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IELTS Cue Card Sample Question – Describe an Interesting Course You Took 

Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking test is considered the most difficult for those who have taken it. Why? It is because this section of the IELTS test requires you to speak for two minutes. 

When you think about it, two minutes is not a long time to speak… if you know what you are going to say. What happens if you do not?

It will almost certainly take the longest two minutes of your life. That is something we do not want to happen to you therefore in this post; we are showing you some sample responses to the cue card topic ‘Describe an interesting course you took.’ Keep reading to learn more. 

What is the IELTS Cue Card Question?

The examiner will present you with a topic and ask you to speak for one to two minutes about it in the IELTS Speaking Task 2

The topic will be written on a card, which is what they call a cue card. You will also be provided with a piece of paper and a pencil to take notes with.  You will have exactly 60 seconds to plan and jot down notes before speaking. 

Your time will be kept by the examiner, and you will be notified when it is up. They will inform you when to start talking and that you will be interrupted once the two minutes have elapsed.

The ideas on the cue card will guide you with things to say, and you should try to stay on topic for the whole two minutes.

Before moving on to the next portion, they may ask you a question about what you have discussed. This entire section takes about 3-4 minutes in total. 

How to Answer this Specific Question: “Describe an Interesting Course You Took”


Describe an Interesting Course You Took

Guidelines to Answer this Question

You should say:

  • What course it was
  • When you took it
  • Who the professor was

And explain why you think it’s interesting.   

  • Recall an interesting course that you took. It could be any course, academic or vocational. Whatever you pick, ensure that you have enough details and information to share later. 
  • Stick to your choice once you have selected what you will discuss. Because you do not have much time, do not try to change your decision later.
  • Begin listing down your thoughts and ideas. State what the course was and when you took it. Discuss and describe what the course was about and who the professor was. Lastly, explain what about this subject makes it interesting. 
  • Make the most of your time. Instead of writing sentences, simply write keywords and phrases.
  • To impress the examiner, make extensive use of strong vocabulary and complex grammar structures. These tips will assist you in achieving a high mark in this area of the exam.
  • As you scribble notes, be sure to do so fast and clearly so that you can understand what you have written afterward. If the examiner cannot recognize what is on your notes, that is alright. The content and delivery of your speech are utilized to evaluate you, not your penmanship.
  • While talking, you can go through your notes. It is permitted. Your marks will not be affected by it. 

Sample Responses: “Describe an Interesting Course You Took”

Sample Response 1:

“In today’s world, tough workplace competitiveness has become an integral part of people’s lives, necessitating the development of new abilities. I took one course two years ago to propel my profession forward on an incredible growth track. The course I’m referring to a Digital Marketing course, and I think it’s indeed an interesting one. 

There were two modules in the course. The trainer focused on teaching the principles of digital marketing in the first lesson. I learned a great deal about the digital world in the first six weeks and how traditional marketing will soon be obsolete. Social media marketing was the focus of the second module. I learned about numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Medium, and Meetup from that training. In addition, I did volunteer work for one of my teacher’s international clients.

My on-the-job training allowed me to get significant insights into the design of social media marketing strategies. This course amazed me because it led to a paradigm shift in my approach to digital marketing. I instantly got a job with an IT company after finishing the training. Now, I work for a multinational corporation, and I credit my affluent lifestyle to the training throughout the course. To have a successful career, I recommend that all young people understand digital marketing.”

Follow-up Question 1:

In your opinion, should professors decide on what course a student should take? 


“I don’t think so. I believe that whatever course a student wants to take is up to that student and that no one should decide it for them. I know that sometimes, there are those students who feel the need to shift to another course because they do not like the first course they took, but at least they tried to go for what they wanted at the time.” 

Follow-up Question 2:

How do you feel about the growing number of technology courses these days? 


“I think it’s a good thing. The world we live in now is advanced in terms of technology, and almost everything is technology-based. We need to keep up with the modern advancements that are happening, and that would only be possible because of these technology courses being offered in universities and colleges these days.”

