being discussed. It has a different content, from vocabulary, English expressions, and commonly used phrases to quotes, words of wisdom, and word differentiation. 

The account’s method of teaching also has a wide variety of strategies. Posts range from pictures and graphics to videos and charts. It also makes use of its story highlights to compile its quizzes and activities. 

To make learning fun, the account also posts English language jokes and engages with its audience.

14. English Vocabulary

Vocab for English Instagram Account
  • IG handle: @vocabforenglish
  • Number of followers: 200000+
  • Number of posts: 700+
  • Bio: Vocabulary Words || Idioms & Phrases || Quizzes
  • Best for: For English learners who want to focus on learning more English words.

English Vocabulary’s Instagram account focuses on one thing: learning more English words. Its posts are pretty straightforward, with each one having a featured word, part of speech, and its definition.

The account also provides examples of the usage of the featured word. A good feature of this account is its audio dictation of the post, enabling the follower to learn the featured word in both the oral and the written sense. 

The account also uses its story highlights to compile its activities, as well as it’s content per topic. 

15. Idiom Land

Idiom Land Instagram Page
  • IG handle:
  • Number of followers: 440000+
  • Number of posts: 4500+
  • Bio: Learn idioms in our app
  • Best for: English speakers who want to learn idioms.

Idiom Land’s Instagram account is the perfect place to learn a wide variety of idioms you can use in daily life. The account posts graphics of idioms or commonly used phrases and explains how they are used in the captions.

The account also posts video examples of idioms and how they were used in tv shows or movies. Aside from their usual content, they also use the story highlights for other resources that might interest English learners. 

Aside from their Instagram account, they also have a Youtube account and an app for getting more of their content. 

16. English with Nab

English with Nab Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @englishwithnab
  • Number of followers: 850000+
  • Number of posts: 850+
  • Bio: Join me 
  • Best for: English learners who want to correct their common mistakes in English.

Nab, the creator of the Instagram account English with Nab, is a quirky tutor that uses fun strategies to teach aspects of the English language to its followers. In his account, he uses songs, graphics, skits, and video clips with a happy attitude to impart his English language skills.

But while Nab makes his strategy light-hearted, his content is in-depth and great for those who already know the basics of the English language but wish to refine their skill. 

His discussion topics vary from proper use of prepositions, pronunciations, and common mistakes to informal English and the difference between British and American English. 

17. Oxford House Barcelona

Oxford House Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @oxford_house_barcelona
  • Number of followers: 3500+
  • Number of posts: 600+
  • Bio: Your language school in Barcelona
  • Best for: Spanish speakers looking for a more formal and basic English learning experience.

Oxford House is a language school based in Barcelona. They offer both English and Spanish classes in either face-to-face or online mode. 

Oxford House’s Instagram account primarily consists of English translations of certain words and phrases. They also have interactive games and informative posts on resources to aid in learning the language. 

The Instagram account’s coverage ranges from translations, correct word use, idiom explanations, and pronunciations. Oxford House gets its message across through video clips, games, and illustrations. 

They also make use of their story highlights to compile study tips, quizzes, and daily challenges. They also introduce their students and staff in their story highlights. 

18. 1 Task A Day

1 Task A Day Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @1taskaday
  • Number of followers: 15000+
  • Number of posts: 800+
  • Bio: One task a day keeps laziness away | Our goal: proficient English
  • Best for: English learners preparing for English proficiency examinations.

1 Task A Day is an English learning Instagram account dedicated to English proficiency examination preparation. Its posts are all standardized to a fill-in-the-blank type question with four choices that its followers can choose from. 

Its focus on proper word usage varies across word types: some questions focus on verbs, some on adjectives, some on nouns. The account reveals the correct answer in the next day’s post. 

1 Task A Day also has resources, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) answered in its story highlights. 

19. Slang Cards

Slang Cards Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @slangcards
  • Number of followers: 240000+
  • Number of posts: 3000+
  • Bio:  Learn slang in our app
  • Best for: Those who want to learn informal words or phrases in English.

If you are looking to use English as your primary language for day-to-day conversations, then it is important to learn the basic words and informal words. More often than not, it is harder to find resources to learn about informal English words than the formal, basic ones. 

