IELTS Indicator Online Test Overview

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many IELTS testing centers worldwide were temporarily closed, and most IELTS test schedules were also put on hold. The British Council added the IELTS Indicator Online Test as one of their official language proficiency exams to address this issue. 

The goal of the IELTS Indicator Online Test is to provide the students and those non-native English speakers with an accessible and reliable language proficiency exam that one can take in your home. 

To know more about the IELTS Indicator Online Test, we have come up with this comprehensive article about it. 

What is IELTS Indicator?

The IELTS Indicator Online Test is another version of the IELTS exam that you can access in your home. Moreover, it is one of the official products of the IELTS. And, it also contains the same IELTS exam format and structure as the exams usually taken in the authorized testing centers. 

Consequently, the IELTS Indicator Online Test measures the primary English language skills, including listening, reading, speaking, and writing. You can take this online exam in one sitting, which comprises four test sections. 

And it also provides an indicative score for each test section and an overall band score.

Note that the IELTS Indicator is not a substitute for the IELTS exam that you take in their testing centers.

Before booking for the IELTS Indicator, you also need to know that this test is only good for educational purposes and has not been designed for immigration purposes. 

The IELTS Indicator Online Test does not cater to the IELTS General Training Test version. It is only applicable for the IELTS Academic Test. In addition, some universities and organizations also accept the test scores of this online exam with few restrictions. 

Note that these universities and colleges only accept the IELTS Indicator if you cannot take the IELTS exam in the testing center if you tested positive for COVID19 and if the testing centers in your location are closed due to government lockdowns and precautions for the pandemic

However, they only consider the IELTS Indicator Online Test if you cannot take the IELTS exam in testing centers due to unavoidable circumstances such as the pandemic. 

Therefore, it is best to contact first your desired academic institution whether or not they accept the IELTS Indicator. However, they will consider it at the moment and will still require you to take the IELTS exam in testing centers once it is available and accessible in your location. 

List of Countries and Institutions that accept the IELTS Indicator

Which Academic Institutions in Australia Accept IELTS Indicator Online Test Scores?

  1. Australian College of the Arts
  2. Central Queensland University
  3. Charles Darwin University
  4. Curtin College
  5. Deakin College
  6. Edith Cowan College
  7. Everest Institute
  8. Griffith College
  9. Hillcrest Christian College
  10. La Trobe University
  11. Melbourne Polytechnic
  12. The University of Adelaide 
  13. Trinity College
  14. University of Canberra
  15. University of Divinity
  16. University of New England
  17. University of Technology Sydney
  18. University of Western Australia
  19. University of Wollongong
  20. Western Sydney University

Which Academic Institutions in Canada Accept IELTS Indicator Online Test Scores?

  1. British Columbia Institute of Technology
  2. Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College
  3. Cape Breton University
  4. Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology
  5. Mount Allison University
  6. Mount Royal University
  7. Mount Saint Vincent University
  8. Niagara College Canada
  9. North Island College
  10. Nova Scotia Community College
  11. University College of the North
  12. University of British Columbia
  13. University of Calgary
  14. University of Lethbridge
  15. University of Manitoba
  16. University of New Brunswick
  17. University of Northern British Columbia
  18. University of Victoria
  19. Western University
  20. Yukon University

Which Academic Institutions in the UK Accept IELTS Indicator Online Test Scores?

  1. Aston University
  2. Cambridge Education Group
  3. Glasgow Caledonian University
  4. Guildhall School of Music and Drama
  5. Harper Adams University
  6. Imperial College London
  7. London Business School
  8. London Brunel International College
  9. University College of Birmingham
  10. University College London
  11. University of Brighton
  12. University of Bristol
  13. University of Oxford
  14. University of West London
  15. University of Westminster

Which Academic Institutions in the US Accept IELTS Indicator Online Test Scores?

  1. Arizona State University
  2. Arkansas Tech University
  3. Belmont University
  4. Boston College
  5. California State University
  6. Claremont Graduate University
  7. Cleveland Institute of Music
  8. Columbia University
  9. Dallas International University
  10. Delta State University
  11. Eastern Washington University
  12. Harvard Business School
  13. Howard Community College 
  14. Idaho State University
  15. Indiana State University
  16. University of Houston
  17. University of Illinois 
  18. University of Kentucky
  19. University of Minnesota
  20. University of Missouri
  21. University of Nevada
  22. University of New Hampshire
  23. University of North Carolina
  24. University of Oregon
  25. University of Pittsburgh
  26. University of San Diego
  27. Virginia State University
  28. Winona State University
  29. Wright State University
  30. Yale University 

What are the Key Features of IELTS Indicator?

