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55+ Best Websites to Learn English From

Using the internet for educational purposes can be a fantastic resource. Thousands of websites, including those that assist you in learning English as a second language, can be found. 

You can study English online by visiting any of the websites listed below, which all provide materials that can help you learn English.

50+ Best Websites To Help You Learn English 

You can learn English rapidly by visiting the best websites on which we’ve created a list in this article. Also included is an explanation of the nature of such websites and the services they provide. 

1. English Daily

On English Daily, you will be able to study English idioms, conversations, typical mistakes, slang, exercises, and a whole lot more. We included this as one of the best websites to learn English because of its fun and enjoyable features. 

Visitors to this website are welcome to do so for no charge, and on the home page, they have a section titled “Joke of the Day” to help make learning English a little more enjoyable and interesting.

The website is extremely simple to use and browse, so even complete beginners may use it without difficulty, and it is also completely free.

2. BBC Learning English

BCC Learning English is free to browse for iOS, Android, computers, or laptops as long as an internet connection is available. You have no reason not to improve your English whenever and wherever you are. 

The website is for intermediate English speakers. It teaches English through BBC Media including radio shows. These include current events, new English terms and phrases, and even videos that illustrate proper English pronunciation. Their podcasts and films contain post-listening activities that allow you to double-check your comprehension. Overall, this is a great tool for improving listening skills.

3. Easy World of English

Easy World of English aims to help ESL students improve their grammar, listening, comprehension, and pronunciation skills while extending their vocabulary.  Grammar structure, reading, pronunciation, and a picture dictionary are just a few of the features available on this website. Anyone can access this website free of charge. 

A group of young experienced teachers has designed a system that will allow you to learn English easily and effectively. The method allows you to work at your own pace, repeat classes as needed, and learn vocabulary without relying on translation.

4. ABCYa

In addition to educational games and activities for school-aged children,, L.L.C. is the best website to learn English for parents of school-aged children. Besides dividing the games by grade level (from prekindergarten to sixth grade), the website also divides them by topic matter (such as alphabet letters, numbers, and many more).

All information is available for free, while you can opt for a subscription to access an ad-free version of the website. In addition to desktop computers, games are also available on mobile devices.

5. Dave’s ESL Cafe

Dave Sperling, an American from Los Angeles, runs Dave’s ESL Cafe. This website has been up and running for more than ten years. Although the website offers materials and forums, the website’s main draw is its job listings. Dave’s ESL Cafe has job openings for teachers from all around the world, with the bulk of them requiring teachers to go to Korea and China.

6. Talk English

In order to become a fluent English speaker, you must first learn and master the skills of reading, listening, and speaking. The programs at were designed to provide you with practice in all three areas simultaneously improve your overall proficiency. And the best part is, it is free and also available for offline usage when you download the app on any device you have. 

This is an amazing website for learning English – as it provides a lot of free listening practice and activities, as well as classes in general English, business English, interview English, travel English, and other topics. 

7. English Harmony

English Harmony’s website contains all of the articles and video postings that will assist you in improving your English language abilities. They’re organized into categories, so you can quickly get the information you need by going through the category descriptions and seeing what catches your attention. 

The website is offering a system called English Harmony System 2.0. The English Harmony System 2.0 is a package of CDs and reading materials designed to help you speak English fluently. He created it after struggling to learn English till he discovered the actual approach to speak fluent English. The website is free of charge, but the English Harmony System 2.0 is available for purchase.

8. Deep English

You will surely benefit from the variety of lessons available on Deep English, which will help you to improve your English speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills. They have more than 400,000 English learners all across the world, and they receive a lot of positive feedback from them. 

Users will be able to get the hang of the website in a couple of minutes because it is easy to navigate. Everything is really well-organized and user-friendly.

You can use the website for free because it provides some free classes and an email course, or you can pay for their Fluency Course, which is available for a little fee. This course will assist you in learning to speak instinctively and without thinking, understand English quickly, and train you to speak naturally and smoothly, thus helping you communicate with confidence in your English language abilities. 

9. To Fluency

To Fluency contains English learning practices to aid you in achieving your goal of being able to communicate successfully in the English language. The website emphasized the need of learning English in context and the importance of practicing English in different situations. As a result, they deliver interesting and fun grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation teaching to their students.   

They even provide recordings of debates where you may learn how to improve your English by watching them in their entirety. Transcripts, linguistic analysis, and practice activities accompany each video. 

This website is so easy to use and navigate that even first-time visitors will have no trouble browsing it successfully. They provide free sessions, as well as the option to purchase their Fluency course at a reasonable price.

10. English Teacher Melanie

Every day, Teacher Melanie strives to do something in English, as stated in her motto. Her English language learners’ webpage is regularly updated. Blogs, podcasts, and videos are all great places to discover free English lessons. Her explanations are not only clear and easy to understand, but her real-life experiences about living in Canada add to the enjoyment of learning English!     

Subscribing to her updates and accessing past courses has been achieved by browsing via the navigation bar and choosing the skill of your choice from the drop-down menu, such as speaking, reading, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, and study suggestions. Teachers such as Melanie may be found on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and if you like her, you can learn with her privately through online lessons.