This Instagram account will help you learn the correct meaning and usage of colloquial words like: “flab”, “high roller”, and “dead duck”. It also gives a video clip example of how these words were used in TV shows or films. 

Aside from the usual posts, Slang Cards also has resources on apps, dictionaries, and quizzes on its story highlights. 

20. VOA Learning English

VOA Learning English
  • IG handle: @voalearningenglish
  • Number of followers: 90000+
  • Number of posts: 500+
  • Bio:  This is the official VOA Learning English Instagram Account. Learn American English and much more!
  • Best for: Those looking for a comprehensive learning experience via Instagram.

VOA Learning English stands for Voice of America and was established in 1959. Their Instagram account is one of their social media adaptations of their lessons in American English

The VOA Learning English Instagram account covers a comprehensive range of topics from grammar, word choice, and tenses to pronunciation, phrases, and expressions. The Instagram account also engages its audience by keeping its examples relevant to the current events in the world. 

Aside from its usual posts, VOA Learning English also has a section called “Ask A Teacher” where followers are quizzed on the correct word choice based on the provided sentence. 

21. English With Adriana

English with Adriana Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @englishwithadriana
  • Number of followers: 170000+
  • Number of posts: 600+
  • Bio:   Improve your English | Boost your confidence | Speak English Confidently
  • Best for: Beginner English-learners who want to learn about conversational English.

Adriana is a digital creator who is behind the Instagram account English with Adriana. Her account is a social media adaptation of her website, which focuses on giving lessons to those who want to learn the language. 

The English with Adriana Instagram account keeps it simple. Posts are alternated between tips on how to carry on a conversation in English and video clips of Adriana explaining key English language concepts for conversation.

Her topics mostly revolve around what and what not to say during conversations, correct word use in context, and common English language phrases. She also discusses some English idioms and correct pronunciation. 

22. Spanish English Rosie

Spanish English Rosie Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @spanish_english_rosie
  • Number of followers: 11000+
  • Number of posts: 500+
  • Bio:  Posts for English and Spanish learners.
  • Best for: Spanish-speaking people who want to learn both British English and American English.

Spanish English Rose is another Instagram account that is dedicated to Spanish speakers who want to learn English. The account was created by Rosie, an English professor in England. 

Like most Instagram accounts that focus on teaching Spanish speakers English, almost all of Rosie’s content is in Spanish. What sets this account apart is that Rosie makes an effort to discuss the subtle differences between British English and American English

The account mostly discusses translations, grammar, pronunciations, spelling, and simple conversations from Spanish to English. She also links her podcast for those who want to get a more in-depth version of her content. 

23. This English Malarkey

This English Malarkey Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @this_english_malarkey
  • Number of followers: 9400+
  • Number of posts: 150+
  • Bio:  Bringing you Native English through street interviews.
  • Best for: Those who are looking for a more practical take on English learning.

This English Malarkey Instagram Account provides a refreshing take on English language learning by focusing on real-life conversations with actual English speakers on the street. The account’s content is mainly videos and interviews of random people talking about certain aspects of the English language. 

Some of the topics discussed in street interviews are correct word usage, accents, and British and American English differences. Most interviews, however, are just genuine conversations about the interviewee’s day, or their perspective in life. 

Aside from interviews, This English Malarkey also has posts about English idioms, explaining their meaning and how they are usually used in a sentence. They also have a YouTube account for those who want more of their content. 

24. English Teacher Joe

English Teacher Joe Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @englishteacherjoe
  • Number of followers: 400+
  • Number of posts: 10+
  • Bio:  Hey, I’m Joe. I’m an English language teacher based in southern Italy.
  • Best for: Italian speakers who want to learn basic English.

Joe, the creator of the Instagram account English Teacher Joe, has dedicated this social media space for Italian speakers who want to begin learning the English language.

Since his account is Italian-focused, most of his content – including explanations – is in Italian. The topics discussed in this account are mostly about the basics – phrasal verbs, vocabulary, adjectives, idioms, among others. 

Posts are explained based on a specific theme. For example, discussions on idioms are based on back-to-school usage or those you can use for summer. 

For those who want to get more in-depth on Joe’s teachings, he has the link to his online course on his Instagram account. 

