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IELTS Cue Card Sample Question — Describe Someone Famous that You Want to Meet

The cue cards segment, which is part 2 of the IELTS Speaking Test, is one of the areas where you should concentrate your efforts while studying for the IELTS.

We have developed a list of potential cue card topics and will show you how to answer them effectively. 

Sample replies to the cue card topic ‘Describe someone famous that you want to meet.’ are included in this article. Continue reading.

What is a IELTS Cue Card Question?

The topic card supplied to you at the start of IELTS Speaking Part 2 is referred to as a ‘cue card’. It is a piece of paper on which your conversation topic is presented.

You should take notes as soon as you receive the cue card, using the given paper and pencil because you only have a minute to get ready. 

You are not allowed to change the subject, and you must speak about it regardless of how much or how little information you know about the topic.

The examiner will inform you to begin your speech after the one-minute preparation period, and you must maximize the two remaining minutes.

The examiner may then ask you to answer any follow-up questions about your speech.

How to Answer this Specific Question — “Describe Someone Famous that You Want to Meet”?


Describe Someone Famous that You Want to Meet 

Guidelines to answer the question:

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How do you know this person
  • Why this person is famous

And explain why you want to meet them. 

  • Think of someone famous that you admire. It could be anyone, a local or international celebrity. However, it would be better if it is someone the examiner might also know. 
  • Once you have a person in mind, stick to it. You do have a lot of time to change your choice. Remember that you only have a minute to prepare. 
  • Begin taking notes on who this person is and the things that make them famous. Include their accomplishments and why you want to meet this person. Do not write sentences. Only write keywords and phrases. 
  • Do not forget to use sophisticated words and phrases to impress the examiner. Utilize complex grammar structures as well. Doing so will help you score high in this part of the test.
  • Write quickly but do not compromise your handwriting. Make sure you will be able to understand your notes later on. The notes you take do not matter to the examiner. 
  • While discussing your topic, take a look at your notes once in a while. It is fine. You will not be deducted marks for looking at them.

Sample Responses — “Describe Someone Famous that You Want to Meet” 

Sample Response 1: 

“Famous people can be found all throughout the world, and we all like keeping up with them and learning about them. Although I admire a variety of people, Leonardo DiCaprio is one that I particularly admire. He is an acclaimed American actor, film producer, and environmental activist. 

I first became a fan of him through the film ‘Titanic’, a tragic love story that catapulted DiCaprio’s career to new heights. I remember being in my teens when I first saw the movie. Despite knowing little about him, I was blown away by his performance in the film, as a impoverished artist who meets and falls in love with the beautiful Rose on board and eventually dies to save her life when the ship collides with an iceberg and sinks to the ocean’s bottom. Since then, I’ve seen some of his other films and have a greater knowledge of him.

There are numerous reasons why I am desperate to meet him in person. The first point I’d like to emphasize is that he has had a very successful career as one of our generation’s greatest performers. ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, ‘The Great Gatsby’, and ‘The Revenant’, among other films in which he portrayed the main character, have grossed a total of $1.4 billion at the box office in the last four years. Five times he has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Obviously, his success is the consequence of his unrivaled talent, passion, commitment, and personality, rather than a stroke of luck. As far as I can remember, he is a perfectionist who seeks to achieve the greatest standards in his job and continues to push the boundaries with each new role. In his most recent picture, ‘The Revenant’, his character is so hungry that he eats raw liver in one scene, and DiCaprio actually consumes raw liver in order to convey authentic emotions to the audience. This is very beautiful and admirable.

In addition, I’d like to meet him in person to express my admiration and respect for him. It’s because he’s a responsible individual who is concerned about the environment, particularly global warming. DiCaprio has consistently expressed his concern for environmental issues, as evidenced by his Globe and Oscar speeches. He has taken responsibility in a variety of activities to raise awareness about environmental issues, including hosting environmental events alongside other celebrities such as President Bush and Obama, producing environmental documentaries, volunteering for environmental organizations, and founding The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, an environmental non-profit organization.

Overall, these are the reasons why, when I think of a foreign celebrity I’d like to meet, DiCaprio is the first name that comes to mind. My dream, I hope, will come true in the near future.”

Follow-up Question 1:

How important do you think someone’s status in society is when it comes to campaigning for what they believe in? 


“In my opinion, a person’s status in the society plays a vital role when it comes to pushing for what they believe in. Famous people, for example, have an extreme advantage when it comes to encouraging the citizens because they have a lot of followers and fans. That is why I admire celebrities who use their status for a greater good.” 

Follow-up Question 2:

What do you think should be the best reason for someone to be famous? 


“I believe that people can get famous for a lot of reasons. It may be because of the profession they are in, their family background, their political beliefs or just the kind of lifestyle that they have. For me, there are actually a lot of good reasons for someone to be famous, and I do admire people who rose to fame because of the deeds that they do. People who are philanthropists and those who help other people. These are the people I have so much admiration for because they use their fame to do good things.” 