11. PhraseMix

This is like a “day in a life” blog for international students to learn English. Contextual definitions of words and phrases are available, as are many examples of how to put them to use. Many of the scenarios offered are ones that adults or older teens, rather than children, may find themselves in, such as giving a speech or going shopping on their own, for example. Additionally, PhraseMix can also be used in a conventional classroom environment to educate children about speech/language and grammar. 

Because of the accessibility of this website, you can learn from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet. The use of this website is absolutely free of charge.       

Phrases are frequently formed in both casual and formal English using regularly used word groups, idioms, and other common languages. 

Students can access a list of all phrases in the system by selecting “Learning Tools” from the menu bar. This section contains an index and definitions of basic grammatical terminology, such as parts of speech, stress, and other conversational strategies, as well as examples of each.

12. FluentU

There are many different English language learning websites available nowadays, but this is one of the most well-known.      

FluentU is a monthly subscription site that delivers native video language immersion through native language speakers. Because of their method, it is possible to acquire new words naturally and organically. Simple to use, it can be an excellent tool for language learning, and it is reasonably priced at USD 8 to USD 18 each month, depending on the plan chosen. Also available is the option to create an account and utilize the site for free, with no strings attached.      

When it comes to learning a new language, FluentU is a fantastic tool because it eliminates the need to develop it yourself through speaking or writing. As a result, FluentU should not be regarded as your only language learning resource; rather, it should be regarded as a helpful and enjoyable tool to supplement your studies or offer diversity to your practice.

13. Babbel

Babbel is an English language learning application that places a strong emphasis on vocabulary. Babbel also allows users to learn a language by completing and repeating phrases, which helps them understand the language better. Babbel offers a web app and mobile apps that will enable you to learn and practice a new language at your own pace, as well as new podcasts for a few languages and users of varying levels of experience and knowledge. 

With the help of your microphone, you can check whether or not your pronunciation is correct; if you are incorrect, Babbel will correct you. 

Babbel is one of the most effective language-learning programs available, thanks to its low cost and truly useful content.

14. British Council

Adults, teenagers, and children can learn English with the help of the British Council’s free online tools. Videos, mobile apps, games, stories, listening activities, and grammar drills are available options. 

The British Council offers a simple online exam to measure your current English language proficiency. It comprises 25 multiple-choice questions and takes 10-20 minutes to complete. 

They provide a free 7-day trial where you may study live with online classes from English experts. You can also enroll in their self-study online course for £5.99 per month, as well as their online one-on-one tuition for a low fee.

15. English Central

English Central is a website devoted to assisting people in improving their listening, speaking, pronunciation, and vocabulary skills in the English language. 

According to the website, “the video player serves as the foundation of English Central,” in which students watch videos, learn vocabulary from the video’s content, and then speak using the video as a model. With a simple email sign-up, you can access the website for free; however, Premium subscriptions, which contain more features, begin at USD 15 per month.

16. Cambridge English

In the United Kingdom, Cambridge English is the English Language Teaching branch of the renowned and respected University of Cambridge. When you browse the site, you will see that every section is very clearly labeled. You will see various alternatives down the left-hand side of the screen if you click on Teacher Zones and then on the Adult link, for example. 

In addition to paid resources, free sample worksheets and activities may be found throughout the Teacher Zones section of the site. Some need registration, but others are free and available to the public, and you can narrow down your search results appropriately. You can search through every relevant part to discover them, which can take a long time, but you can utilize them in your lessons right away once you have them.

17. Busuu

You can attend online English classes with Busuu, a language learning platform that helps you learn English. You can also communicate with native English speakers if you join the Busuu community.

The lessons cover vocabulary, grammar, and writing practice, and you will have the extra benefit of having native speakers critique your writing and oral communication abilities. In addition to offering over a thousand courses created by language professionals, Busuu customizes a study plan for you based on Artificial Intelligence. 

To begin studying English on Busuu, simply navigate to the website and click on the Get Started button. You must select your language and submit certain personal information in the following step. Choose only one language to study for free, as there is only one available. After that, you’ll have to choose between performing a level test or starting from the beginning. After that, you’ll be asked to participate in a small survey that will help us learn more about why you’re studying English.

18. WordReference

WordReference uses a user-friendly interface to access a dictionary, thesaurus, translation, and word conjugation. 

Even while the program manages to give a vast and specialized bank of instantly accessible knowledge, it exceeds any of the built-in language reference features in browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari by a wide margin. 

WordReference is entirely reliant on the content contained on its website, and as such, it is best described as a user interface for an already-established website. Therefore, the app does not include any content but instead allows the user to access the information on a website through an app that is more visually appealing than a standard Internet browser. 

The software is available for free, but some pop-up advertisements are on the screen. In order to get rid of the advertisements, users can pay USD 4.99 for an annual subscription that removes the advertisements from most of the app’s individual dictionaries and the main menu. Even if the commercials are a modest price to pay for an otherwise outstanding service, the membership fee is likely to help the company that created the app and, as a result, may be well worth the money spent.