25. English Grammar Tips

English Grammar Tips Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @grammar_tips
  • Number of followers: 195000+
  • Number of posts: 130+
  • Bio:  Improve your English in a fun way! Why? Because we learn more when we’re having fun.
  • Best for: English speakers looking for a comprehensive English learning experience on Instagram.

Unlike most English language learning Instagram accounts which focus on the basics, English Grammar is dedicated to those who already know how to speak English but are easily caught up with the common mistakes in using the language. 

English Grammar Instagram account discusses a wide variety of topics that are very helpful for the intermediate learner. The posts discuss aspects like common phrasal verbs, common confusions, measure words, words with silent letters, and modal verbs

The account also provides insight on relevant themes like internet acronyms and teenage slang. They also have explanations on practical uses of the language such as accepting an apology, and ways to respond to “thank you”

26. Go Natural English

Go Natural English Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @gonaturalenglish
  • Number of followers: 70000+
  • Number of posts: 600+
  • Bio:   Creator of The Fluent Communication Online Course.
  • Best for: those looking for motivation to keep learning the English language.

Go Natural English Instagram account is the social media adaptation of The Fluent Communication Online Course. The account is run by Gabby, an English Language Training Entrepreneur who also curated the course. 

While Go Natural English does not have in-depth learning cards and posts on the English language, Gabby uses the account to motivate potential English learners to learn the language. In her posts, she discusses topics like the common challenges English learners face, the difference between reading and speaking English, and some words of wisdom.

She has also linked the course in her bio for those who want to pursue learning under her strategies. 

27. English Outside The Box

English Outside the Box Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @jenesl760
  • Number of followers: 22500+
  • Number of posts: 1700+
  • Bio:   I help make conversation easy 
  • Best for: those looking informal and fund aids to learning English.

The Instagram account English Outside The Box is the social media adaptation of the website and podcast “English Across The Pond”, a treasure trove of English language learning resources. In this Instagram account, Jennifer – the creator – engages her audience by using her day-to-day life as an example and an opportunity to learn English. 

While her posts do not comprise the usual basic English language lessons, she uses her story highlights to compile her so-called “Insta story practices” where she provides skits on the real-life uses of common English phrases. 

She also has valuable tips on her story highlights to encourage Fluency among students and other resources they can use in their English language learning journey. 

28. English TV Live

English TV Live Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @englishtvlive
  • Number of followers: 13000+
  • Number of posts: 300+
  • Bio: Learn with native English teachers | Build your confidence in speaking English | Daily lessons in a private community
  • Best for: English learners who love memes and videos.

English TV Live Instagram account crafts a different approach to helping its followers learn English: through memes.

The account discusses various topics in the English language, such as vocabulary, word use, pronunciation, and prepositions. It also has video clips of its creator explaining various phrases in depth. 

English TV Live offers a practical and fun way to learn English. Aside from video posts and memes, its story highlights also contain valuable information to aid in your English learning path. 

They also have a podcast, with new episodes every Friday; and also a website for those who want to learn their strategies. 

29. English Today

English Today Indonesia Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @englishtoday
  • Number of followers: 73000+
  • Number of posts: 2200+
  • Bio: Get Better Results in Less Time Online and Face to Face Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, and Medan
  • Best for: Indonesians looking for English learning curated for them. 

English Today is an established brand known for its English language courses in Indonesia. While English Today has its own website, podcast, online courses, and face-to-face lessons, its Instagram account also has important content to help its followers learn the language.

English Today Instagram account has various content to aid in English learning as you scroll through social media, from vocabulary, pronunciation, and synonyms to common English language mistakes, informal English words, and business phrases. 

The account uses current events, trendy pictures, and memes to keep its audience engaged. Their stories highlights also have a comprehensive set of resources like quizzes, activities, and testimonials. 

30. Jessica Sunny Side

English Sunny Side Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @englishsunnyside
  • Number of followers: 1800+
  • Number of posts: 300+
  • Bio: Learn languages mindfully 
  • Best for: Those looking for a social media supplement to learning conversational English.

Jessica, the creator of English Sunny Side, uses video clips to impart her English knowledge to her followers. Her main content is the “listening challenge”, where she says an English sentence and asks her followers to type in what they heard or understood from it in the comments section. 