Sample Response 2:

“There are so many renowned people on my ‘I-want-to-meet’ list who I would love to meet and spend time with. On this list are scientists, actors, actresses, political leaders, poets, IT specialists, business founders, athletes, writers, and journalists, but Paulo Coelho is the first person I’d like to meet and get to know.

He is a well-known Brazilian novelist and lyricist who has become one of the world’s most widely read authors. I am a huge fan of his writing and have been very moved by most of it, which is why I want to meet him in person to chat about those stories and learn more about the person who has such a unique style of presenting stories.

I’ve read his book ‘Alchemist’ several times and greatly appreciated it. It’s an amazing and thought-provoking book, and the author has done an excellent job of telling the story. This work has been translated into 70 languages and has received a lot of favorable and critical acclaim. I don’t know much about the man behind these incredible stories, which is why I’d like to meet him and learn more about him. I think of him as a high-ranking official. I’ve read so many of his works, including ‘The Alchemist,’ ‘The Valkyries,’ ‘Eleven Minutes,’ and ‘The Zahir,’ that I’d like to meet the author of those incredible tales.

Writers have the extraordinary ability to combine reality and imagination to create amazing fiction. It’s a challenging challenge to convey a story and give the characters a dynamic presence. Paulo Coelho is a great writer who can effortlessly capture the interest of readers with his compelling novels. His books are page-turners that keep the reader wanting to read more. His works have mesmerized me to the point where I’d like to meet the genuine person who tells us the stories. I’d like to hear his thoughts and perspectives on many of the characters he’s developed, as well as spend some time getting to know one of my favorite authors.”

Follow-up Question 1:

For those who haven’t read ‘The Alchemist’, how would you encourage them to read it? 


“‘The Alchemist’ is by far one of the best books I have ever read, and a lot of people would agree with me. So I think convincing other people to read it wouldn’t be too difficult. With everything that’s happening around the world, reading an inspiring book that is full of optimism, wisdom, and philosophy is what we need. Besides, everyone whom I have recommended this book to has nothing but nice words to say and I am sure the book won’t disappoint anyone.”

Follow-up Question 2:

You seem like a person who reads a lot. What do you like better, watching films or reading books?


“Reading books definitely! But that is not to say I do not enjoy watching movies because I do like them as well. It’s just that with reading, I have the opportunity to imagine and go beyond my inner thoughts. Reading books develops the creativity in me, whereas when I watch movies, I do not get that chance as much as I would like to.“

Vocabulary Tips for Answering this IELTS Cue Card Question — (Describe someone famous that you want to meet):

Here are some words in the sample responses for the cue card topic ‘Describe someone famous that you want to meet.’ with their meanings and sample sentences for your reference. 

WordPart of SpeechMeaning
Example usage of the word in a sentence
acclaimedAdjectivewell-known“He is an acclaimed author with a distinct and pungent style.”
activistNounA person who works to bring about political or social change through campaigning“She became a political activist in the emerging French civil society at the time.”
authenticAdjectiveAccurate, reliable, and based on facts“The fight was re-enacted by actors dressed in authentic clothing.”
blown awayPhrasal VerbTo make a big impression on someone, usually in a positive way“The audience was blown away by her angelic voice.”
catapultVerbTo launch or move at a great speed“Her album catapulted to the top of the charts as a result of the exposure.”
collideVerbTo hit with force when moving“I was afraid the boats might collide, but one of them sheared away at the last moment.”
conveyVerbTo make an idea understood by someone“She cannot convey her ideas and thoughts in words.” 
desperateAdjectiveFeeling, displaying, or involving a dismal notion that a situation is so horrible that it is unmanageable“The victims of the typhoon are in desperate need of food and shelter.” 
dynamicAdjectiveCharacterized by a high level of activity, activity, or progress“The company has managed to change and remain dynamic through the years.”
effortlesslyAdverbIn a way that needs no physical or mental effort“The batter stroked the ball to the boundary effortlessly.”
favorableAdjectiveExpressing approval“The weather appeared to be favorable for the race.”
genuineAdjectiveSincere, authentic“The way she laughed was way too ferocious to be genuine.
lyricistNounA person who composes lyrics for a popular musical or song“He was looking for a complete lyricist who could add flavor to tunes he wanted bigger musicians to perform.”
mesmerizeVerbTo hold someone’s attention to the exclusion of all others or to transfix them“By the mere force of his presence, he could mesmerize an audience.”
optimismNounConfidence in the future or in the successful execution of something“As he spoke about the future, he manifested optimism in his voice.”
philanthropistNounA person who strives to improve the well-being of others, particularly by the generous contribution of money to charitable causes“A billionaire philanthropist founded the university.”
push boundariesIdiomExpand one’s horizons“The design community should continue to push the boundaries and raise the bar on quality.”
renownedAdjectiveFamous, talked about by people“She was renowned for her beauty and eloquence.”
thought-provokingAdjectiveEncouraging careful thought or concentration“In the newspaper, there was a thought-provoking story about poverty.”
unrivaledAdjectiveBetter than anyone or anything“In his efforts to interview heads of state and top ministers, he showed unrivaled patience.”

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