19. Lingua

Lingua is an entirely free English language learning website. The website offers learners the option to study various languages, including English, through interactive exercises. 

English texts for beginners to develop reading and comprehension are available online and for no charge. Written English comprehension practice can help you expand your vocabulary while also improving your understanding of it and word order. This section contains texts meant to aid you in your development while also giving you an immediate assessment of your progress. 

There’s a limit in the lessons available, but if you want to broaden your options, you may purchase their premium offers for only USD 12.90 per year if you wish to upgrade. Even newbies will easily use the website because it is straightforward to use and navigate.

20. Daily Grammar

Daily Grammar is an extremely user-friendly website. The majority of this information may be found on the website, which includes lessons and quizzes on nearly every aspect of grammar and vocabulary. 

New lessons are available on Daily Grammar’s blog weekly from Monday through Friday, making it one of the most comprehensive grammar-related websites available. Each week’s series of lessons comes to a close with a Saturday quiz. 

Daily Grammar makes it easier for educators to teach by condensing as many grammar concepts as possible into a single lesson. 

This website is a must-visit for instructors who are having difficulty with grammatical education in their classrooms. Although it has an untidy appearance, Daily Grammar is one of the most comprehensive resources available.

21. English with Jo

Jo is an Australian citizen currently residing in Greece and has received training to teach English, she founded the English with Jo website. According to Jo, the website is the most effective approach to acquiring confidence in speaking English in a real-life conversation with a natural speaker of the language. 

Understanding everyday phrases and speaking English in a natural and non-embarrassing manner will be easier if you take English Conversation Lessons that the website is offering. All of the lessons will meet individual needs, interests, and professions. 

It is entirely free to try out the website, but you can purchase one of Jo’s packages if you wish to continue with the classes. It is impossible to use the website because it is highly user-friendly and easy to navigate.

22. English with a Twist

English with a Twist is a website that is dedicated to the study of the English language. Shanthi, a freelance English language instructor, is also a blogger who writes articles that are easy to understand for English language learners and English language teachers. 

This website is enjoyable and beneficial for English learners who want to broaden their vocabulary while improving their grammar. The information presented by Shanthi includes infographics, grammar advice, and personal reflections from her teaching career. 

The website offers a free mini-course that will teach you how to communicate successfully while utilizing your current talents. The website’s founder, Shanthi, also offers paid classes to help people enhance their English language skills.

23. English at Home

English at Home will educate you on how to communicate effectively in English. You may study English for free by enrolling in one of the classes that English at home is offering. 

Clare, an English instructor who also happens to be the owner of the world’s first spreadsheet of fluency phrases, is the creator of this website. This website takes advantage of the power of phrases to assist you in becoming more fluent in the English language. 

You will be able to construct and develop English phrases more effortlessly and quickly with the help of the “Fast Phrase Finder,” which will reduce your hesitancy while speaking while also making you sound more advanced and intelligent when speaking in English.

24. Flo-joe

Those preparing for the Cambridge examinations should visit Flo-joe’s website, where both teachers and students are the targets. Preparing for an English Language exam is a time-consuming and challenging endeavor. 

The website will guide you through studying little and frequently to maintain control. It will also assist you in comprehending the exam criteria so that you are aware of exactly what the examiner is searching for and what you must do in order to pass the exam. 

This great way of teaching cannot be to get for free, so everyone who wants to learn more about it must pay a nominal registration fee.


One of the most popular online English language schools globally, is one of the best in the world. It allows you to practice with qualified native English teachers and become fluent in English much more quickly than quickly you could anywhere else. 

Other schools may teach you grammar rules, but, as you can see from the website’s home page, focuses on helping you acquire confidence in your English communication skills. 

Business professionals wishing to strengthen their English language skills will benefit the most from this website. This website can assist you with business or project meetings in exchange for a charge.

26. Learn American English Online

Learn American English Online has been helping students improve their English grammar and vocabulary since 2003. Blue, red, yellow, green, purple, orange, and violet symbolize the seven training levels.  

The blue one is appropriate for beginners to learn American English because it includes lessons on nouns, pronouns, and other topics. The red one is for those who have finished the blue one and want to learn how to use command words. The third one, yellow, is for intermediate students and teaches perfect verb tenses.  

The green one is for advanced students and teaches passive voice. A crucial English verb is introduced in the purple level. The orange level teaches pupils to compose phrases and questions. Finally, students will learn transitional words and phrases in violet.  

The website is free to use and navigate. After each session, there are free activities to help you assess your understanding.

27. Basic English Speaking

To become your go-to resource for improving your English language proficiency is the primary purpose of this website Basic English Speaking. The website’s motto is “Listening is THE KEY to improving your English speaking skills.” There’s little doubt that the more authentic English conversations you listen to, the more proficient you will become.   

It is possible to purchase the entire bundle of 75 lessons for a nominal one-time fee. Put it on your phone’s audio player, and you’ll be able to take your English study with you everywhere you go.   

While riding the bus to and from work, you can improve your English skills. While exercising or walking, you can improve your English skills. While you’re out shopping, you can brush up on your English. You can learn English while sitting in a coffee shop or wherever you choose to go.