There are several key features of the IELTS Indicator in terms of exam frequency, scoring, pricing, duration of each test section, and more. 

One of the features of this exam is it is accessible that you can take it on any laptop or desktop at home with a fast and reliable internet connection. Moreover, this exam remains reliable, accurate and delivers fast test results. 

Check out the table below for comprehensive details for the different key features of the said IELTS exam. 

IELTS Indicator Online Test
Key Features
Exam PriceThe exam fee is around USD 149.
Exam FrequencyThe test schedule is only available once a week. 
Test-Takers Age Requirement
  • The minimum age is 18 years old, and those below the age requirement need parental consent. 
  • And also, the Speaking test section needs adult supervision for those below 18 years old test-takers. 
Valid ID’s and Passport RequirementsValid ID and passport are needed for registration purposes.
And both are also validated during the Speaking test section.
Exam FormatThere are four test sections in the test:
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Speaking
Mode of DeliveryOnline Exam 
Exam DurationThe exam lasts approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes, more or less. 
Exam BreaksNo breaks are allowed when taking the test.
Exam ScoringIt uses the same test scoring as the IELTS exams, and the test results will be sent to you via email within 3 to 7 days after taking the test.  

IELTS Indicator Online Test Additional Requirements: 

Before taking this exam, make sure you have all the needed test requirements ready in your home for a smooth-sailing test experience. 

In addition, you are not allowed to use a mobile device or a tablet when taking the IELTS Indicator Online Test as it does not support such devices. 

Here is a list of some of the essential test requirements you need to prepare:

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • A well-lit room
  • Reliable and steady internet connection.
  • Microphone (it is best to use the one not attached to a headset)
  • Speaker
  • Separate webcam or front camera of your desktop or laptop.
  • Valid ID with photo and Passport.
  • You need to install relevant applications on your desktop or laptop, such as Safe Exam Browser (SEB) and Zoom application

Here are some of the payment requirements for the IELTS Indicator Online Test:

  • Accepts credit and debit cards that local or international banks issue. Note for those locally issued debit and credit cards, and you need to contact and notify your bank before placing your payment to avoid any discrepancy. 
  • Accepts the following mode of payment, including VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners International, Discover, Apple Pay and Google Play payments. 
  • The test fee should be paid in USD currency. 

What are the Benefits of IELTS Indicator Test?

The IELTS Indicator is the preferred online language exam by individuals who want to apply to academic institutions, especially now that some testing centers worldwide are closed due to COVID19. 

Moreover, the IELTS Indicator has the qualities and exam content of the IELTS exam, and it also uses the standardized scoring of the regular IELTS exam for fairness and accuracy. Here are some of the benefits of taking the IELTS Indicator:

Benefits For Test Takers

  • Accessible and Safe: The IELTS Indicator provides an accessible online language exam to evaluate your English language skills, including speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Moreover, you can take this exam in the comfort of your home to avoid larger crowds, especially now in the pandemic. 
  • Official IELTS Product: The British Council added the IELTS Indicator Online Test as one of their official products under the IELTS exam. As a result, you can assure the exam’s reliability and use the same standardized scoring as the IELTS exam. 
  • Accepted by Universities and Colleges Worldwide: Many educational institutions in various countries accept and trust the IELTS Indicator Online Test scores for school admissions. In addition, the validity of this exam is equal to the IELTS exam level. 

Benefits For Universities and Educational Institutions

  • Efficient Langauge Exam Tool: This exam is an efficient language test to measure the primary English language skills in reading, listening, speaking, and writing. It is preferred by universities and colleges to measure the student’s language skills. 
  • Standardized Scoring and Test Results: The IELTS Indicator Online Test is a standardized language exam, and the scoring for this test also follows a systemized process. Thus, it provides 100% accuracy and reliable test results.
  • Easy Access and Availability: It is widely available in different locations around the world, wherein the walk-in IELTS testing is suspended due to COVID19. And also, test-takers can easily access and take the IELTS Indicator Online Test with the same test quality as the IELTS exam. 

