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IELTS Cue Card Sample Question – Describe a Place You and Your Friend Went to Recently

While preparing for the IELTS test, the ‘cue card’ section, also known as the IELTS Speaking Part 2, is one of the areas that you should devote your time and effort practicing for.

This part of the test lasts for only two minutes, so you have to use your time efficiently. 

With this article, we will help you by providing you with sample responses to the cue card topic ‘Describe a place you and your friend went to recently.’ Read on.

What is the IELTS Cue Card Question?

You will be handed a task card on a specific topic in the IELTS Speaking Part 2. This card is also called the ‘cue card,’ and it features significant elements that you should discuss.

This component of the IELTS Speaking Test allows you to speak about a topic for a longer period. You are given one minute to prepare to speak about the cue card’s topic. You will be given a pencil and paper to take notes with.

You are given 1-2 minutes to speak, after which the examiner will ask you one or two questions on the same subject.

The IELTS Cue Card section takes about 3-4 minutes to complete.

How to Answer this Specific Cue Card Question: “Describe a Place You and Your Friend Went to Recently”

Topic / Question

Describe a Place You and Your Friend Went to Recently

Guidelines to answer this question

You should say:

  • Where and what this place is
  • Whom you went with
  • Why you went there

And explain how you felt that day.   

  • Think of a place that you and your friends went to recently. It could be anywhere, but it would help if it is somewhere memorable, and you would have a lot to discuss. 
  • Once you have a specific place in mind, stick to it before writing down notes. Any other place that you and your friends recently went to is okay. However, ensure that you have enough details to share so that you can cover the entire two minutes of your speech. 
  • Start taking notes on what and where this place is. Include when you went there and who you are with, what you did there, and how you felt being there with your friends.
  • Remember that you only have a minute, so do not write sentences. Instead, just write words and phrases. 
  • Employ a wide range of vocabulary and complex structures of grammar. Remember that these contribute to your overall marks in this part of the test. 
  • Make sure that you can comprehend what you have written. The examiner will not mark you based on what you have written but on how you can deliver your speech. 
  • You may look at your notes during your speech. It is fine. That is the main reason why you are given a paper and pencil, to make use of your notes.

Sample Responses: “Describe a Place You and Your Friend Went to Recently”

Sample Response 1: 

“Well, I enjoy traveling to some of my favorite destinations. However, I’d like to discuss a location that I recently visited with one of my best friends. His name is Manu. Two months ago, we went to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. We chose to travel by bus. We arrived at the bus terminal in Moga, my hometown, as planned. We grabbed snacks and beverages to drink at the bus terminal. We boarded a bus with barely a few other passengers.

Manu and I shared the same bus seat for the whole of our voyage. We discussed a variety of topics. My traveling companion is an extremely talkative individual. With his amusing and enthralling speech, he makes every moment memorable. On the bus, he was engaging in amusing games. After a while, the bus conductor approached our seat and handed us a ticket.

We ate the meal that we had brought with us after an hour on the road. After an hour, we arrived in Amritsar and got off the bus before hailing a cab to the Golden Temple. We arrived in ten minutes. We prayed for the kindness of our dear families over there. The Golden Temple is a well-known religious site throughout the world. Many people, particularly Sikhs, visit the shrine to make supplications to the Almighty.

Furthermore, I prayed to God for a strong bond between our three buddies. We returned to the bus station after prayer and boarded a bus to return home. We eventually returned to my hometown in the evening. I was so happy that I got to go to a special place with one of my best friends. It was an amazing experience and I hope to visit more places with him.“ 

Follow-up Question 1:

Do you travel with him often, or do you have other groups of friends you usually go with? 


“Actually, we often travel as a group. This trip was supposed to be with two other friends but they had to back out at the last minute because of an urgent matter. So Manu and I decided that we would go even if it’s just the two of us and I’m glad we pushed through with the trip because we had such an amazing time.“

Follow-up Question 2: 

How different is it when you travel alone and when you travel with friends?