28. One Minute English

According to some, One Minute English is one of the best websites for learning English. The primary goal is to assist millions of people from all over the world in communicating with one another through English.     

The founder wishes to assist anyone in locating the most incredible resources available on the internet to increase their level of proficiency and promote cultural understanding to make the world a better place.    

On this website, you can find blogs on improving your English language proficiency skills and a list of valuable podcasts from Spotify and some study programs on this website, among other things.

29. Using English

The website is one of the best virtual treasure mines of information and has resources for English language learners and teachers. 

Students will find English Tests for beginners, intermediates, and advanced levels, ESL grammar and vocabulary quizzes, language polls, articles on use, punctuation, and spelling, and essay writing hints in the section for students. 

There’s also a section on grammatical words, irregular verbs, phrasal verbs, and idioms connected to online dictionaries and resources. You’ll discover free grammar and vocabulary handouts, online tests, and lesson plans in the instructor section. 

This website is absolutely free of charge. Although there are advertisments on this website, which make the pages appear congested, there is a top navigation bar that takes readers to the well-organized information. The content on the home page is also divided into numerous categories, which are alphabetically listed on the homepage. 

30. Magoosh

Magoosh is the best website for advanced learners and working professionals, and it is available for a small fee. 

Magoosh also offers free, comprehensive, and systematic English language learning resources to the public. They also provide a one-week free trial for the IELTS and TOEFL exams, allowing you to enhance your score while also seeing where life leads you.

There are classes for intermediates, advanced students, and people of all skill levels available in this program. The intermediate English course covers the most important themes in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation for students with a B1 (lower-intermediate) level of English. A 15-day intensive training program for people who need to make significant improvements quickly. 

Course in Advanced English (C1/C2) for business professionals. This English course from Magoosh is for you if you’re ready to converse about new topics and employ advanced vocabulary and grammar in your conversations. It includes a comprehensive guide to English pronunciation for all levels and advice on how to succeed in job interviews.

31. Knoword

Knoword is a game-based learning platform that makes it easier to teach online while also making the process of improving your vocabulary almost too much fun to describe. 

You are not required to register to play Knoword, but you may do so if you choose. When you register for Knoword, you will have the option of keeping track of your gaming statistics. Users who have registered can also earn badges based on their accomplishments. 

Most likely, kids in middle school and high school interested in expanding their vocabulary in a fun way will find Knoword to be the most beneficial. In addition to that, Knoword is free, and the website is easy to navigate.

32. TED

Watching TED Talks videos will improve your English listening skills. Influential videos from experts in education, business, science, technology, and creativity. This is free. 

Watching TED Talks from around the world will expose you to various English accents, which is essential for effective English communication. 

TED can also help you learn English. You will acquire a variety of terminology from TED Talks, informal for everyday conversations, semi-formal for writing, presentations, and academic tests

This broadens your global understanding. TED Talks cover a wide range of topics, giving you new perspectives on the world.

TED can teach you public speaking abilities. Finally, TED Talks allow you to learn exceptional public speaking abilities from world-renowned speakers.

33. Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform with thousands of courses, specializations, and degrees to choose from. It collaborates with prestigious universities and organizations to offer online courses. 

Coursera offers several payment options, ranging from completely free to pay for a single course or subscribing monthly or annual. Its courses are adaptable, cost-effective, job-relevant, and well-recognized by prospective employers. 

Coursera also offers an English learning specialization that will help you strengthen your professional English communication skills to have more productive business contacts. Each course focuses on a particular aspect of English communication, such as composing emails, speaking at meetings and interviews, presenting, and networking online. 

Because it includes so many distinct learning programs, Coursera provides a wide range of pricing options. Courses and guided projects cost as little as USD 9.99, and online degrees cost as much as USD 50,000. With Coursera Plus, you can choose between monthly or annual membership rates in addition to one-time fees.

34. News in Levels

When it comes to transmitting knowledge and improving English language abilities, News in Levels is unique. It allows users to browse news from across the world while remaining unaware that they are learning English. 

It is stated on the website that if you read or listen to the news every day, you will eventually be able to understand the original news from native speakers, and the levels of reading and listening instruction Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 will assist you in accomplishing this goal. 

Even though the site is intended for ESL/ELL students, it has proven to be a valuable resource for any elementary school looking for informational texts that may be differentiated for students with varying levels of reading ability.

35. Collins Dictionary

Collins online dictionary and reference services draw on a wealth of accurate and authoritative information on language due to our extensive usage of corpora – large databases of language – both in English and in other languages. Everyone is welcome to make use of the website without charge. 

The Collins Dictionary is a fantastic resource for English language learners and teachers. Collins dictionary is a must-have for anyone learning a new language because it contains so much information. 

Other than that, you can use this website to seek up the English translation of a phrase in your original language, check the plural of a noun or the past tense of a verb, and find out more about the various grammatical features of a word.

36. Amigos Ingleses

The founders of Amigos Ingleses, Philip and Isabel, both English professors from Cambridge and an English student from Madrid, are on a mission to improve the English of Hispanic students worldwide. It is here that you will learn all of the English that you will need for everyday circumstances in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

The founders of Amigos Ingleses are firm believers that learning a language fluently and securely does not have to take up half of your life, cost an “arm and a leg,” or be one of your worst nightmares. 

