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IELTS Cue Card Sample Question – Describe a Place You Want to Travel Next 

The ‘cue card’ section, which is the second portion of the IELTS Speaking Test, is one of the areas in which you must invest effort when preparing and studying for the IELTS test.

Because it is only two minutes long, you should make the most of it. 

We want to be as helpful as possible, so we have put together some sample responses for the cue card topic ‘Describe a place you want to travel next.‘ Continue reading to learn more.

What is the IELTS Cue Card Question?

A ‘cue card’ is the topic card given to you at the beginning of IELTS Speaking Part 2. It comes on a piece of paper on which your topic to talk about is written. 

Since you only have a minute to plan and prepare, you must start taking notes as soon as you receive the cue card, using the provided paper and pencil.

Regardless of how much or how little knowledge you have about the subject, you have no choice but to speak about it.

After the 60-second preparation period, the examiner will order you to begin your speech, and you must use as much of the two-minute time restriction as possible. 

Following that, the examiner will ask you follow-up questions about your speech, to which you must respond.

How to Answer this Specific Cue Card Question: “Describe a Place You Want to Travel Next”?

Topic/ Question

Describe a Place You Want to Travel Next

Guidelines to answer the question

You should say:

  • Where and what place this is
  • How you know about this place
  • When you plan to go there

and explain why you want to go to this place.  

  • Think of a place that you want to go to next. It must be worth sharing and talking about. It could be local or international. 
  • As soon as you have a place in mind, start writing down notes. Make sure you have enough details and knowledge to share about this place. Once you start writing, stick to your chosen place. 
  • When you take down notes, do not write sentences. Only write keywords and phrases. Write what this place is, where it is located and how you come to know about this place. Include what about this place is special and when you plan to go to this place. 
  • Use sophisticated words and phrases to make your speech more interesting. Use complex grammar structures as well. Remember that grammar and vocabulary constitute your overall marks in this part of the test. 
  • Be quick when taking notes because you only have one minute. However, ensure that you can comprehend what you have written. It does not matter if the examiner does understand what you have written, it is not part of the scoring criteria. 
  • Do not forget to glance at your notes every now and then to make sure you cover everything on your notes. It is fine. Your marks will not be deducted if you do so. 

Sample Responses for “Describe a Place You Want to Travel Next”

Sample Response 1: 

“I enjoy visiting new locations and aim to travel as much as possible throughout the vacation season. Nevertheless, if I had to pick only one place in the world to visit next, I would choose Italy. I have an uncle who frequently visits me and tells me about the wonders of Italy. As someone who enjoys history, books, and museums, I can’t think of a finer spot to visit while on vacation.

Italy was formerly a collection of tiny city states that merged to form the current state of Italy. There are tiny cities that are states in their own right, such as the city of Vatican, which is an independent city state and the seat of the Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church. Simply said, the history of Italy and its towns is vast. Another reason I wish to go to this location is to see the art developed during the Italian Renaissance. In truth, Leonardo Da Vinci was born in Italy and produced much of his work there.

Another reason I’d wish to go to Italy is because of its nice weather, especially in the winter. Italy is located in the Mediterranean, which has a warm temperature all year due to its proximity to the equator. Many people today are unaware that Rome, which is located in modern-day Italy, was originally the capital of the once-mighty Roman Empire. While I’m there, I’d like to learn more about the Roman Empire’s history.

When I finish college and have some free time, I plan to travel to Italy. My father will cover the cost of my trip, and I plan to travel by a cruise liner.

Follow-up Question 1:

Which do you prefer, traveling alone or with a companion? Why? 


“I like both actually. Sometimes I want to travel by myself and explore different places on my own. It gives me a feeling of fulfillment being able to do so. However, at times, I feel like it’s sad and boring traveling alone so I go with either my cousins and friends. Both are fun experiences that I look forward to when I travel.“

Follow-up Question 2: 

How do you think the current pandemic has affected the way people travel? 


“The pandemic has greatly affected everything in our lives, more so the way we travel. A lot of countries do not accept unvaccinated travelers and this has caused a major stir in most countries. Most countries also require travelers to undergo a quarantine period of at least 5 days and this has a huge impact on the traveler’s finances.” 