While the Instagram account does not have many resources or extensive content for learning English, English Sunny Side separates itself by being “mindful” while learning English. Jessica also asks her followers about what they are grateful for or what makes them smile. 

Aside from that, she also has activities on grammar and English quotes meant to perk up one’s day. Jessica also runs a French learning counterpart called French Sunny Side. 

31. English With Benjamin

English With Benjamin Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @englishwithbenjamin
  • Number of followers: 1700+
  • Number of posts: 100+
  • Bio:  I make daily videos for English learners
  • Best for: English learners who are into skits.

English With Benjamin is a fun Instagram account where you can learn English through Benjamin’s skits and demonstrations on how key English phrases are used. 

All of Benjamin’s content in his Instagram account are video clips of him in a skit or short story where he acts out practical examples of key English phrases used. In his caption, he writes the key phrases in the sentences they were used and gives a short explanation. 

In the account’s story highlights, Benjamin also has a compilation of vocabulary words that can be used in daily life, along with behind-the-scenes clips on how he makes his skits. 

32. Ginseng English

Ginseng English Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @ginsenglish
  • Number of followers: 9500+
  • Number of posts: 300+
  • Bio: Learn English Online | Expert teachers | Fascinating materials | Students worldwide
  • Best for: Intermediate English learners looking for a simple but complete English learning Instagram account.

Ginseng English is a straightforward English learning Instagram account that covers a lot of ground: from nouns, verbs, and pronunciations to tenses, voices, and idioms. 

While it has no fanfare of skits and videos, its account is packed with various English learning posts that followers can save and continuously explore in their English learning journey. The account also has tips on learning English online and words of wisdom to push learners in their path. 

If you click the link on its bio, each tile also has a corresponding website post that explains each topic in more detail. Its story highlights are also utilized for the compilation of idioms, quizzes, grammar posts, and infographics. 

33. Tolya English

Tolya English
  • IG handle: @tolyaenglish
  • Number of followers: 4000+
  • Number of posts: 20+
  • Bio: English from Tolya | Grammar, prepositions, and much more!
  • Best for: Those who learn best with video explanations for a teacher

This account is for those who want to start learning English but sometimes feel intimidated by a load of information on books or charts. Tolya English’s Instagram account mainly consists of video posts personally explaining various topics about the English language. 

His videos are taken outdoors, in a real-life setting. Tolya, the creator, tries to incorporate his English lessons into his everyday walks or travels. His topics range from vocabulary, grammar, prepositions, and tenses to common phrases and common English language mistakes. 

If you’re into watching travel videos and learning English, then you should check out this Instagram account. 

34. My Little English Page

My Little English Page Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @mylittleenglishpage
  • Number of followers: 24000+
  • Number of posts: 1000+
  • Bio: For English students and teachers
  • Best for: Those who learn best with video explanations for a teacher.

My Little English Page is created and run by Marine, an English teacher living in Spain. Her Instagram account My Little English Page is a social media adaptation of her website and YouTube account, providing English lessons for English learners and teachers. 

Marine talks about various English language topics on her Instagram account. She has content on context clues, important phrases, prepositions, and adjectives. 

She also constantly gives tips on learning English — like what to do when you’re unmotivated to study or how to learn about what you care about. There is also strong follower engagement on the account, as the creator constantly asks her audience some English practice questions about how they feel. 

35. English in a Minute || Baroni Teacher

Baroni Teacher Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @baroniteacher
  • Number of followers: 100000+
  • Number of posts: 4000+
  • Bio: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember”.
  • Best for: Spanish speakers focused on learning English phrases.

Andreina Baroni, the creator of the Baroni Teacher Instagram account, is an English and Spanish teacher. Like many other Spanish-focused English learning Instagram accounts, Baroni Teacher uses translation from Spanish to English as one of the main teaching strategies. 

What sets this account apart is that it focuses on the practical phrases of the English language. Andreina has video posts and graphics covering phrase translations, word usage, plural words, time sequences, and everyday words. 

Andreina also encourages her followers just to take a leap and study the language. In one of her posts, she says: “The only way to begin speaking a language is to begin speaking it badly.”

36. Englishdom

Englishdom School Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @englishdom_school
  • Number of followers: 100000+
  • Number of posts: 1700+
  • Bio: Online English School
  • Best for: Russian speakers who want to learn English. 