The website is straightforward to navigate. They offer videos to watch and audio conversations with Philip and Isabel to learn about English cultures to improve your English skills. They also provide an opportunity to be their student for free and the option to continue if you so desire. 

37. Rachel’s English

Rachel’s English offers over 500 free films to help non-native speakers improve their spoken English and listening comprehension. There are videos for everything from ideal mouth position to stress-relieving phrases to actual English conversation lessons. 

Rachel’s English, a superb resource for learning the language, covers many different aspects of pronunciation in great detail. This program’s specific and helpful pronunciation training and practice will benefit speakers of at least low-intermediate levels. Despite minor organizational issues, the site is a tremendous source of vital information. 

We found the website to be quite user-friendly. You can buy a monthly “English Academy” subscription for US$14.

38. Live Mocha

The LiveMocha website will not only teach you English but a whole lot more of different languages. Language learning on the internet has never been easier, thanks to this fantastic website. In addition to receiving comments from other users and correcting others, you can participate in a range of free language classes at different levels. This website serves as a social network for people studying the English language. 

The website’s interface was also unusual from the interfaces of other similar websites. In terms of content, the Live Mocha start page is comprehensive without being overly lengthy. 

According to the site, the site claimed to have 12 million registered members from 196 different countries throughout the world. It was completely free to join and use. However, it did offer the option of paying a fee for certain features. This website will assist you in your independent English language study endeavors.

39. One Stop English

English language teachers’ favorite, says Onestopenglish. The site has worksheets, lesson plans, audio, flashcards, and video. You can do this by looking for the proper category on the right side of the screen. 

Tabs for themes like business and ESP are found in the top navigation bar. There are sections for grammar and talents. CLIL, support, games, and community are all available to kids and teens. Subcategories of key subject areas are easy to find. Finding helpful classroom resources will be much easier with the advent of a site search feature. 

If you want to get a lot more from the website, you can register and subscribe to the site. The basic site is free. A year’s subscription costs GBP 42.00 and gives you access to all lessons, plus weekly new sessions, resources, audio and podcasts, and other extras. 

Registration is free and allows you to comment on items, post in the forum, and participate in other activities. The website is well-designed, professional, and easy to navigate. 

40. English Is A Piece of Cake

English lesson plans and teaching aids for intermediate to advanced levels are available free of charge on this English is A Piece of Cake. If you’re a student seeking exciting ways to learn English, look no further. Obtain free downloads to improve your reading, comprehension, and listening abilities and increase your vocabulary. 

You can find ideas for creating your lesson plans and lesson plans for discussion courses on this page. 

You’ll learn new idioms and phrasal verbs. If learning a new language is challenging for you, learn why English is necessary and how to maximize your learning potential.

41. GCF Learn Free

Several interactive activities, including well-designed lectures, exciting videos, and various interactive exercises that allow students to develop concepts and use them to track their progress, are available on GCF Learn Free

The use of grammar lessons may be beneficial for hopefuls who are looking for ways to improve their writing and reading abilities. The emphasis is on instructing students to study English in a hands-on environment. Users can elevate the sophistication of their English communication by including corrective solutions, ideas, and tips on how to improve the discussion in their conversations. 

In addition to improving communication skills, users can use this website to enhance their writing abilities. Everyday writing, business writing, and other topics are covered on the website, designed to help students strengthen their written communication abilities. Regular practice will, without a doubt, increase the fluidity with which you write in the English language.

42. Cambly

Cambly is a website that connects English learners with English teachers from all over the world. This means you can improve your speaking skills by conversing with someone from an English-speaking country

One of the best features of Cambly is its adaptability; you can log in and find a tutor whenever you want. This is ideal if you have a busy schedule and cannot devote a significant amount of time to learning English. 

The use of this website, however, is not free. It has a monthly fee of USD 64.00. Each package includes access to the entire tutor community and course catalog. This allows you to study with your favorite teachers every week or meet someone new for each class. The website is simple to navigate and use.

43. ExamEnglish 

Students taking an English language exam should consider this website as a reference. A2 Key (KET) and B1 Preliminary (B1) Cambridge English exams are available for free online practice at ExamEnglish. The PTE Academic, General, and Michigan exams are also available. 

Take the free skill test if you’re unsure about your talent level. All exams and practice tests follow the CEFR levels A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2

This website is free, and the navigation is straightforward.  Use this website to acquire all necessary grammar and vocabulary for English language examinations. 

44. MyEnglishpages

MyEnglishPages gives you the possibility to learn English online. It provides free English classes for people of all skill levels. Discover the exceptional stuff that will propel your English to new heights. 

You can also use this site to practice your English by doing exercises, quizzes, and assessments. They are all interactive in some way. You may learn English in a fun way by using renowned quotes, clean jokes, and much more on this website.    

Online ESL vocabulary programs to acquire new terms. Exercises that help you improve your reading comprehension. They are conversant with the appropriate terminology.