Sample Response 2: 

“I enjoy seeing new locations and learning about new cultures. Today, I’m going to discuss a foreign city that I’d like to visit. It’s London, the United Kingdom’s capital. Because London is about 7000 kilometers away from my village, the only possible forms of transportation are water and air. If I had to choose between the two, I would choose the airplane because it will take less time than a cruise. Going by flight is undoubtedly the better alternative, both in terms of safety and cost.

When it comes to when I’ll go to London, I haven’t decided yet; perhaps this summer. I’m not sure who I’d bring with me, but it would most likely be some close friends or family; I believe that seeing a new place is more enjoyable when you’re with your family or friends. I’ll speak with my parents and friends, and anyone who wishes to accompany me is welcome.

When it comes to the various reasons why I wish to visit London, I believe the most compelling reason is my interest in history and art. London, after all, is one of the world’s oldest multicultural capitals. Through several of its great conquests, I’ve read about the transformations that changed this city into a hub of history, art, business, and education. As a result, London is home to world-class museums and art galleries, each with its own distinct tale to tell.

Aside from that, London is home to the world’s oldest underground railway system. For a long time, visiting London’s most popular tourist attractions has been on my bucket list. The London Bridge, the National Art Gallery, and the British Museum are among them. I’ve heard that London’s bakeries are among the best in the world. I’m interested in seeing what they have to offer.”

Follow-up Question 1:

What do you think can we learn from traveling to other countries? 


“We can learn a lot of things when we visit other places. For one, we would be able to know more about a country’s history, culture, and traditions. Every traveler should know these things when visiting other countries. We should be aware of their customs, that way, we will not be disrespecting them unknowingly.” 

Follow-up Question 2: 

What should a traveler prioritize, visiting local or international attractions?


“In my opinion, I would rather visit local attractions first. For me, it is an act of patriotism. You should know your country better before you go exploring other countries. We do not want to be strangers in our own land, right?” 

Vocabulary Tips for Answering the Question: ”Describe a Place You Want to Travel Next”

Here are some words in the sample responses for the cue card topic ‘Describe a place you want to travel next.’ with their meanings and sample sentences for your reference. 

WordPart of SpeechDefinitionExample Usage of
the Word in a Sentence
accompany verbTo go somewhere with someone as a companion or escort“May I accompany you on your walk tomorrow?”
bucket listnounA collection of experiences or accomplishments that a person wishes to have or attain throughout their lifetime“Skydiving is number one on my bucket list.” 
compelling adjectiveInspiring powerfully irresistible interest, attention, or admiration“He felt forced to accept the evidence since it was so compelling.”
conquest nounThe use of military force to subjugate and take control of an area or people“In 1939, he spearheaded the conquest of southern Poland.”
cruise nounA voyage on a ship or boat that is taken for leisure or as a vacation and stops at numerous locations“Several days ashore were included in the cruise.”
culture nounViewed as a whole, the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement“I’m fascinated in learning the culture of different countries.” 
distinct adjectiveDistinguishable from something else of a similar type“There was a distinct odor of something burning.”
frequently adverbOften, habitually“I visited there frequently to examine their habits.”
merge verbTo form a single entity or cause to combine“A lot of small businesses have been compelled to merge.”
multicultural adjectiveWithin a community, pertaining to or constituting multiple cultural or ethnic groupingsMulticultural books were purchased and displayed in the library to appeal to a wide range of visitors.”
proximity nounNearness in time, relationship, or space“The booth attracts a lot of customers due to its proximity to the park.” 
quarantine nounA state, duration, or location of isolation for humans or animals who have come from another location or have been exposed to infectious or contagious disease“The infected citizens were forced to undergo quarantine.”
Renaissance nounThe resurgence of art and literature in the 14th–16th century under the influence of classical models“The Renaissance period saw the construction of the huge and ornately adorned cathedral.”
undoubtedly adverbCertainly, without doubt“He is undoubtedly a good father.”
vast adjectiveColossal in size or scope, enormousVast clouds of plankton are blossoming beneath the waters.”

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