“It’s an entirely different experience when you go somewhere by yourself and when you are with friends. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can manage your time well when you are alone because you don’t have to wait for other people and you can do anything you want. You can’t do those when you are with friends because you have to consider them. Nevertheless, traveling with friends is more fun because you get to share your experience with them.“ 

Sample Response 2: 

“I always love to travel with my buddies to various locations and events. But I’d like to tell you about this place I recently went to with my friends. It was last Sunday. My classmates and I went to a café called Coffee Day. It is close to the college and is located on 14th Avenue. That day was particularly memorable for me and my friends because it was the day we received our diplomas.

Apart from that, we chose to commemorate a special occasion in a unique setting. This cafe holds a unique place in our hearts because it is where we spend all of our special college moments, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. Following that, we appreciate the inside of this cafe, which includes drizzly lights, artworks, relaxing hues on the walls, wooden furniture, and a hardwood floor. We were thinking at the time that we would create a cafe like this in the future. 

We arrived at around 11 a.m. on that day. We were seated at the very last tables. We then placed an order for a medium chocolate cake and four cappuccinos. However, because I dislike hot beverages, I requested a creamy iced coffee. We received the order in 20 minutes and then cut the cake.

We also had a drink and talked about our future plans. My two friends told me that they wished to relocate to another country. We spent a significant amount of time together. Last but not least, we’ve determined that if a special event arises, we’ll all gather here to celebrate it. That time, in my opinion, was very memorable for me and my companions. For the rest of my life, we will never forget that place. That moment was especially unforgettable for me since I noticed a smile on my friend’s face before we parted ways.“

Follow-up Question 1:

How frequently do you think we should spend time with friends?


“Friends are like a family to me. They are an important part of everyone’s life. I think that as much as possible, we have to meet our friends on a regular basis. That could be every week, or once every two weeks, or every month. It doesn’t matter actually, as long as we see them regularly and we don’t lose contact with them.“ 

Follow-up Question 2: 

Do you believe we should share everything with our friends?

Response 2: 

“No, I don’t think so. I think that there is stuff that we should be keeping to ourselves and not share with our friends. We are still entitled to our personal space and our friends would and should understand that, just as I also respect their personal space.“ 

Vocabulary Tips for Answering the Question: “Describe a Place You and Your Friend Went to Recently”

Here are some words in the sample responses for the cue card topic Describe a place you and your friends went to recently.’ with their meanings and sample sentences for your reference. 

WordPart of SpeechDefinitionExample Usage of
the Word in a Sentence
amusing adjectiveCausing people to laugh and entertain them“The audience did not find his jokes amusing at all.”
arise verbTo emerge, become apparent“All of a sudden, a cry arose from the scene.”
board verbTo get on or into“Without looking back, she boarded the ship.”
commemorate verbTo celebrate an event by doing something special“To commemorate the renowned musician, they erected a memorial.”
companion nounAn animal or person with whom one shares a significant amount of time or travels“My sister was my companion when I went to Greece last year.”
drizzly adjectiveDull“The lighting in the living room looks drizzly.”
enthralling adjectiveAttracting and retaining one’s interest; interesting“I think your book is absolutely enthralling!”
hail verbTo call out to attract attention“I already hailed a cab when my brother arrived.”
hometown nounThe city of one’s birth or early years, or one’s current fixed address“She still visits her hometown whenever she has the chance.”
hue nounColor or shade“You need to add some paint to achieve a warmer hue.”
memorable adjectiveWorth remembering or easy to recall, unique“The trip was indeed a memorable experience.”
relocate verbTo move to a new location and establish a home or company there“She had to relocate to New Jersey for her new job.”
supplication nounThe act of humbly or passionately requesting or pleading for something“The devotees bent their heads in prayer for supplication.”
urgent adjectiveNecessitates rapid action or attention“He had to cancel his presentation because of an urgent family matter.”
voyage nounA long journey“The voyage entailed a lot of preparation.”

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