What is the IELTS Indicator Online Test Exam Format?

The IELTS Indicator Online Test follows the same test format and structure as the IELTS exam. In addition, it assesses the four English language skills such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. 

Note that this exam does not support the IELTS General Training Test; however, you can take the IELTS Academic Test in this exam. 

The total exam length of this test lasts for around 2 hours and 45 minutes, and all the four test sections are to be taken in one sitting only, and there are no breaks in between each test section. 

  1. IELTS Listening Test Section
  2. IELTS Reading Test Secftion
  3. IELTS Speaking Test Section
  4. IELTS Writing Test Section

Listening Test Section 

The duration of this test section is about 30 minutes.

In addition, there are four recordings (Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4)that you need to listen to, and this test also makes use of different accents.

There will also be a total of 40 questions that you need to answer, ten questions per audio clip. 

Reading Test Section 

There are three selections (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) that you need to read in this section.

All of the passages here discuss academic topics from books, online articles, journals, and other reading materials.

There are also 40 questions in this section that you need to answer, and the duration of this test section is approximately 60 minutes. 

Writing Test Section 

The length of this section is about 60 minutes, and there will be two writing tasks that you need to do.

The first one (Task 1) is where you need to write an essay about an academic topic.

And also, the second task (Task 2) involves writing an essay regarding a specific argument, discussing opinions, and more. 

Speaking Test Section 

The speaking test section is also scheduled on the same day as the other test sections mentioned above.

This test section only lasts for about 11 to 14 minutes, and it is done via a video call using the Zoom application with an IELTS examiner.

There are three tasks (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), including an interview, long-turn, and discussion. 

When and How Will You Receive Your IELTS Indicator Results?

You will receive your IELTS Indicator Online Test results within seven days after taking the test.

In addition, you will be notified via email in three days or seven days maximum. And you can assure of its reliability and accuracy as it matches the IELTS exam test scoring interpretation. 

IELTS Indicator Exam Registration Process

You can register for this exam through the official IELTS Indicator website. They will present a checklist that you need to complete on the website before booking the exam. In addition, you must be 16 years old or above for you to be eligible for the test. 

You will also need to select the country where you are taking the test, complete all the required information, and attach the necessary documents to create an account. 

And if you already have an existing account, you can directly log in to it. Afterward, you will be directed to the payment page, and you will receive a confirmation email regarding your test schedule after you have placed your payment. 

What Is The Difference Between The IELTS Indicator Test And The IELTS?

The IELTS Indicator Online Test is a session-based language exam that you can take in your home. Both the IELTS exam and the IELTS Indicator Online test measure the four English language skills. 

These two exams have the same test format, test questions, structure, and exam length. Their only difference is the mode of delivery, and the IELTS exam is taken at the official testing centers. In contrast, the IELTS Indicator Online Test can be taken at home using your laptop or desktop.  

Additional FAQs on IELTS Indicator 

How Long is the IELTS Indicator Online Test?

The exam length of the IELTS Indicator Online Test is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes without any breaks in between the exam sections. 

There are four test sections (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) in this IELTS exam, and you will take these all in one sitting.

And also, you will take the speaking test section on the same day, after you have finished all the other test sections or before you take the different areas of the exam. 

Can I Take a Break During the IELTS Indicator Online Test?

No, there are no breaks allowed when taking the IELTS Indicator Online Test.

You are required to take the whole exam in one sitting, including the speaking test section, which only lasts for 11 to 14 minutes. 

You can take it separately via a video call with an official IELTS examiner after completing the other sections of the test. 

What if the IELTS Indicator isn’t Available in My Country?

If the IELTS Indicator Online Test is not available in your country, you can contact the nearest IELTS official testing center to know what exams they offer in your area. You can have the option to take the IELTS exam at the testing centers.

They have the IELTS Academic Test and the IELTS General Training and choose the one that best fits your purpose in taking the exam. 

Is IELTS Indicator the Same as IELTS?

Yes, the IELTS Indicator Online Test has the same exam format, structure, scoring, and duration of the IELTS exam. 

The only difference between these two language proficiency exams is the mode of delivery in which the IELTS Indicator is an online test that you can take at the comfort of your home. 

Meanwhile, the IELTS exam offers two test modes of delivery, the paper-based test and the computer-based test, which are all needed to be taken at the authorized testing centers.