Lessons in free listening Enhance your target’s communication—listening lessons for ESL students. Additionally, free writing classes are available. Writing tactics might assist you in your development.

This website has a lot of free classes to help you improve your English skills, and the majority of them are free.


English Language Listening Lab Online” is a free online listening service that can help you enhance your listening skills. Anyone can use this resource by visiting the website. This app has over 1000 listening tasks covering various topics and skills. 

On this self-study website, you can listen to interviews and get worksheets. This listening-speaking guide contains both text and audio and is suitable for students at all proficiency levels. 

This tool is free and open to anyone who wants to enhance their listening skills without any subscriptions. Users of the website can quickly identify exercises that interest them. A useful feature of this application is that it allows you to download all audio and video files as MP3 files. 

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License applies to Elllo’s music and writing. These materials are free for students and teachers to download, copy, and share for educational purposes. They cannot be sold or traded for money. 

46. Perfectly Spoken

Perfectly Spoken offers over 500 video courses by professionals. Each course is divided into groups based on English proficiency, and you can take a free English exam to find the right course for you. Even if you start with one course, you can change it at any time. 

Programs for students and professionals are available for free. The Student and Pro subscriptions are necessary, although the Free Plan allows access to 300 video lectures and 10 hours of information per month. 

While this website is easy to use, Perfectly Spoken also gives additional study resources and practice exams. You can even get a gorgeous certificate of achievement after finishing a course.

47. Reddit

Reddit is a strange and intriguing part of the internet worth exploring. This online forum and digital community center attract people from all walks of life to discuss current events and hobbies, exchange personal stories and images, and engage in general discussion. 

Local news and commentary, sports analysis, shareable stories, and (perhaps the most important) images and videos of animals are among the variety of information available on Reddit. 

Reading and participating in Reddit discussions might help you improve your English language skills and become more proficient. One of the most important skills you can develop to speak and write in English fluently is the ability to read and comprehend the English language. 

The website is straightforward to use. You only need to sign up for a free Reddit account to become a member of the Reddit community.

48. Italki

Italki is a low-cost online English language learning platform that connects native speakers and English language, teachers. They have many who are fluent in more than 100 different languages and can offer classes in them. In your capacity as a student, you will have the opportunity to find a tutor who is a suitable match for your learning style, schedule, and personality. Teaching assistants are free to determine their own rates and work their own schedules. 

Prices vary based on the teacher and the language, with some teachers charging as little as USD 4 per hour and others charging as much as USD 60 per hour. The majority of the workers will be compensated at a rate of USD 10 per hour. With your first purchase on Italki, you will receive a USD 10 credit to use towards future purchases. 

Italki does not conduct classes; rather, it serves as a platform for teachers to schedule classes. Students can pay for classes using italki, and classes are typically held using Skype; however alternative options such as WeChat, FaceTime, and others are frequently offered. 

You can meet other language learners and improve your language skills in various ways by participating in Italki’s community component.

49. English Class 101

EnglishClass101 is free for seven days after signup. After joining EnglishClass101, you’ll get full access to all classes, videos, and podcasts. You can learn American, British, or both Types of English. Everyone in class is a native English speaker. 

There are four levels: absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate, and advanced speaker. If you’re not sure, take the quiz to find out. You can start at any level and work your way up to fluency. 

The class content is not outdated or irrelevant. Instead, you’ll hear real-time news and discussions. You will learn how to speak English like a native speaker to blend in when you start speaking English immediately. 

EnglishClass101 is an excellent resource for anyone learning English. Because this is a complex language to learn with many rules, we believe EnglishClass101 would be most beneficial. 

Overall, this program is an excellent approach to learning English. It is affordable, thorough, and self-paced. There is a fine line between being excessively flashy and current and being too heavy-handed and textbook-focused.

50. Espresso English

Espresso English is a great online website for learning English. This website will help you speak English like a native. This is where you go to read your favorite American or British literature in English, especially if you want to learn English at your own pace. 

Starting with the free E-books and English lessons sent to your email address. Now you may buy 13 courses from Espresso English. The website is easy to use and navigate, even for beginners. 

Espresso English teaches you how to think in English. It is impossible to master a language by learning it word by word and translating each meaning. The goal of all Espresso English classes is to think in English.

Also, audio and text tutorials let you learn new vocabulary and practice skills. Each lesson ends with a quiz to help you test your knowledge. 


Manythings is a site dedicated to assisting students of English as a foreign language and English as a second language. There are a plethora of resources available to learners to aid them in improving their English language skills. 

Learn more about the culture of English-speaking countries by studying topics such as vocabulary and idiomatic phrases as well as grammar and vocabulary. Students can also sing and write in English while learning slang and idioms. 

There are connections for academics and students and a welcome page for newcomers. The website is user-friendly for both teachers and students. It will also be more pleasurable because there will be no advertising and the website will be completely free.

Although it is free, the website offers a wealth of information and is extremely comprehensive. Beginner ESL or EFL students can distinguish vowel sounds while participating in a phrase game with this practice. It can also be used to instruct kids at a lesser academic level. 

A significant weakness of this website is that the primary colors are white and gray, and the columns are simple in appearance. This website is extremely tiresome and dull for young learners to navigate through.