Englishdom is an Instagram account dedicated specifically to Russian speakers at the beginner’s stage in learning English. Like most specialized English language learning Instagram accounts, Englishdom’s content is mainly in Russian with a few words translated into English. 

The account covers phrase translations, verbs, nouns, tenses, and grammar. It also has content on punctuation and spelling. 

Englishdom’s strategy is to use photos to get the attention of their followers and provide a visual learning aid. On its story highlights, Englishdom has a compilation of reviews, tests, activities, and other resources for English language learning. 

37. Uncle Geoff’s Easy Peasy English

Uncle Geoff Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @unclegeoffeasypeasyenglish
  • Number of followers: 400+
  • Number of posts: 75+
  • Bio: English teacher, voiceover artist, and broadcaster who loves grammar and pronunciation
  • Best for: People looking for a fun English language mentor.

Uncle Geoff, the creator of Uncle Geoff’s Easy Peasy English Instagram account, primarily uses video clips of him explaining various words and phrases in the English language. His Instagram account is a social media version of his YouTube account under the same name. 

Uncle Geoff’s content is mostly 1-minute videos that discuss various English language lessons such as intonation, word use, common mistakes in English phrases, and grammar. 

Aside from his Instagram account and YouTube page, Uncle Geoff also has a website that has more of his lessons. It is linked to the bio of his Instagram page. 

38. Daily English Vocabulary Words 

Vocords Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @vocords
  • Number of followers: 730000+
  • Number of posts: 2000+
  • Bio: Learn together, grow together.
  • Best for: Those who want to continue learning English words daily.

Learning is a never-ending process. If you already know English but want to continue learning new English words every day, then this Instagram account is for you. 

The Daily English Vocabulary Words Instagram account features one English word each day as it promises in its Instagram name. The featured word gets a post, along with its definition, part of speech, pronunciation, and an example of how it is used in a sentence. 

Aside from daily word features, the account also has content on word usage and tips on conversational English like “different ways to say I love you”. The account’s story highlights also have other resources such as facts about the English language, quizzes, and words frequently used on social media, among others. 

39. Oveeovo

Oveeovo Instagram Page
  • IG handle: @oveeove
  • Number of followers: 35000+
  • Number of posts: 500+
  • Best for: Those who want to learn about English idioms. 
  • Idioms are an important part of the English language. They provide the speaker or writer with a new and more creative way of expressing themselves. 

Despite your knowledge of the English language, not understanding idioms can lead to an uncomfortable situation and conversation. It is also important to brush up on the most common English idioms as part of one’s English language learning journey. 

Instagram account Oveeovo is the perfect place to learn all about idioms on social media. Unlike other English learning Instagram accounts which only touch on some idioms along the way, this page is dedicated to English idioms.

Each post has an example of an English idiom, its meaning, and an example of how it is used in a sentence.

40. Julia Butova || I Teach English Online

Yulia Butova Instagram Page
  • IG handle:
  • Number of followers: 120000+
  • Number of posts: 2500+
  • Bio: Julia Butova | Tutor/Teacher
  • Best for: Those looking for a comprehensive English learning Instagram with a  Russian background.

This Instagram account was created and founded by Julia Butova, an English teacher with 20 years of experience. Her account bio and other titles are in Russian, but her content is in English, which means any student can also use them without a Russian background. 

Julia’s content is a comprehensive take on English phrases and is best for intermediate English learners. The posts cover collocations, phrases for encouraging someone, verb and preposition usage, and phrasal verbs. 

She also has posts on English jokes and words of wisdom about learning and life in general. 

Final Thoughts 

Learning English is not confined to formal schooling, books, and traditional teachers. With the vastness of the Internet and social media, you can learn English just by scrolling through one of the most famous social media platforms: Instagram. 

There are many Instagram accounts dedicated to imparting their knowledge of the English language. Know your needs and levels so you can choose which Instagram account you can follow to aid in your English learning journey. 

Remember, assess yourself first to know your needs in your English learning journey, find a community on Instagram that can support your path, and don’t forget to enjoy the process.

We hope you liked our extensive list of Instagram accounts to learn English. What are your favorite Instagram accounts that you use to learn English? Did we miss any of your favorite accounts in this list? Let us know in the comments below.


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