Sample Response 2: 

“The importance of learning new skills cannot be overstated. Technology has made inroads into our lives in the modern day. As a result, people’s primary concentration is on completing technology-related courses. However, there are quite a few abilities that are a must-have for everyone, and living without them is a difficult effort. Last year, I enrolled in an interesting course that changed my life forever.

The course was on cooking, and I was able to complete it entirely online from the comfort of my own home. At first, the instructor concentrated on teaching us the fundamentals of cooking. He went to great lengths on spices, oils, vegetables, and cereals. After that, he showed us how to use various culinary utensils and appliances. Of course, in the second week, I learned to make Vietnamese cuisine and prepared a variety of delectable dishes such as pho, goi cuon, banh mi, and bun cha, among others.

I learned to cook Chinese cuisine in the second week and how to bake in the last week. I learned about bakery items like bread, puffs, patties, cakes, and brownies. I was impressed by the course. Because after learning to cook, I now have the freedom to prepare my favorite foods on my own. Furthermore, I intend to continue my education abroad, and knowing how to cook will enable me to eat the foods of my choice.”

Follow-up Question 1: 

Do you think enrolling in an online course is less effective than actually going to the university or a learning center? 


“Not at all, I think that both are effective means of helping students master a specific skill. If a student is determined to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills, it doesn’t matter what the platform is.” 

Follow-up Question 2: 

What must a person take into account when choosing a course? 


“I believe that there are lots of things to be considered when deciding what course to take. First off, your abilities and skills. You shouldn’t be taking an accounting course if you aren’t good at numbers. Another factor to consider is your financial status. Medicine and Law, for example, are expensive courses, and you would want to reconsider if you plan to take these courses on a tight budget. Last but not least, your interests. If you aren’t interested in taking up a course and would only take it because you would be taking over a family business in the future, think twice.” 

Vocabulary List for Answering the Question: “Describe an Interesting Course You Took”

Below are some words from the sample responses for the cue card topic ‘Describe an interesting course you took.’ with their definitions and example sentences to guide you. 

WordPart of SpeechDefinitionExample Usage of
the Word in a Sentence
affluentadjectiveHaving a good amount of money; being rich“The affluent’s lifestyle hasn’t altered much throughout the years.”
coursenounA set of lectures or courses on a specific subject that generally leads to a degree“No prior understanding of Spanish was required for this course.”
digital marketingnounAll advertising procedures that happen on the internet; online marketingDigital marketing is now the new trend in business.”
fundamentaladjectiveForming a necessary foundation or core; crucial“The fundamental element of governance is to learn to obey.”
harshadjectiveSevere; cruel“School expulsion is a harsh type of punishment.”
inroadnounAn advance; progress“The administration is making inroads in addressing the issue of unemployment.”
insightnounThe ability to intuitively grasp an accurate and profound comprehension of a person or object“The text provides us with an insight of the reasons for the current economic crisis.”
integraladjectiveNecessary or crucial to the completion of a whole“The school’s music program is an integral aspect of the curriculum.”
modulenounOne of the components that make up a comprehensive course typically taught at a college or university“The professor gave us three modules to study for.” 
obsoleteadjectiveNo longer needed or used“Will computers eventually make books obsolete?”
overstateverbExaggerate; express or assert something too strongly“She felt apprehensive about overstating her true socioeconomic standing.”
professionnounA paying career, particularly one that requires extensive training and a formal requirement“After fifteen years in the law profession, he has become jaded and skeptical of the world.”
propelverbForce or spur into a specific circumstance“Her amazing attractive looks propelled her ascension to fame.”
social medianounApplications and websites that make users make and share content, as well as participate in social networking“We must keep an eye on social media because it has the potential to consume our lives.”
traditionaladjectiveExisting in or part of a long-standing practiceTraditional processes were used to make this beer.”

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