52. Voice of America

One of the best sites for students to improve their English skills is the Voice of America (VOA) Learning English. The target audience is a global audience of millions of English learners. In addition, it is employed in the classroom.

The most common levels are intermediate and upper-beginner. This website’s material is derived from world news, business, science, American life, popular culture, and other sources. 

It is more interactive, student-centered, and entertaining to learn English. There are quizzes, downloadable lesson plans, and other materials accessible. Students can easily improve their language abilities by visiting any of these websites. 

Before going on to exercises that improve students’ speaking and writing ability, VOA Learning English teaches reading and listening skills. 

The VOA website is free and easy to navigate, but it is also gaining in popularity among English learners worldwide, especially beginners. Learners have a wealth of learning options at their disposal.


The website English Grammar is dedicated to the teaching and mastering of grammar. The website has many English grammatical topics, ranging from elementary to advanced. The site’s content is geared toward students, although instructors are also welcome to use it. 

One of the site’s features is the integration of social networking. You can share any lesson or video on the site, or you can leave comments on the topics, videos, and essays, then share your opinions online. 

The best feature is the availability of answer keys, which allows pupils to double-check their work. In addition to the online classes that teachers and students can access, video lessons are available for download. 

The website is easy to navigate, and the different grammar themes are well-organized. This is advantageous to any site visitor, whether an educator or a student. The site’s layout is straightforward, and visitors will have no trouble browsing it. The website is open to the public and is free to use.


Listenaminute is for anyone who aspires to improve their English language skills by listening to and studying it. 

Over 500 English listening lessons are available on this website, divided into three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. With the audio from “Listen a Minute,” you can listen to English anywhere and at any time. 

This website can assist anyone who is preparing for the TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS exams or who is learning English at their place of employment. 

The website is easy to navigate and has a pleasant appearance. Because of this, studying becomes more enjoyable, and learning English will never get boring again. It’s also completely free to use, and it includes an extensive library of music and audio to choose from to entertain you.

55. will teach you how to pass the IELTS test by providing free videos, expert guidance, sample essays, and a variety of other materials. 

It’s an excellent resource that motivates kids to go above and beyond what they previously believed they were capable of. If you put the information supplied by IELTSPodcast into practice, you will find it to be quite beneficial and practical. 

But if you require additional assistance with your IELTS preparation, they also provide a comprehensive IELTS Online Course. As a result, you will receive vital feedback that will assist you in improving more quickly and achieving your goal band score at a lower cost.

56. Learn English at Lang – 8

To trade languages and communicate with people throughout the world, Lang-8 was created. This site is similar to a personal blog or Twitter in that it’s an open journal where you may write about anything you want. 

With Lang-8, language learners can help each other learn new languages. Native speakers will edit your writing when you make entries in the languages you’re learning. To put it another way, it’s a hybrid of social networking and language study. 

Entering your email address is all it takes to get free access to the site. It’s possible to view all of the website’s activity, such as your friends’ most recent diary, the progress of your corrections, or comments from you and your friends, on the website’s homepage. 

The benefit of this website is that it gives those who are just learning English or other languages an opportunity to get started writing in that language. 

It’s simple to meet new people on Lang-8. Having friends fluent in English is very beneficial while trying to improve your English language skills. This website comes highly recommended if you want to improve your English while making friends from all over the world.


Woodward English provides free ESL tools to help people learn English worldwide. Everything from grammar notes to vocabulary lists and charts to interactive games and reading activities can be found here. 

Woodward English has created a free online English course that is open to anyone worldwide. This English course will take you from beginner to advanced levels. 

The definition and applications of phrasal verbs are explained in free phrasal verb courses for English language learners. If you plan to take the IELTS exam, the free IELTS preparation course they offer would be beneficial. 

A free online English Idioms course is provided to help ESL/ESOL students understand the meaning and applications of commonly used English idioms. This course will benefit students skilled in English at an intermediate or advanced level. 

In addition, the website offers English conversation classes. These free lectures will teach you vocabulary and expressions that will help you communicate successfully in English. Each class focuses on a new topic for debate.

58. first-English

first-English provides simple exercises for English language learners. There are a variety of tasks, including passive voice, compare tenses, simple present tense, simple past tense, and many others. 

If you compare it to other websites that teach English, it is a bit monotonous and uninteresting. Even if the website contains some intrusive pop-up adverts, you need not be concerned because all of the lessons and exercises on this site are free of charge.

59. ESL Blues

ESL Blues is intended for people with various English proficiency levels, primarily at the pre-intermediate and intermediate levels. At the same time, more and more quizzes are being developed for total newbies. 

The site is engaging, and there is excellent feedback. It is also completely free; there is no need to register or purchase anything to use their website to learn English.

60. Englishmaven

EnglishMaven is a free online English language resource for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade and those pursuing a General Educational Development (GED) or English as a Second Language (ESL) certificate. 

The website provides a wide choice of skill-building worksheets, all of which are written understandably and accurately. The resources are visually beautiful, simple, easy to access, and capable of capturing the spirit of the English language, which you will discover. 

The website’s resources can be accessed without registering, and everything is completely free. 

To improve their comprehension and fluidity, they test and enhance their printable worksheets and online quizzes in a classroom setting. Each lesson is designed to save paper at the printer/copier by making the most available page space. 

For first-time visitors and non-native English speakers, the website’s simple layout and navigation structure make it simple to grasp and utilize. Teachers and parents, in particular, may benefit from this website, which was created to be as helpful to students as possible. 

Final Thoughts

There are various ways to enhance your English language abilities, whether you want to increase your English speaking skills or improve your reading, writing, or listening skills. 

We listed numerous websites in this article where you may study English for free. Some are general, while others are specific to a particular section of the language. 

These websites provide excellent material and resources to assist you in improving your English communication skills. When it comes to being fluent in a foreign language, though, you will need to put your newfound knowledge into practice with another person. If you don’t have somebody with whom to practice, go to, where you may get an English conversation tutor to help you.

What websites have you found useful for learning English? If so, why did you like that particular website(s)?

We did our best to make this list as comprehensive and thorough as possible.

However, there’s a chance we might have skipped or missed one or two. Are there other websites you think we should add to the list? Let us know in the comment below. 

Additional FAQs

How can I learn English quickly?

To learn English quickly, immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Here are some effective strategies:

Practice Daily: Dedicate time every day to study English. Consistency is key to progress.

Immerse Yourself: Surround yourself with diverse English content, such as online articles, newspapers, books, and interactive websites. This exposure helps you become accustomed to the language’s rhythm and intonation.

Use Language Apps: Use language learning apps like Duolingo, Babbel, or Rosetta Stone for structured learning.

Find a Language Partner: Practice speaking with native English speakers or language partners online. Engaging in conversations helps improve fluency and pronunciation.

Learn Vocabulary in Context: Instead of memorizing isolated words, learn them in sentences or phrases to understand how they’re used in real-life situations.

Set Realistic Goals: Set achievable goals and track your progress to stay motivated.

Seek Feedback: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Learn from them and seek feedback from teachers or language exchange partners.

Use Flashcards: Create flashcards for vocabulary and grammar structures to reinforce learning.

Listen and Repeat: Listen to English audio recordings and repeat what you hear to improve pronunciation and intonation.

Practice Speaking: Engage in conversations as much as possible, whether with native speakers or fellow learners. Practice speaking regularly to build confidence and fluency.

Remember, learning a language takes time and effort, so be patient and persistent in your journey.

Can I improve my English alone?

Certainly! Here are some individuals who have successfully improved their English skills independently:

Jack Ma: The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, learned English on his own by practicing with tourists who visited his hometown of Hangzhou, China. He also listened to English radio stations and watched English documentaries or YouTube videos to improve his language skills.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Despite growing up in Austria where German was his first language, Arnold Schwarzenegger learned English on his own through self-study and immersion. He practiced by reading English books and engaging in conversations with English speakers.

J.K. Rowling: Before achieving fame as the author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling taught herself English literature and language while living in Portugal. She immersed herself in English books and literature, which significantly contributed to her mastery of the language.

Nelson Mandela: During his imprisonment on Robben Island, Nelson Mandela used the limited resources available to him to teach himself English. He studied English grammar books and dictionaries, and through perseverance, he became proficient in the language.

Malala Yousafzai: The Nobel laureate and education activist, Malala Yousafzai, learned English on her own while living in Pakistan. She studied English textbooks, practiced speaking with English-speaking friends, and utilized online resources to improve her language skills.
These individuals demonstrate that with determination, self-discipline, and the right resources, it’s possible to achieve proficiency in English independently.

Can I learn English in 3 months?

Learning English to fluency in just three months is quite ambitious, but making significant progress is definitely feasible with the right approach and dedication. Here are some practical examples of what you could achieve in three months:

Basic Conversational Skills: With consistent practice, you can develop basic conversational skills to introduce yourself, ask for directions, order food, and engage in simple everyday conversations.

Expanded Vocabulary: By focusing on learning high-frequency words and common phrases, you can significantly expand your vocabulary in three months. Aim to learn around 500-1000 new words through flashcards, reading, and language apps.

Improved Listening Comprehension: Regular listening practice through podcasts, audiobooks, or online videos will help you improve your understanding of spoken English, including different accents and speech patterns.

Enhanced Reading Comprehension: Reading English texts such as articles, short stories, or novels will improve your reading comprehension skills and expose you to a variety of vocabulary and sentence structures.

Better Writing Skills: Through writing exercises, such as journaling, essays, or emails, you can improve your grammar, spelling, and overall writing proficiency. Seek feedback from language partners or tutors to refine your writing.

Cultural Understanding: Immersing yourself in English-speaking cultures through workshops and online communities will enhance your cultural understanding and help you grasp nuances in language use.

Language Proficiency Exam Preparation: If your goal is to take a language proficiency exam like the TOEFL or IELTS, three months of focused study can prepare you well for the test, with regular practice tests and targeted skill-building exercises.
While achieving fluency in three months might be challenging for most learners, setting realistic goals and maintaining consistent practice will undoubtedly lead to significant progress in your English language skills.


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